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53 Best RV Gifts for 2020 (They Will Love)

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Are you looking for the best RV gifts for the RV enthusiast in your life?  Do you have a family member who travels full-time in an RV and you have no idea what kind of Christmas gift to get them!

Relax, we have you covered!

This ultimate RV gift guide is compiled of suggestions for whole family gift ideas, as well as the best RV gifts for travelers and full time and weekend campers.

We’ve got awesome Christmas camper gifts ideas for mom and dad they will LOVE, as well as funny Christmas gifts everyone wants to get.

Let’s get started on those awesome Christmas presents for your RVers friend, shall we?

Camping Gift Ideas for Him

In fairness dads are pretty easy to buy for.  We have put together a list of the best RV gifts for dad, as well as some awesome hiking gifts for dad, and camping gifts for him that we think he’ll love. These RV gift ideas will make dad a happy camper this Christmas.

Waxing the RV! 

I know that Frank stresses over keeping the RV waxed all year long, some of the time we do it, and once in a while, we’ll pay to get it done.  

There are usually mobile services that cater to campgrounds, The people in the campground office should be able to help you get in touch with someone who can do the job.  The man of the house will love you for this.

However that is a huge expense so a wash and wax would be a great camping gift for him!   If he is going to do the job himself, let’s make sure he has the right stuff to do it well!  This is the RV Wash Kit that Frank recommends. It is used in the aircraft world and holds up really well

Beer Kozie

Although women are not huge fans of getting kitchen gadgets for Christmas, men are the opposite.  They love getting new tools to play around with.  Some of the best camping gifts for him are RV accessories he needs for the RV.

This is one of my favorite gifts ideas for RV owners him!   What man doesn’t want his beer cold!  This insulated koozie keeps the beer cold and you can’t beat the price.  He can bring it on his next camping trip

Mens Slippers

Guys like slippers too.  The kids love to buy dad a pair of slippers every year, these are his favorites.

Camping Hammock 

Still lost for an RV gift for dad?  We’ve got you covered, what about a camping hammock?  There is no better way to spend an afternoon than relaxing in a hammock reading your book, watching the world go by.  Actually let me rephrase by saying this is one of the best gifts for RV campers because it works for everyone – kids included!

The Ultimate Grilling Tool Set

As mentioned previously, Frank does all the grilling, which I love.  So when it comes to Christmas I’m always on the lookout for unique camping gifts for his grill.  This cast iron press is one of the coolest camping gifts I found, we use it for paninis or to keep bacon from curling up. 

This grill set includes a chefs spatula, grill tongs,  basting brush, corn holders, skewers, a cleaning brush, and a digital temperature fork.  A set like this ensures that Frank keeps grilling delicious food while I watch with a glass of wine:).  Thus making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves to camp!

RV Gift Ideas For Her

Mom tends to get more of the practical rv gifts, or the best RV kitchen gadget for 2020.  News flash here people, we don’t want to receive anything practical for Christmas!  We want our rv gifts to be something we would never buy for ourselves  Think funny camping gifts, or wine gifts like this RV wine glass holder. 

Think gifts for the outdoorsy girl, or does mom prefer to snuggle up in bed reading a book.  Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with the best RV gift ideas for mom!

If you still think mom wants something for her RV kitchen, we wrote an entire guide for outfitting your RV kitchen.  Once she has all of the right RV kitchen gear, check out these scrumptious yet easy rv meals. 

Plush Robe

This is my top pick for RV gifts for mom.  I am so excited when the weather gets a little cooler to where I can put on my plush robe in the morning.

Comfortable Slippers

We don’t allow shoes in the RV in an attempt to keep some of the dirt out.  As soon as I get indoors, I get my slippers on.  Every single year the kids buy me a new pair of slippers, these are my favorites so far.

Camping Pajamas For Mom

So now that mom has her beautiful new robe and slippers, she needs a pair of camping themed pajamas.  These pajamas make an awesome RV gift for mom. 

Coffee and Wine Lover

So what else might mom enjoy?  Is she a wine drinker?  Wine glasses are some of the best RV gifts for mom, these are my favorite because they are acrylic and cannot be broken by a moving RV! If you prefer glass, I love these wine glasses too because they have the cute sayings but they unfortunately can break in an RV unless protected.

Does mom love a cup of coffee or tea in the morning?  If so, get her a BIG mug that tells her exactly how you feel! FYI, this is a funny mug that WE SELL on Amazon, it seems to put a smile on everyone’s face.  

