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Valentines Day Date Ideas (For Happy Campers)

Valentines day is just around the corner, and sometimes it can be hard coming up with Valentines Day Date Ideas when you travel in an RV………with kids!

Not to worry, I am here to help you come up with some awesome Valentine date ideas for married couples who always have their kids tagging along :).  For those of you who are looking for some Valentine ideas on the cheap, I have you covered also.

Let’s get started shall we?

Here Are Some Fun Valentines Day Date Ideas

Dinner Plans

If eating out is your thing and you have restaurants close by, choose a restaurant you will both love and make a reservation.  Get all dressed up and go have a great night out.  When we were in Pensacola last year, we had several restaurants within walking distance, we ate out at least once a week and loved it.

Choose Your Favorite Activity

We went zip lining to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary  We brought the kids and had a blast.  Choose an activity you both love or something you’ve wanted to try and give it a go this Valentines Day.

family of 4 in zipline harnesses standing in front of sign for Ocoee Zips
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Painting Class

We haven’t done this yet, but I know several friends who have and they rave about it.  If you’re taking the kids with you, find a place where you can go as a family.

Go To a Movie

Take the whole family to watch a movie, the kids will be so focused on the big screen, you and the hubs can enjoy some smooches in the back row ?

Go Watch a Game

If your favorite team is in town, get some tickets and go enjoy a fun night out supporting your team.

Celebrating Valentines Day on the Cheap

If budget is an issue, I have lots of ideas for you too.

Dollar Store

Head to the Dollar Store and have some fun.  You can pick up a cute Valentines Day card, some chocolates, a craft to make with the kids, or a treat you know your spouse would love.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, it just has to come from the heart.

Walk On The beach

We were staying in Pensacola last year, just steps from the beach.  Guess what we did on Valentines day, yup we took a romantic stroll on the beach, while the kids ran around and had fun.  It was a win-win for everyone, Frank and I had some alone time and the kids got lots of energy out.

Sledding In The Snow

This year we are in Michigan snowed in, so what do you think we will be doing this Valentines Day?  Snow sledding, you got it, and yes the kids will be involved.  I’m not a huge fan of cold weather but this is where we are this year.  I am a fan of sledding down hills with my family and enjoying a big cup of hot cocoa :).

Another year we enjoyed a long hike in Arizona, followed up by a family movie night and a nice juicy steak with a glass of vino.

Star Gazing

Is there anything better than gazing at the stars from outside your RV?  Grab a blanket, open a bottle of wine, and get romantic under the stars.

Visit a Museum

If visiting museums is your thing, plan a visit for that day and walk around exploring and holding hands with your love.

Campground Activities

Campground activities is another great idea for a Valentines Day Date.  We have stayed in several campgrounds that offer mini golf and kayaking, or they have a pool, or a hot tub.  Any of those ideas sound awesome right?  A hot tub, a glass of wine and your honey.  Bring the kids along and let them blow off some energy swimming in the pool.

Downtown Area

If you are close to a downtown area, take a wander around there, share a cup of coffee/tea, or stop for a glass of wine and people watch.  Find out if they have anything special going on to celebrate Valentines day that won’t cost too much.

Cook Dinner Together

If you enjoy cooking, create a menu together and go shopping.  Or if you want to try something new for the first time, scroll pinterest and start planning a delicious meal for the two of you.  Again it doesn’t have to be anything expensive.

Order Pizza

If cooking is the last thing you want to do, order pizza, sit back and wait for someone to bring dinner to you.

Ideas To Enjoy Valentines Day at Home

Watch a Movie

Are you a fan of romantic comedies, or are you more of a super hero fan?  Choose a favorite from Netflix or Hulu. If you don’t have those, choose a movie you already have or head over to the local Red Box.  Put that in, pop some popcorn and you’re all set.

One of our favorite things to do is watch a movie outdoors, there’s something about the outdoors that just makes everything better.  We will first get the kids sorted inside with a movie so we are not disturbed. All you need is your laptop and a small table.

