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Camping at Night: 30 Awesome Activities You Need To Know About

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Camping is fun for the whole family, what’s even more fun than camping is camping at night!   Whether you are in tents or in an RV, the object is to get out into nature, and enjoy activities with family and friends. 

When the sun finally dips below the horizon the fun is just beginning. Whether you are exploring in the dark, hanging out around the campfire, or stuck indoors out of the rain, we have activities to make your camping experience memorable.

Another thing I like to do is sit back and take in nature. To look at the birds, listen to their singing, go hiking, camping and jogging and running, walking along the beach, playing games and sometimes being alone with the great outdoors. It’s very special to me.

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Camping Activities at Night

Camping at night means that it’s…………..dark outside.  We found these cute light up necklaces and bracelets work great.  Assign each kid a particular color so you can keep an eye on them.

  1. Night Hikes- Hiking at night is really fun. When the light of day fades and the stars come out, the wilderness takes on a whole new air.  The shadows and silhouettes of rocks and trees add a spooky feel. The sounds of owls, and other night creatures are everywhere, and your world is compressed down into the light of a headlamp.

  2. Flashlight Tag/ Hide and Seek- playing the age old game of hide and seek in the dark with flashlights adds so much. The darkness allows many more places to hide, and the beam of the flashlight acts as the tag

  3. Star Gazing- star gazing can ONLY be done at night. While most of us live in areas where many of the stars in the night sky are not visible, camping in the wilderness does not usually have this limitation. Stars by the millions are on display and waiting to be gazed at. Drop a blanket on the ground or lie back in your chair and enjoy the wonders of the night sky. Check out your night sky here. 

  4. Geocaching- Geocaching, which is a GPS driven treasure hunt, has caught on in a major way. Thousands of hidden caches are waiting to be discovered and logged by you. Searching for these treasures by flashlight adds another level of depth of this enjoyable past time.  

  5. Night Photography- For the budding (or experienced) photographer, night photography is a whole new world. Playing with light and shadow, or trying to photograph the night sky can stretch the skills of any photographer, but the results can be amazing.

  6. Fishing- Fishing at night is so much fun! Using a spotlight to catch smelt, or just casting a line in the dark, your skills will be challenged.

  7. Catching Fireflies- Catching fireflys in a jar has been a favorite night time thrill for kids since I don’t know when. Could they be magical fairies? Let your imagination be the judge.   This is a favorite for both kids and adults.

  8. Night Swimming- If there is a lake or swimming spot around, why not take a dip. Skinny or otherwise, a night swim is the perfect way to relax before a good nights sleep in the wilds.

  9. Fireworks- Fireworks, used safely and in proper areas are a great way to celebrate. For a smaller celebration, kids love to run around with sparklers having fun.

  10. Catching Frogs- If you are camping near a pond or river, you may be able to go frog catching with a net, or just by hand. Kids have a ball catching the critters by flashlight. They can be immediately returned to the water.

  11. Night Drive- Night time is a great time to go for a drive in the wilderness. Animals are out and so are the stars. Check out some of your favorite scenic vistas under a blanket of stars.
campfire camping at night

Night Camping: Fun Around the Campfire

  1. S’mores and Snacks- The campfire and s’mores go hand in hand. S’mores and other snacks are even more tasty when eaten by the flickering fire. Make some fireside popcorn, or cook up just about anything on a stick.

  2. Telling Stores- Spinning a good yarn by the fire is an age old past time. Teach your kids about their family history, or give them a fright with a spooky ghost story. Here is KOA’s list of 17 awesome spooky (but kid friendly) campfire stories.

  3. Singing Songs/ Karaoke- A nice song by the fire is the perfect relaxation at the end of the day. Or bring along some recorded music and sing along. Fun for the whole family.  If you have a guitar with you, now is the time to pull it out.

  4. Skits and Plays- Download some short plays before your trip, or get together to act out a short skit. Divide your family into small groups, or have each single person perform for the group.

  5. Truth or Dare- This kids game is a lot of fun for all. Just make sure to keep it family friendly.

  6. Meet the Neighbors- a fireside chat with your camping neighbors is fun and relaxing. Sharing your camping stories with new people and hearing theirs is a camping staple.

  7. Charades- A fun game for any group. Act out the clue words for your team to figure out. Winning team gets the bragging rights until the next outing.
night camping activities

Inside Activities for Camping at Night

  1. Journaling- If you are stuck inside by weather, or just wanting a quiet evening indoors, a camping trip is a great time to reflect on life and journal your thoughts.  to project shadow puppets onto the tent or wall of your RV. Create a few characters and perform a play.

  2. Reading- Camping is a wonderful time to curl up with a good book. Read that classic you’ve always wanted to.

  3. Crafts- Spend some relaxing time knitting, crocheting, or quilting.  Set up a crafts table for the kids with a well-lit lantern so they can see.

  4. 2 Truths and a Lie- A super fun sitting around game where each person tells 2 truths and one lie about themselves.

  5. Coloring- kids love to color, but it is fun for adults too. Get some coloring pens and spend an evening coloring with the family. Here are some printable coloring pages.

“ It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent."

  1. Cards- A deck of cards can be used to play so many games, or bring along the Monopoly Card game, Phase 10, or Rook. Cards take up very little room, but deliver a ton of fun.

  2. Board Games- Monopoly, Candyland, Life, Sorry. The classics always deliver on a rainy night.

  3. Yahtzee- This dice game has been around forever and still ranks as a favorite.

  4. Backgammon- This dice game required some learning and some strategy, but it is a really fun way to spend a challenging hour or two.

  5. Bananagrams- a portable version of Scrabble, Bananagrams puts your word spelling skills to the test.

  6. Checkers- Checkers is a universal game that anyone can play- including younger kids. Fun for the whole family.

  7. Chess- Can be played with the same board as checkers, with it’s own set of pieces.

Enjoy Camping at Night

So as you can see, camping fun doesn’t end just because the sun went down. If fact many of the activities you enjoy during the daylight hours can be enhanced after dark. So get out there, and explore the dark!

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What do you enjoy the most about camping at night?

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