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Personalized RV Gifts that are Awesome for the Camper in your Life

If you are not an RVer or camper, it’s hard to know what to buy for someone who is.  We get that we really do.  So check out these great, one-of-a-kind gifts for the RV camper in your life. Weekend warrior or serious RV lifer, these are the gifts RV enthusiasts want.

Personalized gifts are awesome for us because they are a conversation starter. – “Where did you get that, who made it, I want one” .  Plus these personalized gifts are seriously cool, take a look for yourself!

RV Camping Personalized Gifts

RV owners, campers, 5th wheel enthusiasts, and motorhome owners are a special group of people. They live free, love travel, and of course chase adventure. So what do you get the RV owner and camper in your life?

How about something totally personal, and completely unique? Whether they’re into long-haul cross country trips, snuggling up with their sweety by a fire, or just getting away with the family for the weekend, these custom gifts are functional and a ton of fun.

Help your RV loving friends and family show their love of the road, and make the trip that much sweeter with these cool personalized gifts! Good luck choosing just one…

Personalized RV Camping Signs

Say it loud, say it proud! A personalized sign is a fun and thoughtful gift any camping enthusiast would love. They can take it to the campsite or put it up at home to show everybody how they roll.

Hanging Metal Signs

A perennial favorite, it’s like a garden flag…but better! Get your loved one a weatherproof, waterproof custom sign. Looks great out in front of their house, tacked up at a campsite or in their garden. Pick your color and personalize your message here. 

Personalized Camping Gifts

  • Perfect way to meet new campers at the campground!
  • Super cute addition to their campground
  • Any camper will adore this gift

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Wood Signs

Cute, homey, and oh-so-classic. A wooden RV sign looks great staked at a campsite or at home. Wood signs have the benefit of being ultra-customizable. Even make your own, if you’re a little crafty, or have artisans help you create your picture-perfect wooden flag sign.

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Personalized Camping Signs

  • Super easy to store in an RV or camper
  • Great way to meet new neighbors
  • It adds some cute décor to the outdoor area.

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Small Campsite Signs

What a fun idea! They will love a small, personalized campsite sign like these handmade reflective signs. These beautiful custom signs let everyone know who their camping neighbors are. Perfect for the outgoing, extroverted camper in your life.

Personalized Kitchenware

Do you know a home-away-from-home chef? These fun and personalized kitchen gifts are great on the road, or for parties at home. They’ll love traveling with their own personalized and dedicated RV kitchen tools.

Personalized Kitchen Towels

Cute and functional! Find the perfect message and image for your favorite camper. They’ll love showing it off at home or on the road. No one ever has enough tea towels, kitchen towels, and decorative towels for the oven handle or fridge door. Help your RVer show their love in a super-easy way. Design your high-quality microfiber towels today!

Personalized Kitchen Towels

  • Microfiber kitchen towels so they are light and easy to dry
  • Adds some flair to the interior of an RV
  • The ink will not chip, fade or wear with time.

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Personalized Mug

Custom mugs are affordable and thoughtful gifts for campers of all ages. Commemorate a special trip, add some of their favorite camping pictures or personalize it with your favorite camping quotation. There’s a lot of room for creativity with a fun ceramic mug. Let loose – they’ll love it!

Personzalized Camping Mugs

  • Hand wash only – easily done in an RV!
  • Come in a sturdy box so less likely to break.
  • Any camper would love drinking out of this.

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Personalized Wine Opener

Something every camper and good-time haver will appreciate. A camper is a perfect place for a multi-use tool, and an engraved rosewood handled corkscrew and multi-tool brings a touch of class to whatever they’re using it for. You don’t have to stop with RV-ers for this gift, it’s beautiful and useful enough to give everyone.

Personalized Corkscrew

  • Cool, unique gift for a wine or beer drinking camper
  • Nobody can steal it because your name is on it!
  • Comes across as a thoughtful gift.

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Personalized Cutting Board

Everyone who owns a camper or travel trailer knows how important a good cutting board is. Use it to extend your counter space, and as a holding area for ingredients. A beautifully engraved cutting board is something they’ll cherish for years. Good memories of the road can come back home to the kitchen, they’ll want to use their high-quality and unique cutting board for charcuterie boards, a rustic serving tray for romantic dinners, and everything in between.

Personalized Cutting Board

  • Super cute camp inspired cutting board.
  • Makes an awesome and useful gift for an RVer
  • Anyone who receives this will appreciate the thought.

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Personalized Home Goods

What makes your home-away-from-home extra, well, homey? How about a personalized piece of heaven, just dying to go out on their next trip? Try these fun custom blankets, mats, and RV-warming gifts this year.