Gifts For the Outdoorsy Family (Best Experience Gifts)

We hear more and more from RV owners that the best RV gifts are experiences over things.  So when it comes to a gift from family members, experiences rather than stuff is what we want. 

Most families live this RV lifestyle because we want to get outdoors with our kids and enjoy all this country has to offer keyword.  We have been lucky enough to visit several National Parks and we recommend buying a National Parks Pass as an RV gift.  This is the best rv camping gift we could receive.  Any Rving family will appreciate this type of gift. 

We love nothing more than dining out with our kids, ask the kids and they will tell you eating out is one of their favorite things to do. A resturant gift card is a much appreciated gift for RV campers, buy a regular gift card and let them choose where they eat. Store gift cards or even generic gift cards also make excellent RV presents. 

My mom in Ireland sends the kids two Amazon gift cards every year and we have a blast picking out some cool gift ideas for kids.  One of their favorite RV gifts from gran was a kids camping hammock.

One of the bests RV gifts we ever received was a day out for the whole family!  Would your family enjoy a fun day out ziplining, or what about a trip to Disney or better yet laser tag or trying out an escape room experience?.  Check Groupon as they have some awesome discounts on fun activities like these.  All of these ideas would make awesome gifts for any outdoorsy family.

We have a subscription to both Hulu and Netflix so we can keep up with our favorite tv shows as not all RV campgrounds have cable.  Either of these would make awesome gifts for RV campers.

If you are looking for more traditional gifts for kids who travel, we wrote a gift guide just for you! 

Board Games

Board games are an essential when on the road. You never know when the weather will close in and you will be stuck in close quarters for the day. Those are the best days to pull out one of our 24 Best Family Board Games. 

Outdoor Gifts for RV Enthusiasts (Outdoor Living Space)

After being on the road for four years full-time there are certain gifts RV owners will love you for!  Some of these camper gift ideas we bought for ourselves and others we were lucky enough to receive as RV presents.

When we are buying RV gifts, we are looking for items that we can use as a family or gifts that would work for an outdoorsy family. These are our top recommended RV owner gifts.


We just bought ourselves inflatable kayaks this summer, I can’t believe we waited so long!.  We love taking them out on the water and spending the afternoon exploring, or just hanging out chillaxing.  I was worried about finding storage for them (this was what stopped me for so long).  However that was totally unnecessary, they fit underneath quite easily once we cleared stuff we don’t use anymore out.

Comfortable Camping Chairs

Every RV owner wants a good comfortable chair to relax in.  We love these “0 Gravity” chairs but we ran out of room  with all the kids stuff and so we moved to these “Director” ones instead.  We really like the side tables. Camping chairs make awesome gifts for RV owners.

Awning Screen

This is one of the best RV purchases we ever made. This vista screen shade keeps the sun out of our campsite, provides some privacy when we are super close to our neighbors and it holds the RV awning down when it’s windy. This is hands down one of our favorite camper gift ideas. 

Outdoor Camping Rugs

We saw these rugs at another RV campers site and bought ours that same day.  They not only keep the dirt out, but help to make your place more homey.  Put these on your list of camper gift ideas today. Your favorite rv owners will thank you. 

Welcome Mat

There is nothing cuter than seeing these welcome RV outdoor mats at each RV, they are super cute and so welcoming.  Anyone who lives in or is a weekend camper would love one of these for a gift. 

Camping Garden Flags

I love seeing the welcome camping flags that people hang outside their rigs, the only issue is trying to pick only one!  Maybe get them a set of seasonal garden  flags. This is also one of the great lightweight christmas presents that rv owners are truly thankful for. 

Indoor RV Gifts

Now we turn our attention to some RVing Gifts for the inside of the RV.  These are practical every day must-have RV items that also make great RV owner gifts.  

Water Bottles

These make great gifts for RV campers because we use them every single day.  Each of us has a water bottle that we keep filled up at the campground.  I love CamelBak because they offer a lifetime guarantee – very necessary when you have kids.

We use these tumblers when we are hiking because they keep the water super cold.


Camping Dishes

Buying camping dishes may not seem like the coolest camping gifts to buy, but they are a necessary evil.  These cute camping dishes are melamine, which makes them perfect as RV gifts. They are durable and very hard to break. 

Cast Iron Skillet

I finally started using my cast iron skillet and I have to say I love it.  It’s super easy to cook with and honestly it makes cooking in an RV easier.  I recommend you throw it on the list and start cooking up some of these yummy recipes.

