Hitting The Open Road…And…Stop!

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It’s not a small thing we do today, leaving behind everything we know. Friends, schools, a house that doesn’t have wheels. The gravity of it hits you now and again like waves of grief after a loss. Seems correct- our old life has passed on. We quit jobs, sold houses and belongings, said goodbyes to friends- some we may never see again. Nearly everything we own is now packed into a 31ft Travel Trailer and we are towing it down the highway along with our children. WOOF!

But in between those moments of “What the &%$k have we done?” there is something else. Pure excitement. Exhilaration and freedom. We are doing what so many want to do and never will. We have become “Those People.” The ones who dare to be different- to buck the norms of typical society and strike out in search of mad adventure. That’s pretty cool.

We have decided to go down to the Florida Keys for the summer to start ourselves off. Not too far away, the Keys have long been one of our favorite places and we have never been able to spend “enough” time down there in our past life. So now’s the time. Besides, the Keys have that “renegade” air about them- a place for societal scoundrels- scallywags-  misfits like us. We belong in this class now, so what better place to start than the home of pirates, shipwreckers, and Hemmingway?!

So here we are. Heading south. Nothing but the open road to greet us. Sun in the sky, wind in our hair and the tropics on the horizon…  And…. Traffic Jam! …Friday rush hour. …F%&king MIAMI!


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