Personalized Blanket

Long nights in the great outdoors are better snuggled up under the perfect blanket. And what better way to say “I’m thinking of you” than with their very own cuddly custom blanket? Great for picnics on the road or cool nights in the camper – get your favorite camping couple a cut custom throw, or get creative and design your own blanket with their favorite camping pics.

Customized Camping Blanket

  • Each fleece blanket features a premium 100 % suede polyester print for beautiful color vibrancy.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor so perfect for camping.
  • Adds some color to a camper or 5th wheel.

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Personalized Pillow

Help them show their love of the outdoors, indoors! A quality, dyed and personalized pillow is a cute throw for at home or an adorable decoration for the RV. These throw pillows are comfortable enough to spend a night on under the stars.

Cute Camping Pillows

  • The pillow cover includes a zipper closure for easy removal of the insert so you can wash it.
  • A couple of these would look awesome inside an RV living room or bedroom.
  • Again, these add a nice bit of camping décor into a travel trailer or 5th wheel.

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Personalized Welcome Mat

Everyone has a spot for a fun personalized mat. They can welcome people into their home with a fun reminder of where they’d rather be, or use it inside the camper to catch outside dirt and debris. A custom welcome mat will delight everyone who sees it!

Personalized Camping Doormat

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • It has a rubber back to prevent slipping.
  • Another ideal gift for an RVer.

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Personalized Decor

What better way to celebrate the camper and RV owner in your life than to give them something that celebrates their love of the great outdoors. These fun personalized decorations are interesting conversation pieces great for the home or to brighten up an RV interior.

Wall Map

They love to travel, why not give them a gift that lets them showcase their worldliness (or continental United States-ness) with a customizable United States map. Let them fill out the framed states with their favorite memories for the road. It’s a terrific gift that celebrates their love for camping.

Personalized United States Map

  • Add your own family photos to each state
  • Create awesome memories for years to come.
  • Would fit in a 5th wheel or motorhome, however it would be too bulky for a travel trailer!

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Personalized Wall Signs

A great addition to any RV interior or right at home. Your friends and loved ones will love this thoughtful, personal gift. Choose your design and special message so they can tell the world about THEIR number one love: RV-ing.

Personalized Camping Themed Wall Sign

  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Sign also features a UV coating for long lasting indoor or outdoor use.
  • Brightens up any camper with these beautiful colors.

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Personalized Camping Supplies

Give them something to take on the road! There’s no shortage of handy and handsome tools and supplies every RV-er will love. Even better – give them something from the heart. They’ll appreciate the extra thought that goes into totally custom gear!

Personalized Folding Chair

Beautiful, functional and so clever! A combination folding chair and stool is perfect for their next camping trip! Get it monogrammed or add a name so this gift is extra special. They’ll find a million uses for it and be the envy of the entire campground.

Personalized Folding Chair

  • Perfect for taking on a picnic or to the beach.
  • Holds 24 cans of whatever you like.
  • Comes with a convenient cross body strap for carrying it.

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Personalized Lighter

At home, on the road, and lighting up the grill, a personalized Zippo is so useful. You can be sure they won’t lend this beautiful gift out to just anyone. Add a fun message – maybe the location of their favorite camping destination or commemorate a particularly special trip! This personalized gift is the beginning of long talks around campfires, late-night smores and plenty of BBQ goodness.

Personalized Zippo Gift

  • Useful camping gift for any man, this gift has tons of uses when on the road.
  • It can never be lost because your name is on it.
  • The engraving on the black background really pops!

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Personalized Tumbler

Who doesn’t need an easy-traveling, hard-working thermos and tumbler? They’ll love taking a to-go cup with their own personal message out camping or right beside them, cruising in their passenger seat. Where they use it, they’re sure to think of you!

Personalized Thermos & Tumbler

  • The tumblers speak for themselves, who wouldn’t want one (or more) of these!
  • Nobody else can mistakenly uses your cup because it’s clearly marked!
  • The personalized saying is perfect for any father or grandpa!

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Personalized Water Bottle

Another functional and thoughtful gift. You can never have enough washable, refillable stainless steel water bottles. Kick this gift up a notch with their name laser engraved on the body. They’ll never lose this unique gift at the gym, and think of you during every hike.

Customized Water Bottles

  • Minimizes fighting when everyone has their own personal mug!
  • Keeps drinks warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours
  • These types of gifts are much appreciated by RVers as they are cute and USEFUL!

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Personalized Flask

Shhhh! We won’t tell what’s in these beautiful custom etched flasks. Your RV-loving friends will love their own personalized flask for their next night out under the stars. Add a special phrase so they’ll never forget this special gift.  This type of gift is a favorite amongst campers – I can’t imagine why!

Personalized Stainless Steel Flask

  • Stainless Steel Satin Finish
  • Flask has built in captive lid, so there’s no risk of losing the cap.
  • Comes with 2 stainless steel shot glasses and a funnel.

