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15 RV Camping Must Haves For a Successful Camping Trip

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So you’ve parked the rig at the RV park and hooked ‘er up. Now it’s starting to feel like “beer-thirty.” Time to set up that outdoor space so you can sit back and start relaxing. Its time for some RV outdoor furniture, and other essentials to make that outdoor space come to life with style!

The right set of outdoor RV necessities will extend your living space right out the front door.  They can create an additional RV living room where you can really take advantage of the natural beauty that RV camping provides.

We travel and camp to enjoy outdoor living, right?  So let’s make our spot as comfortable as we possibly can.

RV Outdoor Furniture Necessities

Outdoor Lounge Chair:

Outdoor chairs are quintessential RV necessities. To each their own here. We have had the zero gravity chairs and they were nice, but now we just use folding chairs like these Colemans. We really like the attached table and portability. Plus, they are quite sturdy. 

They have a handle at the top when folded up to carry them around easily. They are compact for easy storage.  The kids use those simple bag chairs, they had the little one at the bottom when they were teeny tiny 🙂 You can also compare these Amazon offerings at Camping World. 

Zero Gravity Chairs

This is a very comfortable zero gravity chair that reclines easily, balancing your body weight. 

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Coleman Captains Chair

Coleman makes very comfortable chairs that are easily portable.  The built -on table is great for drinks etc. 

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Coleman Kids Camp Chair

Kids chairs come in lots of sizes and designs to choose from. These even come with little cup holders and a carrying bag.

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Camping Tables:

There are all kinds uses for tables at the campsite. AND there are all kinds of tables for those uses. Bring one on your next RV trip. Make sure you get something weather resistant but with a compact size when folded. For use as “counter space” to sit alongside your rig and hold all of your outdoor RV necessities, we recommend this simple folding leg table:

Camping Tables

This full size table can be used as a utility table, or it is big enough to seat 4 people for outdoor dining. 

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Camp Storage Table

If you wish for something a bit more advanced, this model comes with some closable storage.

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Side Tables

For a side table alongside your camping chairs, a nice scissor-legged unit will work nicely. 

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Camping Accessories For The RV Patio

Creating a great outdoor space means getting the right RV accessories to transform the great outdoors into great living space. These are our MUST HAVES! – things we have and would simply NOT do without.

They include rugs to define the space and help keep dirt out of the rig, an awning shade to keep the space cool and shaded, a screen room so that the bugs do not chase us indoors in the evening when we really want to be outside. 

They need to fold down into a small package to store since storage space is always tight. They also include lights to add ambiance and make friends and visitors feel welcome for some outdoor entertaining.  

Outdoor Rugs

Good outdoor rugs will truly transform your outdoor space into an extension of the living space.  

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Awning Screen

Keep your outdoor space cool and shaded with this Vista Shade. Zipper connection makes it easy. 

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Screen Room

Enjoy the cool evenings outdoors without all of the bugs. 5 minute setup and take down. 

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Outdoor Lights

All of these awesome outdoor RV accessories are nothing without the right ambiance. Here are three different ways to give your site the perfect glow that will create a warm atmosphere for entertaining or just relaxing around the camp.

Bulb Lights

These 1 watt vintage Edison bulbs create a wonderful warm glow for you and your guests. 

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Cutesy Lights

Retro RV lights are the perfect touch to add a bit of whimsy to your site. Great convo starter!

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Rope Lights

For lining the site, or clipped to the awning, rope light is an easy way to add light to the space. 

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Outdoor Cooking Necessities

Cooking in the great outdoors is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. From grilling steaks on the grill, to warming up some marshmallows for smores over the open fire, here is everything you need to make your camp kitchen come to life. 

Just pack along your favorite foods and drinks and you are ready for an awesome eating adventure. Also check out the offerings at Camping World.


A good portable grill is a MUST-HAVE. This Coleman folding unit is a newer unit on Amazon and has great reviews. 

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Grill Utensils

These stainless steel grill tools are durable and great looking. The handy case keeps them together for easy use. 

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Marshmallow Sticks

Camping isn’t camping without s’mores! These telescoping sticks are at the ready for campfire treats. Easily portable!

