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54 Of The Best Easy Camping Meals You Need To Feed A Large Group

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We love camping because it gives us time to relax with family and friends. Of course one of the best parts of camping is the food, but feeding large groups of people can be difficult!  As much fun as camp cooking is, we simply don’t want to spend ALL of our time doing it. So easy camping meals for large groups are really necessary. 


The best camping meals for large groups are meals that serve a lot, but are also simple to make, or are an event in themselves so that everyone can be involved. With a little prep work beforehand, you can make things pretty easy on yourselves and have a great time at meal time. Many of these recipes can be prepared prior to travel so that prep at the campsite is simple. 

Meal Planning for Group Camping

As with any meals, it is all in the planning. Setting up your meals ahead of time allows you to also plan for the ingredients you will need so that you can shop efficiently. Just sign up below and get our FREE Camping Menu Planner and Shopping List to help you along. Then look through the recipes below to find the ones that your gang will love! 

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Breakfast Camping Meals For Groups

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,  especially if the day involves hiking, fishing, geocaching, or any of a number of strenuous activities. So get your crowd going the right way with these easy to make breakfast recipes for large groups.

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Camping Lunches for Crowds

After a morning of wilderness fun, there is nothing like coming back to the campsite for a hearty lunch. These easy camping meals for large groups will help you get everyone fed, with a minimum of effort. Many can be pre-made as a grab-n-go, or laid out for a “do it yourself.” Makes life easier. 

The best camping meals for large groups are meals that serve a lot, but are simple to make, or are an even in themselves so that everyone can be involved.

Easy Dinner Recipes for Large Groups

After a long day of wilderness fun, your group will be ravenous. The best dinner recipes will not only please your campers, but will also be easy to prepare. As you look through our list, think about what can be prepared beforehand, so that you will have more time in activities or chilling. Here are some of the best campsite recipes to feed a hungry crowd. 

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Easy Desserts for Large Groups

After a hearty meal you can’t skip a yummy dessert. The best group desserts tend to be either make it yourself over the fire, or large dutch oven recipes. Check out these favorites, gathered from all over the web. Your crowd will love you for it. 

Here Are Some Other Camping Recipes You Might Enjoy:


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