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53 Best RV Gifts for 2019 (They Will Love)

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Are you looking for the best RV gifts for the RVers in your life?  Do you have a family member who travels full-time in an RV and you have no idea what kind of Christmas gift to get them!

Relax, we have you covered!

This ultimate RV gift guide is compiled of suggestions for whole family gift ideas, as well as the best RV gifts for travelers, as well as full time and weekend campers.

We’ve got awesome Christmas gifts ideas for mom and dad they will LOVE, as well as funny Christmas gifts everyone wants to get.

Let’s get started on those awesome Christmas presents for your RVers friend, shall we?

The Best RV Gifts For The Whole Family

We hear more and more from people who live the RV lifestyle that the best RV gifts are experiences over things. That a big part of the reason they chose to hit the road was to downsize their life and create memories with the ones they love- to be together as a family and enjoy new experiences. So when it comes to a gift from family members, experiences rather than stuff is what we want.  We live in a tiny space, so we don’t have a lot of room for new stuff, nor do we want a ton of extra stuff. (seriously we don’t)

Here Are Some of the Best Family Non-Gift Ideas They Will Love


Let’s start with gifts for the whole family, these family Christmas gifts will be a huge hit, I promise 🙂

We hear more and more from people who live the RV lifestyle that they value experiences over things. That a big part of the reason they chose to hit the road was to downsize their life and create memories with the ones they love- to be together as a family and enjoy new experiences. So when it comes to a gift from family members, experiences rather than stuff is what we want.  We live in a tiny space, so we don’t have a lot of room for new stuff, nor do we want a ton of extra stuff. 

The Best Gifts For an Outdoorsy Family

Most families live this RV lifestyle because we want to get outdoors with our kids and enjoy all this country has to offer keyword.  We have been lucky enough to visit several National Parks and we recommend this as buying a National Parks Pass as a RV GIFT KEWYRD.  This is the best rv camping gift we could receive.  Any RVing family will appreciate this type of gift. 

We love nothing more than dining out with our kids, ask the kids and they will tell you eating out is one of their favorite things to do. A gift card is a much appreciated gift for RV campers, buy a regular gift card and let them choose where they eat. CHANGE THIS UP.  Store gift cards also make excellent RV presents.  My mom in Ireland sends the kids two Amazon gift cards every year and we have a blast picking out some cool gift ideas for kids.  One of their favorite RV gifts from gran was a kids camping hammock.

One of the bests RV gifts we ever received was a day out for the whole family!  Would your family enjoy a fun day out ziplining, or what about a trip to Disney or better yet laser tag or trying out an escape room experience.  Check groupon as they have some awesome discounts on fun activities like these.  All of these ideas would make awesome gifts for any outdoorsy family.

TV & RV Internet Gadgets

As much as possible, we want to be outside hanging out with our kids exploring and checking out new places.  However there are times when the weather keeps us indoors or we are exhausted from travel day or tired out from, you know life.  These are the days when we watch movies, or read on our kindle, or let the kids play on their tables. 

Here are some cool gadgets for RVs.  Living in an RV doesn’t provide a ton of storage so a subscription to kindle would benefit the whole family.  We purchased a subscription to Amazon music for my daughter because she loves listening to music so much.  This works perfectly for those long travel days and keeps her occupied in the back seat.

Of course purchasing a kindle or kids tablet would make great camper gift ideas.  As much as I love reading books, you just can’t fit too many in an RV!

We have a subscription to both Hulu and Netflix so we can keep up with our favorite tv shows as not all RV campgrounds have cable.  Either of these would make awesome gifts for RV campers.

Our Favorite Gifts For RV Owners

After being on the road for four years full-time there are certain gifts RV owners will love you for!  Some of these camper gift ideas we bought for ourselves and others we were lucky enough to receive as rv presents.

Unique RV Owner Gifts

RVers are not like everyone else.  We don’t want the latest vacumn or an irobot (do you know how small an RV is?).  We are looking for camper gift ideas that fit in a camper and that are unique to RV camping.  If you have a happy camper if your life, these ideas will help you to choose some unique RV owners gifts ………they will actually thank you for.