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A nice picnic table covering sets the tone for your campsite gathering. This set has a ton of patterns to choose from. 

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Tablecloth Clips

A simple tool that gets forgotten so often. Make sure you have the clips so the tablecloth stays put. 

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Easily portable silverware holder allows you to bring out a whole set at once. Easy storage and quick set up!

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Outdoor RV Living Recreation Necessities

Games/ Toys:

It’s nice to have some outdoor fun RV accessories at hand. Especially if you have kiddos. We have ring toss, bocce ball, croquette, and the usual smattering of balls, bats, sidewalk chalk, fishing gear. Just think about what you like to do and then think: high entertainment value, small space! 

I see the weekenders show up with huge cornhole games- not great for full timing!  We also love playing frisbee golf at the local park, it seems that many parks have this available nowadays.  It’s one of our favorite family things to do.

Bocce Ball

A fun game to play on grass. The rougher, the more challenging. Try on hills for a challenge. 

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Ring Toss Game

Toss the rope rings for points. Great fun. Comes with a carrying case for easy portability. Kids love it!

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An old classic. Up to 6 players try to get the balls through the rings. Watch out for each others knee caps. 

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Ladder Toss

This one is a newer classic. Try to wrap the strings around the bars for points. But first put the dog inside!

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Frisbee Golf

Many local parks now have frisbee golf courses. This is a great afternoon out with the family. 

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Horse Shoes

The ultimate classic. Many RV Parks have a pits, but always bring your own to be sure.  

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One of the best ways to spend time outdoors is to go for a bike ride. There are trails absolutely everywhere and kids NEVER get tired of riding around the campground with their friends. Here are some of the campers favorite types of bikes. 

Beach Cruiser

What’s old is new again. The cruisers are back. You’ll be looking retro-sheik wherever you decide to pedal.

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Folding Bike

Short on space, this folding bike is a great way to go. Dorky looking, sure, but better than no bike at all!

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Electric Bike

Want to look the part without all that pesky exercise? Then an electric bike is just the thing for you!

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Chillin’ Outdoors

Here are just a few other items you will want to have along. Not so much outdoor RV necessities as simple things to make sure that your camping trip is as relaxing as you had hoped. 

Dog Pen

Give Fido a nice place to enjoy the great outdoors- without having him run off after a squirrel!

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Beer Can Coozy

No one likes warm beer! With this can coozy your beer will stay cold for hours. You’re welcome!

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Lightweight parachute nylon- this hammock is a perfect way to snooze through nature!

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RV Gadgets


Having a good GPS system is super important in getting there to have fun. Don’t get lost! Important RV gadget!

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Surge Protector

RV park power is notorious for fluctuating. Do NOT take a chance of burning out your electrics. 

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Air Compressor

Lets face it- flat tires NEVER happen at the sir hose. Make sure you can refill a tire on the road. 

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Frank Foley

Frank is the Head Hubby, Daddy, and Fix-It Guy of the Roving Foleys clan. He ia an avid traveler and has spent over 5 years traveling full time with his family. he loves helping others learn about the RV life. He has also traveled in Europe, Asia, and Australia with his wife Grainne.

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  1. Coleman Propane Grill is not made like they used to make them. I had our previous Coleman Roadtrip grill for about ten years, using it as a space-saving primary BBQ. It was great but after ten years mostly outside it was time to replace it. As usual, I bought the same thing. I’ve had it for about eight weeks, and have used it a half a dozen times. It’s no longer pumping gas to one of the two burners

    1. We’ve returned two of the new Coleman’s for the same reason. We finally bought a Camp Chef 2 burner that works great. Good control on the dials !

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Check out the Weber Q series. Very good quality and portable. Always check that the campground allows tabletop grills. Some do not.

    1. Hi Christine,

      We are actually working on that exact article right now, check back next week and it should be published :.


  2. We are using a black stone griddle 17” and leaving the camp stove at home. Well worth the money! Can cook almost everything on it! Boil water on the campfire or use the stove inside the camper. Before you buy check it out! Amazon has them

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