Watch You Tube Videos Of Your Favorite Comedian.

We love watching Graham Norton, he’s one of our favorite tv celebs.  We also love watching Carpool Karaoke with James Corden or Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. What’s better than having a laugh with your favorite celebs.

Make Dessert

Don’t want to make a big meal on Valentines day?  Take the night off, instead dream up some yummy desserts together.  Strawberries and cream, your favorite ice cream, chocolate eclairs, you get the idea.

Plan A Picnic

This is one of my favorite things to do.  You can plan a picnic either inside or outside the RV.  Not sure what to pack?  Here’s some ideas to get you going – Cheese, crackers, salsa and chips, bruschetta, hummus, shrimp, soup, smoked sausage, salami, macaroni salad, wine, apple cider, juice.  Just pack some of your favorites and get outside.  We love to use these camping pillows when we are enjoying a picnic, they are just so comfortable and they are our product lol!


What is more romantic than enjoying a beautiful, cozy campfire with your loved one.  If the kids join you, tell them stories about how you guys met and fell in love.

several hands holding marshmallows over a campfire
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Board Games

If you love to play games, get out your favorite games and have some fun together.  Here is a selection of the best fun family games. Our favorite new card game, Phase 10, is so much fun to play- hubby and I get really competitive when we play it.

Music and Dancing

Who says you can’t dance in an RV?  If it’s too small and you really can’t dance inside, get outside.  Hang some lights, get the music going and start dancing.  Watch the volume, you don’t want to irritate your neighbors.

Make a Video

One of my favorite gifts ever was a facebook video Frank made.  It included photos from when we first met and he sang “our song” on the video.  It meant so much to me that he took the time to make something so special for me.  Love you honey xo.

Again this doesn’t have to be super complicated, it just has to come from the heart.

Love Letter

Write a love letter to your spouse, it costs nothing but I bet it would mean so much.


If you’re lucky enough to enjoy some off-the grid camping on Valentines day, get those chairs set up outside and enjoy the view.  You don’t need anything other than that beautiful view.  We boondocked in Zion and The Arches last year and were blown away by the scenic views

Valentines Day Date Ideas With the kids

When we all decided to travel full time in an RV, we had to realize we are not normal people right?  Celebrations like Valentines day will in all likelihood involve the kids, so let’s have some fun with it.

If you have younger kids, you may need to come up with some ideas to include them in the celebrations too.  You could bring them shopping and have them help you pick out a card for hubby, or come up with a craft that you can make for your spouse and have the kids join in.

DIY Valentines Day Cards

Pick up some DIY crafts from the dollar store, Walmart, or Michaels and get creative.  While you are making a card for your partner, the kids are focused on making cards for mom and dad and everyone is having fun.

I purchase a block of colored paper and let the kids have at it.

Breakfast/Dinner in bed

Depending on what age your kids are, let them come up with ideas on how they can help you celebrate Valentines day.  Our kids are 8 & 9 and love nothing better than making us breakfast in bed.  Yes they make a bit of a mess but they have so much fun doing it, the mess doesn’t matter.

Tea and “egg in a hole” is their specialty.  If they’re not quite ready, you could have them help you make something yummy for your spouse.

Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt around the campground that the whole family will love or enjoy some Geocaching. Everyone can be involved.

Pick a Family Friendly Movie

No it’s not quite the romantic night you had planned, but you can still hold hands and kiss a little, just don’t let the kids see (or better yet, DO let them see- “yuck mom and dad”. )

Our favorite thing to do on Valentines day is light the grill, throw a big fat juicy steak on there and open a bottle of red.  We love to sit outside with our salad and steak and people watch.  At this point the kids are usually in bed, watching a movie, so we get some alone time.  It’s nice and simple, no crowds, just me and hubbie.

What’s your favorite Valentines Day Date Idea?

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