Outdoor Screen Room to Keep the Bugs away

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away When You’re Outdoors!

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We came to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately the great outdoors comes with a great number of bugs. You just can’t keep mosquitos away! Early on we found ourselves staying inside most evenings and missing out on some of the best parts of the day. There is nothing like sipping a cool drink and watching the sun go down- but NOT through a window! We had to find a way to remain outdoors and get rid of those pesky critters. And we did. Here is our #1 way to keep mosquitos away when you are enjoying time outdoors as a family.

 Outdoor Screenhouse

We saw another camper with a screen house and asked them about it. They, of course, invited us inside to check it out and told us how it kept the bugs away and they practically lived in it during the summer.  We knew straight away this was the answer to our pesky bug issue.

We purchased the Coleman “Back Home” Screenhouse and were very happy with it, here are some things in particular that we loved:

The Pros

  1. The two large doors so that we could get in and out easily
  2. At 10′ x 12′ it was a large size where we could fit a large table in for homeschool, Arts, and Crafts AND for us to work at.
  3. Set up was pretty easy, but it takes all 4 of us about 15 minutes to get it complete.


  1. Set up with kiddos can be a bit awkward. It goes up in 2 stages- first, the frame and roof go up, then you hang up the sides.
  2. The large size could be difficult in certain tighter campsites.
  3. The cost- $150 on Amazon.  Keep an eye on Lightning Deals to see if it does down in price.  I usually add things to My Wish List and Amazon will tell me if the price does down!

All in all, we liked this room a LOT! Then one day Frank killed it!  He opened the awning too close to the screen house and put a big hole in the roof. Since neither of us can sew to save our life, we were shopping again.

The second time around we decided to look for something that would be quicker and easier to set up and take down when bad weather approached. One stage if possible. We also wanted to find something just a little bit smaller so we could use it more.

If you are looking for an outdoor room, here are a few things to think about:

  1. How much room do you have in your RV/Camper to store it?
  2. How much time do you want to spend putting it up/down?
  3. How big do you need it to be?
  4. What do you want to fit in there – chairs, a table, pets, kids, workspace etc?
  5. Do you need one that is lightweight or heavy?
  6. Who is putting it up, as in will you have help or is it just you?
  7. Is there a warranty attached to it in case you do something silly like opening the awning on it!
  8. Do you plan on leaving it outside in bad weather?

After much consideration and many, many reviews read we chose to go with the Coleman 10 x 10 Instant Screenhouse, and here’s why.

Why We Choose The Coleman 10 X 10 Instant Screenhouse:

The Weight and Size

The first thing we noticed is the compact and lightweight package. The enclosure comes in a zippered carrying case and is quite easy to carry. It only weighs about 17 lbs so it is easy to take to the park, beach etc.  It takes up very little space in the rig which is a huge plus for a full-time travel family!


At only $79 this screen room was a real bargain.

Setting it Up

Setting this tent up couldn’t be any easier unless there was a remote control involved.  Frank does it in about 3 minutes by himself. The package is all one piece.  You simply unfold the legs, lift at the joint in each of the 4 corners, and extend the legs until they click.  Then stake down the feet and stability ropes with the included stakes.  Pretty simple, right?

Watch The Set Up Video HERE

Taking it down

Taking it down is just as easy as putting it up.  You simply reverse the process and fold it down. It fits easily back into its bag for storage. SO if a storm comes up it can be put away in minutes. A couple of times we have left it up during windy conditions. Even though it is lightweight it has stood up to the wind very nicely. It will lean down to one side as the wind presses it, allowing the wind to escape. Very ingenious design.

What can you fit in it?

Once set up, the screen room is ready. At 10 x 10 you can fit a good deal in here. A large picnic table will fit fine or several chairs.  This is our picnic table and it fits just fine.  We can also fit our two chairs in it, but we do have to move the table to the side.  We usually just sit at the table, take the two chairs out and let the dog wander around.  If we decide to sit outside and have a glass of wine, we push the table to the side.  There is a loop at the top where you can hang a lamp if you need some light at night.

What can you use it for?

We use it as a stand-alone sometimes, or we’ll use it to cover a picnic table.  We use it for homeschool, arts, and crafts (that way the mess stays outside), and sometimes we use it as a workspace.  Our main reason for buying it is to eat our meals outside without sharing with the bugs.  We love ours and use it as much as we can.  We’ve had some really spacious boondocking sites recently have so we’ve been using it a lot.  It gives us that additional space that we need, it’s like adding another room to your rig.  Sometimes we take it to the beach with us so mom and dad can get some shade if we know we’re going to hang out all day in the sun.  We also took it to a couple of outdoor events and it worked well.

We’ve seen people set one up for their animals – dogs, birds, cats, even an iguana.  We’ve seen campers use it for storage purposes, which is a great idea.  We’ve also seen people use it as a playroom for toddlers and babies, again it adds a nice amount of additional space to your RV.

What kind of material is it?

The screen material is quite tight so bugs have to enjoy the view from the outside. The material used is Polyguard 2X and double thick so strength is not a problem. It also provides 50+ UPF protection from the sun. The sides are tapered up to the roof so the shaded area is not huge- about 31 sq ft. Zippered doors at opposite sides allow you to get in or out easily and provide a path through when you are in one of those “skinny, get to know your neighbors” type of campsites. The center height is 7ft so there is good headroom throughout.

Will it keep the bugs out?

Yes!  It has so far for us and we’ve had it over two years now.  As mentioned above, the screen material is quite a tight mesh so there is nowhere for the bugs to get in.  Yes, you have to get in and out and so a few might enter with you but for the most part, they stay outside!  We leave the doors open sometimes so when we do need to close up, we just get out the Ryobi Leaf Blower and blow them away. Then zip the doors closed.

This is one of our 3 must-haves when it comes to RV Camping.    We love to be outdoors especially in the evening so having this open view enclosure is a major plus!  We can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Do you use an outdoor screen room?


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