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RV Park Review: Casa Grande RV Resort, Arizona

This is one of a series of Roving Foleys RV park reviews. We have been RV living full time for over three years and have stayed in many RV parks and campgrounds.  We have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly in our travels. We do our very best to be objective and give you everything you need to know when making a decision about staying at an RV campground. 

Here Is Our Review of Casa Grande RV Campground

Casa Grande is a good sized town (pop. 55000) about ½ way between Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. Arizona RV parks and campgrounds tend to be a haven for retirees and snowbirds in the winter months, and the area around Casa Grande RV Resort is a perfect example.  

We were hoping to stay close to Phoenix, AZ to be close to my brother and sister-in-law for four months.  Trying to find Phoenix RV parks that accept kids in the winter is nearly impossible. We finally opened our search area further and further until we found Casa Grande, RV Park. We ended up staying there for 4 months mid-Dec to mid-April 2016. This is a “family friendly” park which is to say, they allow kids. As for friendly, well…

Casa Grande RV Resort Pools
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The RV Park Itself

The campground is quite large with over 300 RV sites. They did a big renovation some years ago which spruced it up nicely. The roads are all well paved and in very good shape.  Compared to other RV parks & campgrounds, Casa Grande is a huge campground with lots going on. All of the sites include electric, water and sewer hookups. There are no other site amenities like picnic tables or fire rings. in fact, fires are prohibited. We did see some folks with gas-powered fire rings. 

Probably the most apparent missing site amenity is cable tv. I find this really inexcusable if you want to describe yourself as a 5 Star Resort. There are no OTA channels available so you will be streaming anything you want to watch.

You need a truly unlimited data plan when you work online, homeschool online and now you have to watch tv online.  We don’t tend to watch a lot of tv but there are times when you want to settle down and watch something with the kids or the weather outside is bad and you’re stuck indoors.

As you can imagine we used a lot of wifi data during that stay!

The Landscape

As is the norm in the desert, the sites are all gravel. There is not much grass to speak of outside the water retention area which doubles as a dog run. The gravel in the sites is large smooth river rock which was simply a HUGE mistake. The gravel is deep and makes it VERY difficult to back into the sites- many of which require an uphill push to get there (Not exactly what you want). The rig can slide around so it takes some time to get straight and level.

Each site has a concrete slab for the patio. That is nice since that gravel would be terrible to walk around on. It may have been wiser in retrospect to have paved the parking area instead of using that stone. As mentioned earlier there are no picnic tables so outdoor living spaces is BYO. 

The norm for RV parks & campgrounds in Arizona is to cram in the sites and Casa Grande RV Park is no different. There is not a ton of space between sites depending on which part of the park you are in. This doesn’t work great when you have kids, as they like to run around and make some noise.  Luckily for us, our neighbors had grandkids and loved chatting with our kiddos and watching them play. I can imagine a very different result with some of the other residents. 

The front office area and entrance to the park is very nicely landscaped. There are some palm trees and lots of flowers. The rest of the park, however, is not. There are a few scrubby desert trees scattered around but they do not provide anything like shade. Most sites have nothing at all. Thankfully by the time we got there, we had already purchased our awesome RV awning shade and that worked perfectly for us because it is still hot in Arizona in the winter!

Casa Grande RV Resort children playing pickle ball on a court
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Amenities and Activities

There are lots of things to do at this RV park, including 2 swimming pools, pickleball, shuffleboard, fitness center, billiard room, and various other rooms for cards, crafts, books, etc. The park keeps an active calendar of activities for its residents- mostly aimed at the older crowd.

It’s understandable since there were not many kids in the park that time of year. The pools, both pretty large are right next to one another but are kept at different temperatures.  One pool has a volleyball net and they schedule games. There is also a very nice Jacuzzi between the pools but kiddos are not allowed.  

All of the facilities are well kept and always clean – this is important when you have kids. The bathrooms adjacent to the pool were very clean and modern, I believe they had two showers and two bathrooms.

The laundry is ample and up to date and it has lots of washing machines and dryers. With 300+ sites, it is busy most of the time! Be prepared to sit and wait for a bit, as per usual Monday is a REALLY busy day at the laundry.  It is located beside the pool area and across from the workout area, so you can keep a close eye on your laundry while working up a sweat.

Here are all of the amenities offered

  • 2 Swimming Pools, including a new aerobics/volleyball pool
  • 2 Pickle Ball courts: pro quality and fully lighted
  • Bark Park: new and nicely fenced
  • 3 Bathroom Areas: all new, all spotless, all spacious
  • Spa: newly enlarged with full power jets
  • WiFi: free and fast
  • Internet Phones: free for calls to Canada and US
  • Computer Lounge: new equipment, free printing
  • Barbeque Area: at poolside with two grills
  • Fitness Center: new “state of the art” equipment
  • Billiard Room: eight new professional 9′ tables
  • Clubhouse: spacious and completely updated with lighting, new hardwood floors, tables
  • Card Room: beautiful professional tables for poker and more
  • Large Meeting Room: new flooring, new lighting, new kitchen area
  • Large Exchange Library

Monthly Rates For This RV Park

The rates roam between $550 to $750+ electric per month depending on the month. The busy winter months are more expensive, and yes, they do accept Good Sam.

