Coffee and wine gifts for RV moms

15 Coffee and Wine Gifts For RV Moms

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Give Mom A Memorable Mothers Day - She Deserves It!

I LOVE Mothers Day!  It’s the one day of the year where we moms get pampered for a day!  We can enjoy a nice lie on, and we don’t have to think about what we are making for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  That alone could be our gift!  Ssssh don’t tell anyone.

I tend to get myself all excited every year and every year, I get the same kind of gift.  You know the gift your hubbie thinks you want.  “Here honey, here’s that complete set of pans you’ve wanted all your life”.  Yes I know that some of you would love a gift like that, but not me, and I’m guessing not you.  We want something that’s not practical,  just for once please.

While I do appreciate the effort, I want something where I don’t have to ‘fake’ my excitement this year.  l’m not looking for a gift that costs a fortune, or something I can use once in a blue moon. I like gifts that make me laugh, or cry (who doesn’t love a good movie), a gift that means something to me.  I’m guessing you do too!

QUICK TIP:  We buy everything on Amazon!  We don’t always have the time to go shopping, and sometimes we’re not close to any stores (think Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon – there’s no shops around and rightly so!).   If you aren’t a member already, sign up for an Amazon Prime account.  Most campgrounds don’t have a problem with you having boxes delivered to the office, just check with them first to make sure.

Buying a gift for someone who lives in a tiny space is different than buying for someone who lives in an actual house.  We have a small space allotted to personal items so you want to make sure they count and that the person you are buying for, will love and appreciate this gift.

So I have put together a guide to some of the hottest and most unique gifts you can find for the RVing mom in your life.  As moms we really need a  good cuppa Joe in the morning, and a nice glass of vino in the evening. So here are our Best Coffee and Wine gifts for Mom., 

This Mug Will Put a Big Smile On Her Face

This is a 15 oz mug (FYI, this is our mug), so if you’re a mom who needs a big ol’ cup of coffee in the morning, this is perfect.  We have had so many compliments about this mug, people just love the saying on the mug, as do we.

Relax With a Glass of Wine

One of my favorite things to do at the weekend is to relax with a glass of wine outside.  Any mom would love this glass of wine because well………..’mommin ain’t’ easy!’.

Warm Toes To Go With Her Warm Heart

We leave our shoes outside so I like nothing more than to come inside and put my warm slippers on.  These slippers are super cute and would go nicely with the coffee mug or glass of vino.  Heck you could splurge and get all 3 for under $40!  Mom would be a happy camper.

A Moment of Daily Reflection

This is something I haven’t done yet, but I like the idea of taking a few minutes for yourself every day and writing your thoughts into a journal.  A lot of the time we moms start our day off running.  I think if we woke up a few minutes early and took some time to write in our journal before facing the day, we would be in a better frame of mind.  


Aren't these beautiful!

You won’t be ‘fake smiling’ it if you get these beautiful earrings for a Mother’s Day gift!

Change Up The Touch of Flavor for Your Daily Coffee

I don’t drink coffee but I do love my Starbucks Chai Tea Latte, I’m guessing flavored coffees mean much the same thing.  What coffee drinking mom wouldn’t love to change it up from time to time with a different coffee taste.   I love that you can save money on Starbucks and try some different flavors at home.  

Keepin' It HOT...or COLD!

I can’t tell you how many times I heat my tea up in the morning until finally I give up and move on.  I would LOVE one of these Yeti Tumblers that would just, you know, keep my tea warm until I get around to it.  

These Yeti Tumblers have that famous Yeti double walled insulation that will keep your coffee or tea hot until…well…until it’s time to fill this baby with wine!

4 Wine Bottle Insulated Bag

I feel like I’m giving off the wrong impression here.  I don’t actually drink wine all day long, I have 2 kids to take care of, homeschool to prepare for and I run an online business with Frank!

However as a fulltime RVer, there are times when this will come in handy, plus it’s super cute to look at. It may not be practical, but remember we’re looking for something that mom would appreciate.

Stylish and very useful, this beautiful wine caddy keeps 4 bottles of the wine handy when you are on the go. It has a shoulder strap and handle, as well as 5 designs to choose from. 

Shatterproof Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

This is the set of wine glasses I have, they come in a set of 4, 8 or 12.  I love them because I never have to worry about them on travel day.  They can get thrown around the place and they will never shatter.   It’s one less thing that I have to worry about. 

Personally I prefer stemless glasses, so they can’t go flying off the picnic table.  They cost less than $15, so if I have to replace them for any reason, the cost doesn’t matter.

9 Piece Wine Gift Set

We drink our wine out of a box (don’t knock it until you try it), however we do enjoy a good bottle from time to time.  What I love about this set is the aerator and the vacuum sealer.  Sometimes it’s nice to open a bottle of wine for a glass but you don’t want to finish it.  A vacuum sealer keeps it closed until you are ready for another glass.  But my favorite part of this set it the aerator, it really helps to maximize how the wine tastes.  

This gift is perfect for a wine lover and it comes in a super cute gift box.   It holds a corkscrew, foil cutter, aerator, vacuum sealer.   Everything fits neatly in a drawer and takes up little room in your RV. 

Coffee Mug Warmer and Insulated Mug

This gift is perfect for the moms who don’t love drinking out of a tumbler, but they need something to keep their coffee or tea hot.  This mug warmer is perfect because it keeps your coffee or tea piping hot in the RV, or sitting outside at your picnic table.

Picnic Cooler/ Backpack With Wine Holder and Glasses

What wine lovin’ mom does not want one of these!  You can take this cooler on a hike with you or to the beach or just set out a rug outside and enjoy an impromptu picnic.  

It can hold a bottle of wine, silverware, glasses, plates and a picnic blanket.  What more do you need? 

Unique Gift: Portable Bamboo Wine Picnic Table

Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  I love that you can take it with you to the beach, or go sit by the lake.  Not all campgrounds have a picnic table, with this you won’t need one.

Best Selling Keurig Programmable Single Serving Coffee Machine

If you have space in the RV get mom one of these.  It is so nice to be able to push a button and coffee pours out. Don’t forget to add some sampler coffee pods so she can figure out what she likes.   They have one for tea also, the cinnamon is my absolute favorite.

I love finishing my day off with a nice cup of hot cinnamon tea before I go to bed.

Waterproof Kindle With 2 X The Storage​

Okay so this may not actually be a wine or coffee gift, however the two fit perfectly together.  What mom doesn’t want to sit outside sipping on coffee or a glass of wine reading their favorite book.

This is a perfect gift for full time RV moms with little space.

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What were your favorite gifts you have received from a past Mother’s Day? Gifts you have raved about? Or what are you HOPING to receive?

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