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Stop stressing wondering what camping meals to cook!

Steal my EXACT camping meal plan, as well as simple BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER IDEAS you can choose from and use as your own!

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Reduce your stress by helping you to plan out your meals for every camping trip

Plan ahead so you can relax and enjoy the camping trip with your family

Proven make ahead meals tips so most of the work is done by the time you get to the campground

Save $$$$ by taking inventory of food you already have and avoiding waste

Eliminate overwhelm by picking and choosing from popular camping foods

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List of popular camping foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you can mix and match.

Camping "Themed" meal ideas to add to your menu planner.

Meal prep tips from the prosto help you save time and money.

Simple camping meal ideasfrom chicken and beef, to dutch oven and cast iron.

Master List of camping food items so you always have your "must haves."

Keep an inventory of everything you have in your freezer, fridge, and pantry to save $$$ and stop waste.

...and the best yet...

LOOKING FORWARD TO CAMPING TRIPS knowing everything is organized and under control!

What’s In It For You? 

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Simple Meals Everyone Will Love

Pick and choose from the most popular camping foods out there. Use our 'themed' meal ideas to add variety for memorable camp dishes.

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Save Time And Money

Organization and pre-prep will ensure that you have all of your ingredients right at hand. Meals take less time to prepare and there is little waste.

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Enjoy Time With Family

Spending less time with meal prep means spending more time doing just what you came for- enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family!

It is time to start getting back into the kitchen and having some fun prepping and planning for your next camping trip.  The Key is SIMPLICITY!  Don’t over complicate things.

The checklists and meal planners saved me so much time. I wish I had bought them sooner. The 7 day meal plan was a game changer, I'm actually feeling confident about our next camping trip, which is something new!

The different meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner are invaluable.  I get pick and choose whatever sounds good and add them to my own meal plan.  Genius!  Camping trips just got so much easier

I wish I had purchased this earlier, the meal plans have made my life so much easier! I love the 'themed' camping meal ideas, I tried several at home and the ones that everyone loved, I make on our camping trip. The meal prep tips were a HUGE help also.

Look Who Is Talking About This AMAZING Bundle...


This AWESOME 25 page bundle includes:

  • Cover Page
  • Camping Calendar 2021
  • Camping Calendar 2022
  • Breakfast Favorites
  • Lunch Favorites
  • Dinner Favorites
  • Salad Favorites
  • Grab n’Go Favorites
  • Sides Favorites
  • Soup Favorites
  • Dessert Favorites
  • Snacks
  • Camping Meal Ideas(2)
  • Master list of foods
  • Meal Planning Preparation Tips & Advice
  • Kitchen Inventory – Freezer
  • Kitchen Inventory – Fridge
  • Kitchen Inventory – Pantry
  • Monday Meal Planner + Shopping List
  • Tuesday Meal Planner + Shopping List
  • Wednesday Meal Planner + Shopping List
  • Thursday Meal Planner + Shopping List
  • Friday Meal Planner + Shopping List
  • Saturday Meal Planner + Shopping List
  • Sunday Meal Planner + Shopping List
  • 7 Day Camping Meal Plan for 2 People
  • 7 Day Healthy Camping Meal Plan for 2 People
  • 7 Day Camping Meal Plan For a Family
  • Master Shopping List(2)
  • Everything I Need To Do Before My Camping Trip

Get back to looking forward to camping trips again, knowing you have everything organized and under control.

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