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More On Boondocking

rv at night with milky way

8 Amazing Boondocking Apps to Find Free Camping Anywhere

Imagine ditching crowded campgrounds and expensive RV parks for a serene, off-grid experience in the great outdoors. Sounds enticing, right? That’s the beauty of boondocking, or free camping, which offers the opportunity to camp without hookups, often at no cost.

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stealth camping in the city

Stealth Camping 101: How To City Camp Legally

What does Stealth Camping Mean? Stealth camping refers to overnight parking or camping in locations aside from a designatedcamping area in a campground or RV park. There are many different styles to stealth camping as there are campers who choose

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an RV parked at a lake

How Safe Are RV Parks In 2023?

Many people are under the impression that RV camping can be dangerous. In all reality, there are certain petty crimes that you’re susceptible to, but major crime rates are very low. We traveled on the road for over 5 years

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