Practical RV Gifts

As well as some fun GIFT IDEAS KEYWORD, best camping gifts fr her,, hiking gifts for dad, we also wanted to provide you with a selection of practical RV gifts.  These are every day must-have RV items that every RVer should have KEYWORD.  All of these RV gifts make camping easier!  

Fun Camper Gift Ideas

Whether you are a full-time RV family, or a part-time or weekend camper, our selection of fun camper gift ideas will get you to find the best gifts for RV campers.  

RV campers are not like everyone else.  for starters we don’t have a lot of space so as much as my daughter would love that doll house KEYWRD, it’s not going to fit in the RV!  Think outside the box when it comes to camper gift ideas.  

In this section we will be going over some fun camper gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

1)Are you searching for RV owner gifts they will love?  Stop looking, we’ve already found the perfect best RV gift for you. This RV state sticker travel map is such a great conversation starter with other campers and so much fun for the kids.  It hangs outside the RV and you scratch off the state that you’ve visited and attach it to your travel map.

RV Gifts For Dad

In fairness dads are pretty easy to buy for            .  We have put together a list of the best rv gifts for dad, as well as some awesome hiking gifts for dad, and camping gifts for him that we think he’ll love.  These rv gift ideas will make dad a happy camper this Christmas.

RV Gift Ideas For Mom

Mom tends to get more of the practical rv gifts, or the best RV kitchen gadget for 2020.  News flash here people, we don’t want to receive anything practical for Christmas!  We want our rv gifts to be something we would never buy for ourself.  Think funny camping gifts, or wine gifts like this RV wine glass holder.  Think gifts for the outdoorsy girl, or does mom prefer to snuggle up in bed reading a book.  Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with the best RV gift ideas for mom!

This is a selection of some of the best camper gift ideas and RV gifts for anyone crazy enough to enjoy this RV travel lifestyle with the rest of us.  I hope you enjoyed our post, more important, I hope we helped you to find some of the best gifts RV owners will truly love.

Happy Christmas from us!


Travel Map

This is an ideal gift for RVers,  it hangs outside the RV and you scratch off the state that you’ve visited and stayed at and attach it to your travel map.  It’s exciting for everyone to see how many places you’ve visited.  It takes up very little room.  This is another must-have RV Christmas gift for families.  Don’t assume they already have one, it took us over a year to get ours!  


Kayaks for Everyone

This would make another one of those best RV gift ideas for families who travel. Inflatable kayaks are very popular and save on space while traveling.  We love enjoying an afternoon on the lake with the kids, the kids absolutely adore it.  These kayaks come highly recommended.


Water Bottles

Water bottles for the kids could be a great Christmas gift, kids always love having their own stuff.  After hiking there is nothing better than coming back to the truck and sipping some cold water, it took us years to buy some insulated cups.  They have made such a huge difference in our life. I love CamelBak because they offer a lifetime guarantee, which is something you need when you have kids! 


The Best RV Gifts For Mom

I want all of these, seriously if you are looking for gifts for your wife, print this off and buy several things from it, heck buy it all,  she deserves it a and she will LOVE you if you buy any of these gifts!

Plush Robe

This is a popular Christmas gift for us ladies. We love nothing more than getting cuddled up in a super plush robe on a cold morning. 


Plush Slippers

We don’t allow shoes inside the RV, so I like to change into my comfy slippers as soon as we get indoors.  Each year Frank gets me a new pair of slippers and as silly as it sounds, I look forward to getting my new pair each year.  This is the ideal Christmas gift for mom.  


Camping Pajamas

Here’s another awesome best gift idea for an RVer.  What about a cute pair of camping pajamas to go with your new robe? Camping pajamas are really cute and very popular with those of us who travel.  This is another awesome gift idea for RV campers.  


Stemless Wine Glasses

We purchased this RV gift for ourselves . it’s a pack of 4 stemless wine glasses and they have been amazing.  These are a great gift because I never have to worry about them breaking on travel day and they don’t take up much space.  Acrylic, please not glass.  


