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dutch oven with coals and wood
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7 Super Simple Dutch Oven Cobblers- A Tasty Treat!

Dutch Oven Cobbler

It may be the world’ s most simple recipe and when done right, one of the tastiest. Dutch Oven Cobbler goes by many names –  dump cake, campfire cobbler, Boy Scout dump cake and of course the less PC “Hobo Cobbler.” And there are as many variations as there are campfire cooks.

Some people are a bit hesitant to try dutch oven cooking, but they usually do not realize just how easy baking a cobbler recipe can be. That is one of the fun things about this campfire tradition – you almost can’t go wrong substituting your own favorite ingredients.   So yes, if you don’t have an ingredient, feel free to throw something else in.

Living in an RV, you simply don’t have the space for every single spice or ingredient you can think of, so you learn to make do!  One of my favorite things about this recipe is that it only has 4 ingredients. canned pie filling, cake mix, butter, and soda pop. 

This is my favorite part – there is really no prep time- just dump them all into the Dutch oven and heat it up. The bubbling of the fruit filling, butter, and soda mix in with the dry cake mix to moisten and stir everything.

After about 30 minutes or so, you have a dessert that absolutely nobody can resist. Just drop a scoop over some vanilla ice cream and enjoy. 

Make this dessert and you will become very popular with other campers.  Seriously, they will be knocking on your door!

The simplicity makes this a favorite for parents with kids who want to “do” the cooking. Just a bit of parental oversight when near the fire, please!

peach dutch oven cobbler with ice cream
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Cast Iron Dutch Oven Cobbler


2 Cans of fruit pie filling, canned peaches, or canned pineapple

1 box of Yellow Cake Mix- possibly 2 boxes if your dutch oven is larger (12 inch) 

1 stick of butter, sliced into pats

1 can of 7-Up, or Sprite


  1. Prepare about 28-30 coals so that they are ready to cook on
  2. Oil your dutch oven well before starting
  3. Open both cans of fruit filling and pour into the bottom of the dutch oven 
  4. Spread the dry cake mix evenly over top of the filling. A larger dutch oven may require more than 1 box  
  5. Spread the pats of butter evenly over the top of the cake mix
  6. Pour the soda pop over the entire mixture. 
  8. Put the lid on the Dutch oven and place on about 12-14 coals, spread evenly under the oven. 
  9. Place the remaining 14 hot coals on top of the Dutch oven lid. 
  10. Bake for about  20 minutes. Then rotate the oven a half turn. Bake another 20 minutes and then check the top of the cake. It should be a nice baked brown color and will have the fruit juices bubbling up through. If it does not seem done, let it bake for another 15 minutes and check again. With all of the moist ingredients it is not likely you will burn this recipe. 
  11. Once done, just scoop into a bowl with some ice cream!
  12. Put leftovers (if you ever have any) into an airtight container and it will keep for days. 

Exciting Variations On Classic Cobbler

As wonderful as classic dutch oven cobbler is, there are some really awesome variations on this timeless campfire classic that will have your lips smacking and your campers happy! 

Dutch Oven Cherry Cobbler:

Use cherry filling and white or yellow cake. Mix a little cinnamon in with the cake mix. A huge hit with any crowd!

cherry dutch oven cobbler
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Black Forest Dump Cake Cobbler:

 Use cherry pie filling and chocolate cake mix, and cola or Dr. Pepper. An easy dessert that will wow your guests!

Peach Dump Cake:

 Use canned peaches or peach pie filling.  Fresh berries can also be added to this one. If the peach filling is not wet enough, add soda to compensate. 

peach dutch oven cobbler
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Dutch Oven Chocolate Dump Cake:

Mix chocolate cake mix with chocolate pudding mix and milk. Pour the batter into the dutch oven and sprinkle with chocolate chips. Bake.  YUM!

Apple Spice Cobbler:

 Use apple pie filling, spice cake mix, and rootbeer. 

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Strawberry Shortcake Cobbler:

 Use strawberry filling and white cake or Bisquick (and some sugar). When serving, top with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.


Try crumbling some brown sugar over the top with the butter. Also a nice sprinkling of cinnamon. Then bake until the topping is golden brown!

Items We Recommend for This Recipe:

We spoke with other campers and this is the dutch oven everyone recommended we buy.  We were super impressed that it came with a book of recipes.  We absolutely love ours!

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The Lodge 12 inch Cast Iron Dutch Oven is oven we use, and many others. Lodge is known as the leaders in cast iron cookware and have been around forever. It you are thinking about a Dutch Oven, don’t mess around- get a Lodge. 

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The Dutch Oven Cobbler is a perfect way for the whole family to enjoy breaking in your new camping toy in style. Everyone can participate and everyone will LOVE the results! Give it a try on your next camping trip!

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Grainne Foley

Grainne Foley grew up in Ireland and spent summers caravanning around Europe with her family. Now, as a wife and mother of 2, she spent 5 years traveling the USA as a full time RVing family. She is passionate about travel, and helping others who are considering the RV lifestyle. She has created dozens of helpful RVing checklists which are available throughout the website, and has curated hundreds of simple, flavorful meals for families on the go.

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  1. The Roving Foleys

    You can go either way, using foil means less clean up 🙂 I would use oil and spices absolutely.

    Where are you headed?

  2. Love the recipe, but I don’t camp out… if I bake it in the oven, do I need all the syrup/juice from the cans fruit❓
    Thanks. Roxanna, from NC

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Home ovens are a bit different than open fire. I would suggest experimenting- maybe use half the juice and see how it turns out. Remember- you MUST eat your mistakes! LOL

  3. Barbara L Freeman

    What size cans of pie filing or fruit? I am making my own pie filling from fresh and frozen fruit and wanted to know amount to add.


    1. The Roving Foleys

      About 20 oz cans will do nicely, but feel free to experiment. Some people prefer a more “cakey” texture while some prefer a wetter, more fruity cobbler. Nice thing is, you cant go wrong!

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Absolutely. You may need to add some moisture. Experiment and have fun. This is one area where you will LOVE eating your mistakes.

  4. How many people does this feed? Camping trip with the Cub Scouts tomorrow and we have about 50 people (kids & parents). Should we make 2? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Sorry Kristin,

      I’m just seeing this now! Yes I would make at least a lot more than 2, especially if you have kids and parents.

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