First Aid Kit

A friend of ours put together a first aid kit when we first moved into our RV.  Little did I know at the time but this was one of the best RV gifts we ever received.  It had lots of first aid essentials that I would never have thought of packing. You don’t have to go to the same trouble our friend did – just pick up one on Amazon! 

RV Mattress

The RV mattress that comes with your RV was not made for comfort. Many RV families have recommended upgrading to this mattress.  This would be another one of those awesome camper gift ideas and much appreciated!

Bedside Caddy

RVs don’t have a lot of storage or space, so we found a way around by picking up a couple of bedside caddies. They hang off the bunk and keep all of their important things close by. Books, tablets, pencils and paper, stuffies.  This is one of those practical, yet cool camping gadgets for kids.

Dish Drying Rack

With not much room in an RV kitchen, having the right RV kitchen accessories is essential. This roll-up dish drying rack helps to extend your space, which it’s why it’s a practical yet handy cool gadget for rvs.

Magic Bullet

I love making smoothies in the RV, it’s a great way to get fruit into the kids and I love starting my day with them.  The magic bullet works great because it’s so small, I can fit it into a small cabinet perfectly. It comes with lots of extras which you may or may not need.  I did bring those when we first started RV living but over time (in the interest of space), I have gotten rid of most of them except for the cups and the actual magic bullet.    

Veggie Slicer

I purchased this to spiralize vegetables to try to eat healthier.  I love spaghetti but I’m trying to eat better and stay away from pasta. This veggie slicer was an awesome buy and the food was delicious too, it comes with two ebooks filled with ideas for cooking.  Again it fits easily into a drawer and takes up little room.  

Slow Cooker

I use my slow cooker at least 3 times per week and love it.  It’s a huge time saver for me and the dishes I cook are amazing (if I do say so myself).  Yes, it takes up storage space but I honestly couldn’t live without it.  Here are some of my favorite crockpot meals to make.


These are extremely popular with RV’ers these days. They have a ton of uses and are about the same size as a crockpot.  I don’t use one because they confuse the heck out of me but I know lots of RVers rave about them, so this would be a really popular  RV Christmas gift for mom.

A group of friends hanging out at a campsite exchanging RV gifts

Small RV Gifts and Stocking Stuffers (Gifts for Hikers)

Here are some gift ideas for stocking stuffers for both RVers and hikers.  These are adorable, cheap and take up no room but are perfect for the holidays.

Christmas Camping Ornaments

We’ve been RVing for over three years and so, each Christmas we pick up a new ornament for the tree.  This would be perfect for this Christmas and would make an ideal gift for people who travel in an RV.  

Playing Cards

A deck of cards is always a good stocking stuffer. Regular cards, Uno, or other card games are a big hit.  If you have kids then, like us, you probably have to replace them once a year anyway.  

Water Balloons

Some of the classics from when we were kids are still classics today. Just recently, we got some water balloons for the kiddos at Walmart on a whim. They were these new style ones that fill up 30 balloons at a time. AWESOME!

We ended up having a huge family water balloon fight one afternoon and it was a blast!  This would be an awesome stocking stuffer and a great family gift idea for families who RV.  

First Aid Kit

Everyone needs at least one first aid kit to keep in your backpack, truck, and the RV.  This kit would be one of the best RV gift ideas for people who hike. A portable first aid kit is a must-have RV accessory if you are planning to leave your rig.(lol).  We keep a small one in the truck and we’ve used it umpteen times!

Inflatable Camping Pillow

This is a product that we sell on Amazon, we use it a lot when we have family movie night or when the kids are hanging in their hammocks. They make a HUGE difference when sleeping in the great outdoors.  The whole family would benefit from this gift. The small carrying bag clips right onto your backpack. 

Fire Lighter

Another of our products, we always carry one in our backpack when we go hiking, we also use it back at the campsite because the kids love watching dad start a fire.  Extra hot sparks start the fire right up. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer Christmas gift for dad. A camping must-have when out on the trails.

Rain Ponchos

These make awesome gift ideas for the whole family and they fit nicely in a stocking. They also take up almost no space in your backpack so make sure to stock some of these essential camping accessories. Nothing worse than getting soaked while hiking. 

So there you have it, our list of best gifts for travelers and RVers.  We hope this list of best gifts for travelers will help to take the stress out of Christmas shopping for you and I know any of these Christmas family gifts will put a smile on your loved one faces.  Feel free to share this list with anyone else who might benefit from it.


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