Wine Glasses With Sayings

I’m in love with these wine glasses, you can choose the perfect saying for whomever you’re buying the Christmas gift for.  Another brilliant gift idea for campers.


Funny Coffee or Tea Mug

Looking for funny?  This is another of our products, this is a huge seller at Christmastime.  Who doesn’t want to drink out of a mug telling you how awesome you are.  Come on, everyone does right?


Spa Finder

Christmas gift ideas for mom

Yes, please!  A spa finder gift card is the perfect gift for your wife.  Who doesn’t want a day of being pampered?  Spa Finder has locations all over the country making it super easy to find somewhere to use it.

RV Mattress

The RV mattress that comes with your RV was not made for comfort. Many RV families have recommended upgrading to this mattress.  This would be another one of those awesome RV gifts for mom and dad. Tough to wrap and sneak in, but what the heck, it’s Christmas! Check sizes carefully.


Magic Bullet

I love making smoothies in the RV, it’s a great way to get fruit into the kids and I love starting my day with them.  The magic bullet works great because it’s so small, I can fit it into a small cabinet perfectly. It comes with lots of extras, I did bring those when we first started RV living but over time I have gotten rid of most of them except for the cups and the actual magic bullet.    


Veggie Slicer

I purchased this to spiralize vegetables to try to eat healthier.  I love spaghetti but I’m trying to eat better and stay away from pasta. This veggie slicer was an awesome buy and the food was delicious too, it comes with two ebooks filled with ideas for cooking.  Again it fits easily into a drawer and takes up little room.  


Slow Cooker

I use my slow cooker at least 3 times per week and love it.  It’s a huge time saver for me and the dishes I cook are amazing (if I do say so myself).  Yes, it takes up storage space but I honestly couldn’t live without it.  



These are extremely popular with RV’ers these days. They have a ton of uses and are about the same size as a crockpot.  I don’t use one because they confuse the heck out of me but I know lots of RVers rave about them, so this would be a really popular  RV Christmas gift for mom.


The Best RV Gifts for Dad

Dads are pretty easy to buy for, here are some great ideas to make dad a happy camper this Christmas.

Wash and Wax the RV

fifth wheel at Henrys Lake State Park ID with lake in the background

I know that Frank stresses over keeping the RV clean all year long, some of the time we do it, and once in a while, we’ll pay to get it done.  It’s a huge expense so a wash and wax would be a great Christmas gift for dad! There are usually mobile services that cater to campgrounds, The people in the campground office should be able to help you get in touch with someone who can do the job.  The man of the house will love you for this.

DIY Wax and Wash the RV Supplies

This is another option for a Christmas gift for the man of the house. If he is going to do the job, make sure he has the right stuff to do it well!  Note from Frank – this stuff works REALLY WELL and it takes less time.  


Luxury Car Wash

Christmas gift ideas for dad

Help give the truck and car a good wash and buy a luxury car wash coupon.  This would be an incredible gift for people who travel and therefore always have a dirty vehicle!  This makes an ideal gift for dad.

RV Accessories

Christmas gift ideas for men

In fact, anything from this list of must-have RV accessories would make hubby happy, check out our list of 35 essential RV accessories here.

RV Tools

Awesome christmas gift for dad

Every RVer needs certain tools. If you are thinking about tools for your man, here is a list of 15 Essential RV Tools that would work perfectly as a gift for RVers.

Insulated Beer Koozie

What man doesn’t want his beer COLD.  This insulated koozie will keep the beer cold til the end, making it an awesome RV gift for dad.  


Comfy Slippers

Guys like slippers too, Frank loves these slippers and they take up no room. They squash flat for storage but are comfy and warm. 


If you are looking for some Non-Toy Gift Ideas for your kids, check out this post  – Best Christmas gift ideas for kids

Best RV Gifts for the RV

Any of these items would make the perfect Christmas gift for an RVer.  

Welcome Mat

There is nothing cuter than seeing these welcome RV outdoor mats at each RV, they are super cute and so welcoming.  Anyone who lives in or is a weekend camper would love one of these for a gift. 