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Personalized Gifts For The Holidays

Whether your RV-lover spends their holidays back home with friends and family or out exploring the open road, they’ll love these personalized Christmas gifts showcasing their favorite hobby.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Is your special someone hauling a whole crew? This cute personalized Christmas ornament is for the camper who keeps it in the family. Customize it with the names of their favorite campers, or let your creativity run wild and make your own!

Personalized Christmas Ornament

  • Hand painted, with their names on it.
  • One-of-a-kind Christmas ornament.
  • This gift is perfect for RVers and campers, and will look perfect on their tree.

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Personalized Stockings

Do you know a die-hard RV lover who’s on the road no matter what? Make sure they can take the holiday cheer along for the ride. Custom Christmas stockings for the RV can be filled with all sorts of goodies and supplies. Find their favorite trail mix, granola bars or on-the-go goodies, even add some more custom camping supplies. If you’re feeling really creative, why not grab some fabric pens and completely design your own? Christmas on the road was never so much fun!

Customized Christmas Stockings

  • Bring a little bit of Christmas to their tiny home.
  • Who doesn’t want these cute stockings as a gift?
  • The nice part is they take up little room, which makes them the perfect gift.

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Personalized Outdoor Games

At home or on the road, a true RV-er loves fun and socializing. These classic camping and cookout games are extra special with a little personal flair! Great for road warriors of every age.

Personalized Corn Hole

Young and old, everyone loves a good bean bag toss. Get some funky and fun custom boards for the fun-loving camper in your life. Upload their favorite camping pics or personal message. It’s a gift they’ll cherish, and enjoy, for years to come.

Custom Bean Bag Game

  • Genius gift for campers, anyone who sees this, is going to start a conversation.
  • The same image is on both boards
  • A definite must have for the camper in your life!

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Personalized Cribbage Board

Who doesn’t love a night in with a classic game? A custom engraved cribbage board travels easily and is perfect for long days and nights on the road. Get them a camping themed second board so the RV is never without some good old-fashioned entertainment!

Personalized Cribbage Board

  • Great gift for campers who love playing games.
  • Made from solid birch wood
  • The text is laser etched into the wood.

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Personalized Jenga

Know somebody who loves Jenga AND camping? Gift them a set just for the RV! Put a fun message or just their name on a high-quality, Jenga-style game. It even comes with its own wooden box – unbeatable!

Personalized Jenga Game

  • Can customize the game itself, as well as the lid for the game.
  • A thoughtful gift showing you took some time to find something special for the family.
  • Another unique gift, I’ve never seen one during our 5 year travels!

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Personalized Clothing

What’s your camping buddy’s style? Warm and cozy, fun and frivolous, or maybe they’d like something totally utilitarian for their next trip. There are endless options for totally personal, and totally camp-friendly clothing and gear to give!

Personalized Child’s Backpack

For your youngest happy camper, why not a multi-use, cute, and custom backpack? From school to their next outdoor adventure, they’ll have their very own unique backpack. Fill it with arts and crafts for their next trip, or maybe some s’more ingredients for a sweet treat!

Personalized Backpack For The Kids

  • What kid doesn’t want their own backpack with their name on it.
  • Ideal for kids to pack their bits and pieces for any camping trip.
  • Perfect to take in the car with snacks and toys packed.

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Personalized Sweatshirt

Get the whole crew a fun, custom sweatshirt! Great for your next group outing, a crafty and well-designed sweatshirt will make sure your group stands out. Just need one? Your favorite camper will love snuggling up next to a fire pit or warming up during a cool night on the road in a perfectly fit, custom sweatshirt.

Custom Sweatshirt

  • Personalized sweatshirts are a great gift idea for camping trips, because you can always find yours!
  • Useful gift because everyone needs at least 2 sweatshirts when camping.
  • Put their name on the front and back.

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Unique Personalized Gift

Every happy camper needs one of these in case they get lost on a hike.  Write a personal quote so they will think of you as they go.

Personalized Pocket Compass

  • Meaningful quotes engraved on the front combined with personalization on the back of the compass will make your gift stand out
  • Handcrafted out of heavy brass metal with an added antique finish, each compass is unique and is bound to become a keepsake.
  • A truly special gift for a family member.

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Whatever the occasion, your favorite RV lifer or camping hobbyist will love a personalized and functional gift from the heart. Get creative and customize something special today!

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Grainne Foley grew up in Ireland and spent summers caravanning around Europe with her family. Now, as a wife and mother of 2, she spent 5 years traveling the USA as a full time RVing family. She is passionate about travel, and helping others who are considering the RV lifestyle. She has created dozens of helpful RVing checklists which are available throughout the website, and has curated hundreds of simple, flavorful meals for families on the go.

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