RV Campground in Northern Georgia surrounded by orange and green trees with a lake running through the middle.

Top Rated RV Campground in Northern Georgia

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Welcome to our series of RV Park Reviews, today we are reviewing one of our favorite RV campgrounds in Northern Georgia – Bald Mountain

After picking up our new RV, we decided to head up into the mountains and get out of the heat for a bit and get down to some real camping.  We choose Georgia for many reasons, it was cooler up in the mountains, we had always wanted to visit and this RV campground looked awesome.  Bald Mountain in Hiawassee was the second RV campground that we stayed at when we started RVing full-time.  We stayed here for 3 months: July thru October.  This RV park closes down in November so you have no choice but to leave!  We had only stayed at one other RV park, which was more of a full-time residence campground in Tampa, so we didn’t really know what to expect.

Bald Mountain RV Campground, Hiawassee, GA

A little gem!

This RV park and campground is one of those gems and not just because of the place but because of the people that you meet too. We stayed in an area for long-term members.  I actually loved it, because we were up on a hill and could survey everything that was going on down below.  We rarely had neighbors because it was used for more of an overflow during busy periods.  This meant the kids could run around without bothering anyone – this is huge if you’re a mom. There were a few long-term campers and we got to know them quite well.  We also enjoyed some homemade ice cream with a very sweet group of older campers, who have been staying at Bald Mountain for years!  One of the campers close to us also worked in the office so we got to know the workcampers quite well.  They honestly couldn’t have been nicer, to us and the kids, which is not always the way!  They were as helpful as could be, and always had a smile on their faces!  Having stayed at other campgrounds, we are only now realizing what a gem this park is!

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The Campground

Bald Mountain is quite a large RV campground. There are about 250 sites available offering accommodation of any kind. Tent camping, small or large rig, or cabins. It’s very open so you get to meet your neighbors and they become friends the longer you stay. It’s a very open area where you can enjoy a beautiful walk around the campground or a long bike ride, yes it’s that big.  There was always a buzz around the area, it was quieter during the week, but the weekends were alive with families and groups of people coming together to hang out.  There are several different areas within the campground, there is a lake in the middle which is surrounded by cabins and RV spots.  The other side is a mixture of open or “woodsy” sites, some that back up to the creek that runs through the campground. The scenery and the staff is what makes this park such a great place to stay.  Sitting out at night enjoying a fire, people watching and taking in the beautiful scenery is my idea of a good time.

If you are considering traveling for a short time, I would recommend trying to get a site close to the lake. They also have cabins if someone is visiting you and they don’t own an RV.  The sites closer to the lake are more open and for the most part, they are all pull through sites (Yay).  Even at its busiest, this place never felt crowded, it just felt like a bunch of friends hanging out.


Some RV parks don’t have a lot of amenities to offer families, Bald Mountain I felt had a lot to offer families, which is probably why they were busy every weekend.

They had the following amenities

  • Well equipped and clean laundry (very important for mom)
  • Playground for kids of all ages
  • Soccer field
  • Basketball Court
  • Fishing
  • Nice big pool
  • Mini Golf
  • Paddleboats
  • Kayaks
  • Bike Rides
  • Game room
  • Activities on an ongoing basis

The laundry facilities were excellent, they had 4 or 5 washers and the same for dryers, they also have a coin machine and it was always full which you don’t always see (I didn’t realize how big of a deal this is because we were so new at the time).  The laundry has a large table to fold your clothes and lots of magazine and books to read while you wait.   Debbie, who lives on site with her husband runs this place like a well-oiled machine.  She is constantly checking to make sure everything is working smoothly but not in that annoying way.  She’s as friendly as can be.

The Playground & Surrounding Area

The playground was great for the kids and the pool was never too crowded.  The playground is located in the open space on the far side of the road from the lake.  I noticed a lot of families stayed in that area, possibly so the kids would be close to the park and they could watch from a short distance.  The park area comprised of a seesaw, a playground set for the younger kids and a roundabout so enough stuff for the kids to be happy.

There was also an open area to play soccer, or football or to run around and play tag.  You could fish in the lake, but it is catch and release.  They have mini golf available, it was free back then, but I just checked their site and now it’s $3 per person, kids under 6 are free. I wish they had kept it free, we played it several times, it was such a fun way to spend an afternoon.  We played it several times, it does get the hot sun in the afternoon, so maybe the morning is better.

Paddleboats and Kayaks

You can rent paddleboats and kayaks to enjoy a nice relaxing day on the lake.  They also have a game room inside with some air hockey tables, board games, and books to read.  We didn’t spend too much time inside because it was so beautiful outside.  They also have a basketball and volleyball court outside for the bigger kids.

I was very impressed with the various activities they put on for the kids, they had a train ride throughout the park that the kids loved.  They put on a duck race and had several large groups that stayed. One group was owners of Cushman Scooters. There were a ton of them and it was a really fun weekend.

Although there was a lot of activities going on during the summer months, you never had a feeling that this RV campground t was too overcrowded and the noise level never got too high.  It has an ambiance of old friends hanging out and just having fun.

 Bathroom Facilities

We didn’t need to use them very often, but the bathroom facilities seemed to be kept in good condition.  We had a bathroom close to us that we used from time to time when the kids were particularly grungy and I was happy with them.  The bathrooms were kept clean, the showers were quite large and they had plenty.  I tend to be a bit of a bathroom snob 🙂

Attractions Nearby

Bald Mountain Campground is located maybe 15 minutes outside of town.  Hiawassee is quite a big place and has several restaurants, grocery stores, and other stores to wander away an afternoon strolling around.   The Alpine village of Helen is just 30 minutes away. Blue Ridge and the Apple Orchards of Ellijay are about an hour away.  You can rent some tubes nearby and enjoy a relaxing trip down the river, the kids absolutely loved this, we all had so much fun.

The beautiful town of Helen, GA where we spent many afternoons wandering around.

We really enjoyed the North Georgia mountains and Bald Mountain RV Campground. Having now spent 3 years on the road, we understand what a gem this place is.

Our overall review of this RV park and campground is a 9/10, we would go back here in a second, we loved it that much.

Do you have a favorite RV campground that you want to share with us that you think we should visit?

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A Little Slice OF Heaven, Bald Mountain RV Campground, GA

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