Don’t forget that cable is not included for $750 per month, just sayin’.

boy and girl hiking in the desert rv living near casa grande arizona
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The Local Area

It’s a very clean RV campground, located close to grocery stores and you have a large mall that is maybe 20 minutes away from the campground where you can find a movie theater, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Kohls etc.  Sams Club is across the road from the mall for your bulk shopping. All of the normal shops and chain restaurants are nearby including Walmart. There is also a good supply of local restaurants for you to try.

Just across the road from the park, is the Casa Grande Rodeo grounds, so if you like some ridin’ and ropin’ there are some really fun events there to go see. It is easily walkable and there is also a nice park with a playground right next door. 

We loved the location of this Arizona RV park, it was close to shops and close to many beautiful hiking trails.  Further out you have quite a lot to do. There are hiking trails in the mountains immediately south of town. Picacho Peak is just down the highway a bit. Then there are the mountains all around Tucson and the Saguaro National Forest. The Biosphere 2 near Tucson is worth a visit as well.

Arizona is the Grand Canyon State, so no stay would be complete without seeing the Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona. While you are up there you can see the Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert. If you want you can even be “standin’ on a corner in Winslow Arizona.” It IS such a fine sight to see…

biosphere 2 near tucson arizona
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The Staff

Staying at the park is fine. The staff were not the friendliest folks we have come across. The management could do better to train their staff a little better. It is a large park and we always try to understand the difficulties of running a large operation.  Dealing with the public on a day to day basis can be hard sometimes, but you can always tell when the staff is more concerned with their problems than yours.  This is one of those places!.

After 4 months we were not on a first name basis with anyone who worked there. That is not indicative of a park that really cares about its guests. Most parks we stay at for a month, we end up getting to know the staff pretty pretty well by the time we leave. 

The Snowbirds

As is usually the case with these large snowbird RV parks there are a good number of repeat seasonal residents. That was true here and there was a very strong “clicky” feel about the crowd. Some people were very nice and happy to see kids at the park, but many were obvious that they were not and we felt fairly unwelcome at times.

Afternoons at the pool were packed and we ended up staying away from the pool until later in the day when most people had headed out for the obligatory 4 pm happy hour. That way the kiddos could have some fun splashing around without having to deal with the disapproving looks.

One afternoon I was playing at the pool with the kids while Frank was working.  The main pool was being utilized by some adults so we took the other empty pool.  At the time, the kids were 4 & 5 and loved nothing more than jumping into moms arms and having a good ol’ time.

In fairness, most people were looking on with smiles, but there was one older guy – ‘Mr. Self-Important’ who felt that he had to give me a lecture about the pool rules in front of the kids.  Not cool! Thankfully he left soon after, I’m guessing the fun we were having was too much for him :).

Our Conclusion

All in all, this IS a nice RV park- clean, lots of offerings and activities. For older people, it is pretty perfect as there is an ongoing calendar of activities and social events.  It seems to be a great place to meet other campers living this lifestyle.

But the atmosphere is just not very friendly for families with kids and that left us with a poor overall feeling about the place. I would not exclude the possibility of staying there again, but I would try very hard to get in somewhere else. So that about sums it up. For us, Casa Grande RV Resort is fine …as a last resort.

Do you have a favorite RV park in Arizona that you want to share with us?  Please comment below and tell us all about it.

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Grainne Foley

Grainne Foley grew up in Ireland and spent summers caravanning around Europe with her family. Now, as a wife and mother of 2, she spent 5 years traveling the USA as a full time RVing family. She is passionate about travel, and helping others who are considering the RV lifestyle. She has created dozens of helpful RVing checklists which are available throughout the website, and has curated hundreds of simple, flavorful meals for families on the go.

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10 thoughts on “RV Park Review: Casa Grande RV Resort, Arizona”

    1. This is helpful. We wintered at Western Acres in Apache Junction, AZ (with our son) and weren’t totally happy with it. We’re looking for other options so when this popped up in an ad I was interested. For all the faults of Western Acres (mainly that the bathrooms were never cleaned except by residents, and they changed the bathroom codes repeatedly without telling anyone)- we never felt unwelcome as a family with a child. There were lots of other families and the fact that it was also a mobile home park meant that there were plenty of resident families, and their kids were much louder than ours so nobody was bothered by us. I think a dirty bathroom is easier to live with than feeling like you can’t use the park amenities with your family without ruining someone’s day. We’ll keep looking 🙂

      1. This is our first time at Cada Grande RV Resort an we have found staff and people here to be very friendly. We have seen a lot of families with smaller children an the snow birds enjoy seeing the young ones. Staff have been very helpful an park is generous supplying alot of food, free pancakes or waffles every day, coffee, lemonade, water
        and popcorn is always available.

  1. It would be nice to have a date on a description if a stay as Sam’s has been closed for a while. (It is always possible that I missed it.) Carolyn

    1. therovi3_staging

      Hi Carolyn,

      It actually does in the third paragraph. We stayed Dec to April 2016. Thanks for the update on Sams tho. We will put that in the next update.

  2. therovi3_staging

    Glad you are enjoying it. It IS a nice park. Guessing it is not quite as busy in summer. Kids winter in that area is near impossible! All the best.

  3. This is a GREAT review. Very helpful and honest. My wife & I are looking for a RV park for Feb & Mar and have been going thru reviews for some guidance. Needless to say we are not getting a comfortable feeling about most parks in the Casa Grande area since we’re not finding many reviews like yours. We will add Casa Grande RV Resort to the short list. Thanks again for your honest and complete review.

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