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Grab our RV Campground Log Book and:

  • Organize everything that’s important for your campground stays
  • Helps you remember all the places you visited when camping which helps in picking future destinations.
  • Keeps all essential details in one place so you have them when you’re on the road
  • Keep track of your personal thoughts and memories from each trip!

What's Included?

Find The Perfect Campsite EVERY TIME!

Family vacation trip on east coast of usa in an RV

Customizable, Printable Log Book To Keep You On Track With Your Campground Planning

How The RV CAMPGROUND LOG BOOK Will Change Your Life:

Instead of:

❌  Desperately making last minute plans.

❌   Trying to remember which campground had which amenities.  

❌  Spending hours scouring the internet. 

❌   Forgetting cherished memories. 

You will:

✔️   Quickly and efficiently find your favorite spots.

✔️   Organize your important campground information for future use.

✔️   Quickly find the best site for you. 

✔️   Easily review your notes, thoughts and memories. 

Latest Reviews

This log is great- it keeps me so organized when I am looking at new campgrounds. I can record pertinent information and then make easy comparisons when making a choice. Next time I visit an area, my notes are all still there for quick review.

Campground planning used to be such a chore. Endless searching and making reservations- only to get there and be disappointed with the campground offerings that I neglected to inquire about. I needed a better way to get organized. Enter the Roving Foleys Campground Log Book. The log pages ensure that I ask the right questions and record the right information. When I show up at the campground, I know just what to expect!

I absolutely LOVE this product. I love to journal anyway, and this log gives me a super-organized way to record all of my impressions, thoughts, and memories from all of our travels. It will be so easy now to pull out this log when I want to reminisce about a trip we took.

17 Beautiful Full Color Pages

Hi, I'm Grainne Foley

grainne headshot

I know your pain! 

When we sold our house and belongings in 2015 and bought our “home on wheels,” I had no idea what I was getting into. 

Running a business, travel planning, homeschooling our kids all while making time to explore the wonderful places we were visiting, was a LOT of work! 

But one of the most time consuming and frustrating aspects of our travels was booking campground sites. Keeping all of that information together so that I could make meaningful comparisons was really difficult. 

Many times we would end up booking a site only to get there and find out that we had forgotten to ask about some meaningful aspect of our stay. 

I began building forms that would help me to track all of this important information and it really helped me to keep things straight. 

Eventually, when we started to return to our favorite places, I added sections to record our impressions while we were there. This not only made it much easier to review these campgrounds, but I found that the sheets made a great memory for future reminiscing. 

That is what you have here today. Created over years through trial and error, is the absolute best RV Campground Log Book ever.  



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