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 Searching for the perfect gift for kids who enjoy camping?    Buying gifts for kids who are full-time rvers is a little bit different than buying for kids who live in a house!  Here are some great options for gifts that kids who big time campers will love at any budget.


camping gift ideas for kids UNDER $50

walkie talkies

What kid doesn’t want walkie talkies to play with around the campsite, they will absolutely love this gift and love you for buying it.


This is one of the best educational gifts for kids who love to be outdoors in nature checking things out.

Sleeping bag

Whether you are camping or rving, a sleeping bag is such a fun gift that kids will love.  Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t want to camp out!. 

a hydration backpack

Camping families do lots of hiking and these hydration backpacks are perfect for kids and they save mom from having to carry water bottles.

a yard darts game

Campers spend a lot of time hanging around the campground, so a game like this would be a great distraction for the kids

a game of bocce ball

This is a fun game for the entire family to play while hanging out at the campground, best of all these balls light up at night.

a game of skip bo

My daughter has played this game every day since we got it, I keep waiting for her to get tired of it but she doesn’t.  

marshmallow sticks

How about a pack of their very own marshmallow roasting sticks?  Enjoy some family fun roasting hot dogs or marshmallows around the campfire.

a game of yahtzee

This is one of our families’ favorite games to play.  It’s fun and engaging for kids of any age to enjoy.  Best of all it doesn’t take up much space.

camping gifts for kids UNDER $100

Got a little more budget to spend on a present for your kid or grandkids? These mid-budget gifts are perfect for both younger and older kids who rv or go camping.

Radio Flyer Wagon

A family with young kids will appreciate this wagon to haul kids and toys to the beach and around the campground.

portable high chair

This portable high chair is perfect for campers with its snack tray and sun sanopy.  Works great for attending events. 


This starter kit works really well if you are homeschooling kids while you full-time rv.  This kit will keep them occupied for travel days. 

magnetic tiles

These magnetic tiles make great gifts for kids, they are easily stored and keep the kids occupied for long periods of time. 

instant print camera

This is a genius gift for kids who camp, they will have such fun taking pictures of all the amazing places and things they see.

sports combo set

This set is perfect to keep the kids outside having fun.  It includes badminton, volleyball, flip toss, horseshoes and a flying disc.  

camping gifts for kids OVER $100

a scooter

Any kid will have a blast riding around a campground with this scooter.  Make sure to get a hat to go with.


If you have a kid who loves hanging out on the water, this inflatable kayak is perfect to take out on the lake or ocean.

a kids tablet

Travel days can be long and boring for kids, this table includes a 1 year subscription to tons of apps and kids games.

noice canceling headphones

These headphones work great for travel days when kids are trying to get homeschooling done in the car and distractions are everywhere! They also work great for gaming.

laser tag

If you have a kid who is all about guns, he will love this gift and it’s a lot of fun for the entire family.  We play this game with our family all the time.


If you know a kid who loves building, this is the ideal gift for them.  We stored our sons legos in a pull out basket on wheels, so it was easily accessible.


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