Welcome Flag

I love seeing the welcome camping flags that people hang outside their rigs, the only issue is trying to pick only one!  


Outdoor Chairs

Folding chairs are a necessity to enjoy the great outdoors. We love the type that is foldable and has a side table, this comes in very handy when enjoying a glass of wine :).  We used to have these chairs and I know lots of other RVers who love them.   This would be a very welcome gift for people who travel. 



Outdoor Rugs

This would be one of the best RV gifts for anyone traveling in an RV.  We have had these rugs for over three years and they are absolute must-have RV necessities.  They keep the sand and dirt out of the rig and they help to make the outside look homier.  We wouldn’t live without them! We love them so much we wrote about it


RV Awning Screen

This is the RV accessory we get asked about the most.  Last winter we stayed in Florida for 4 months and this awning helped to keep the RV nice and cool.  We highly recommend it to every RVer we meet. See our full review.


Camping Plates

Melamine dishes are a MUST for travelers. They come in an endless supply of patterns and are nearly indestructible which comes in handy for those of us who shake the crap out of our kitchens every so often!  This would make an awesome gift for RVers.


The Ultimate Camping Mug

If you are an RVer or a camper, this is a must-have!  Everyone loves drinking their morning coffee or tea out of this awesome mug.


Bedside Caddy

RV’s are traditionally low on space. A bedside caddy gives a bit of extra space right by the bed to hold all of the nighttime necessities. These RV accessories work great for both the kids and the adults RV bedroom.  


Camping Hammocks

A hammock is a great way to wile away a lazy afternoon. We have 2 and use them whenever we can. The kids will actually hang out in these hammocks and read for a little time or just hang = relax time for mom and dad.   Hence, this is perfect as a RV family Christmas gift.  


Board Games for Family Game Night


Board games are a great gift for the family or any family member. Here is our list of 24 board games that would make excellent family gift ideas for Christmas.

The Best RV Gifts For Stocking Stuffers

Here are some gift ideas for stocking stuffers for RVers.  These are adorable, cheap and take up no room but are perfect for the holidays.

Christmas Camping Ornaments

We’ve been RVing for over three years and so, each Christmas we pick up a new ornament for the tree.  This would be perfect for this Christmas and would make an ideal gift for people who travel in an RV.  


Playing Cards

A deck of cards is always a good stocking stuffer. Regular cards, Uno, or other card games are a big hit.   If you have kids then, like us, you probably have to replace them once a year anyway.  


Water Balloons

Some of the classics from when we were kids are still classics today. Just recently, we got some water balloons for the kiddos at Walmart on a whim. They were these new style ones that fill up 30 balloons at a time. AWESOME! We ended up having a huge family water balloon fight one afternoon and it was a blast!  This would be an awesome stocking stuffer and a great family gift idea for families who RV.  


RV and Backpack Necessities

Does your RV’er have all of the necessary safety accessories for day hikes or backpacking? Fill their stocking with “piece of mind” to make sure they are safe and comfortable on the trail:

First Aid Kit

Everyone needs at least one first aid kit to keep in your backpack, truck, and the RV.  This kit would be one of those best RV gift ideas for people who travel. A portable first aid kit is a must-have RV accessory.


Inflatable Camping Pillow

This is a product that we sell on Amazon, we use it a lot when we have family movie night or when the kids are hanging in their hammocks. They make a HUGE difference when sleeping in the great outdoors.  The whole family would benefit from this gift.


Fire Lighter

Another of our products, we always carry one in our backpack when we go hiking, we also use it back at the campsite because the kids love watching dad start a fire.  This would make a perfect stocking stuffer Christmas gift for dad. A camping must-have when out on the trails.


Rain Ponchos

These make awesome gift ideas for the whole family and they fit nicely in a stocking. They also take up almost no space in your backpack so make sure to stock some of these essential camping accessories.



So there you have it, our list of best gifts for travelers and RVers.  We hope this list of best gifts for travelers will help to take the stress out of Christmas shopping for you and I know any of these Christmas family gifts will put a smile on your loved one faces.  Feel free to share this list with anyone else who might benefit from it.



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