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10 Clever Ways To Organize Your RV Bedroom

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Closet bursting at the seams, clothes strewn all over the bed and shoes scattered all over the floor. Is this your RV bedroom?  It used to be mine!

Let’s face it, RV bedrooms are not known for their large closets and ample storage space!  Moving from a regular bedroom into a much smaller RV bedroom requires some organizing and de-cluttering on your part, but it can be done.

I’m guessing a haven of messiness is not what you were looking for when you moved into an RV. Your RV bedroom should be a place that you can escape to after a strenuous day of hiking to relax.  It should be a place that feels like home, (a smaller home, but still home)

So, after years of experience, trial and error, and many failures, I have found 10 clever ways to organize your RV bedroom and turn it into a place you will love.

We will find the best spots to store your shoes, or hang your jewelry, as well as sharing our best RV under bed storage ideas and the best RV organizational products.

Organizing a small master bedroom is not that hard to do once you have the right accessories.

Beautiful RV Bedroom Uncluttered
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1. Use Hanging Organizers Where You Can

I have several of these hanging organizers in my RV, I use one in the kitchen for snack overflow, and one in our RV bedroom for socks and underwear.  This hanging organizer fits so many RV storage needs we have living in a tiny space – toiletries, makeup, baby items.  These have lasted me over four years, which I didn’t expect for the price!  See it here.

2. Use Thin Hangers

RV closets don’t hold that many clothes so in order to fit enough clothes for full time living, you need a thin hanger to fit more clothes in.  I can fit pants, shirts, and t-shirts in mine for the season I am in.  I pack the rest of my clothes under the bed until I am ready for them.

3. Hanging Hamper

One of the big ways to organize your RV bedroom is to get all clothes off the floor and into a hamper.  In my fifth wheel, I have space to store a collapsible hamper in my closet, which has worked well for over four years!  This hanging hamper is awesome and it gets everything off the floor.  When it’s laundry time, remove it from the hooks and take it with you.  See it here.

4. Shoe Storage In Your RV Bedroom

When we moved into our RV, I had already purged 95% of my shoe collection (boy was that hard to do)!  Yet I still brought a pair of sneakers, casual shoes, flip flops, plus Frank’s AND the kids shoes.  That’s a lot of shoes!!!  

I needed somewhere to fit them all, originally we had them in a container like this one.  We kept them outside, underneath the rig.  That worked fine but some of my shoes I didn’t want to be outside so I purchased this for underneath the bed in the RV bedroom.

For those of you with little space, again these hanging organizers will work perfectly for you, and it gets more stuff off the floor!

5. Jewelry Organizer

If you love jewelry and plan to bring it in the RV with you, this is the perfect storage system for you.  It hands from a door, or a hook, or hang it in the closet with your clothes.  It comes with 80 pockets so you’ll have plenty of room for all your jewelry needs.  See it here

6. RV Under Bed Storage Ideas

If you need a place to store extra blankets, or winter clothing, shoes etc, under the bed in an RV is the perfect storage area.  However we still want to keep it organized under there!  These vacuum space saver bags work really well, as do these see through totes for RV storage space saving ideas.

Buying the see through totes helps me to see what is stored in the box at all times.

7. Organize Your Drawers

Organizing underwear and socks in such a tiny space can be frustrating, but help is here!  I found these awesome drawer separators on Amazon and they work beautifully to keep everything in order.  See them here

8. Genius Accessory Hook

I am convinced this accessory hook was made for people in RVs, it’s such a clever way to store bras, belts, scarves without taking up much room.  Heck you could ever store a couple of handbags on here.  See it here. 

9. Men's Dresser Organizer

If your husband is anything like mine, he ends up tossing coins on the dresser, his keys (even though we have a key holder in the front of the RV), and his electronics. Immediately the dresser looks untidy until I clean it up!  I bought this organizer for him, it fits nicely on the dresser and can be put in a drawer on RV travel day.  Works like a charm, see it here.

10. Bedside Storage

If you have a bedside table in your RV, you’re one of the lucky ones.  Most don’t have one, so we have found a brilliant alternative.  Check out this bedside caddy where you can store your phone, tv remote, a book or anything you need close by at night time.  You now have easy access to these items, and they are stored neatly out of the way.  See it here

Here are some other clever RV organizational products that can help you keep your RV bedroom organized.  This genius RV storage idea is great for keeping all those sun hats out of your closet.


If you have room in your RV, this is a great way to store blankets that you need close by, plus it makes your room more cozy.  This is another great way to store sunglasses, lip balm and other small stuff you need on hand.

If you love reading books, think about investing in a kindle and save on the space.  Command hooks are your new best friend, always keep some in the RV.

Clothes are the main factor in cluttering up your RV bedroom, I recommend only keeping out the clothes you are currently wearing and storing the others underneath your bed in vacuum packed storage bags.

I hope these RV storage ideas will help to ease the clutter in your RV bedroom and transform transform your master bedroom into a cozy space.

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    1. The Roving Foleys

      Find a logical spot to put some hooks- maybe on the door. Just lie the hanger flat for travel and hang it up when parked. We do the same- lie it on a bed for travel. There are some cool ideas out there for hanging bins off the underside of the extensions as well.

  1. Exactly what I was looking for, but unfortunately located in the UK. But I will say a very big thank you and I would have used your links had I been able

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      We appreciate you Alexandra and all of our friends “across the pond!” Hopefully the content is helpful (if not the links lol). Hoping to do a UK/EU visit soon! Grainne is missing her home town (Dublin)

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