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20 RV Bedroom Necessities You’ll Wish You Already Had

RV’ers Can Create Beautiful, Organized Space in The RV Bedrooms

Closet bursting at the seams, clothes strewn all over the bed and shoes scattered all over the entire room. Is this your RV bedroom?  It used to be mine!

Let’s face it, RV bedrooms are not known for their inspired design,  large closets and ample storage space!  Moving from a regular bedroom into a tiny RV bedroom requires some organizing and de-cluttering on your part, but it can be done.

With a little RV design and storage help, you can make the most of your living space and minimize frustration, and make your RV bedroom feel like an oasis without doing an entire RV remodel!

OR of course, you could head down to Camping World for a new Class A Motor Home. But for today, let’s look at enhancing the one you have. Hope you enjoy these great tips for upgrading your RV bedroom. 



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This pack of thin but powerful hangers is super popular for fitting more clothes in your camper closet!  They are also non slip so nothing falls on the floor!  (Is there anything worse than constantly picking clothes up off the floor?)    They are one of our must have storage solutions for your camper or travel trailer.  


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This hanging organizer is the BEST RV BEDROOM accessory for RV owners because it works for so many things!  You can store shoes, underwear, toiletries.  It works for so many things and it’s super sturdy!  I have had mine for over 4 years and it’s still going strong!


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This hanging laundry bag is genius!  You don’t always have room for a laundry basket in an rv, so this hanging one is perfect.  You can hang it on the back of a door, closet, bathroom, really anywhere you can find a space for it.  This really helps to keep your clothes off the floor!  


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  I used these vacuum storage bags for switching out clothes from season to season, as well as packing the kids clothes for different ages. Great for getting a lot into a small space. 

I’m guessing a haven of messiness is not what you were looking for when you thought about the RV lifestyle. Your RV bedroom should be a place that you can escape to after a strenuous day of hiking to relax. 

It should be a place that feels like home, (a smaller home, but still home) But without doing an entire RV bedroom remodel, what can you do to keep things organized? How can you create more space for storage? 

So, after years of experience, trial and error, and testing many RV storage solutions, I have found 20 clever ways to organize and beautify your RV bedroom and turn it into a place you will love. These RV bedroom ideas will really help you to maximize space. 

We will find the best RV storage spots to create extra space to store your shoes, or hang your jewelry, as well as sharing our best RV under bed storage ideas and the best RV organizational products.

Organizing a small master bedroom is not that hard to do once you have the right accessories.

rv van bed with dog and couple
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Photo Credit: Arrows & Bows

1. Use Hanging Organizers Where You Can

I have several of these hanging organizers in my RV, I use one in the kitchen for snack overflow, and one in our RV bedroom for socks and underwear.  You can hang it on RV bedroom walls, or on the bathroom or closet doors.

This hanging organizer fits so many RV storage needs we have living in a tiny space – toiletries, makeup, baby items.  These have lasted me over four years, which I didn’t expect for the price.

This was one of those great RV storage ideas and is highly recommended for small spaces.  You can use it to store toiletries, underwear, baby clothes and essentials. 

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Delta Children Door Hanging Organizer

  • RV hanging storage printed with subtle polka dots and contrast piping
  • Perfect for storing underwear, shoes, makeup and so much more. 
  • Can hang over the door with hook or be attached to the wall with the provided hardware

Check It Out Here

2. Get The Best Clothes Hangers For The RV

RV bedroom closets don’t hold that many clothes so in order to fit enough clothes for full time living, you need a thin hanger to fit more clothes in. This is one of those simple space saving RV ideas. 

Using these hangers, I can fit pants, shirts, and t-shirts in my rv bedroom closet for the season I am in.  I pack the rest of my clothes under the bed until I am ready for them. 

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TIMMY Plastic Hangers

  • Help to fit more clothes in your tiny closet. Slim, space-saving design.
  • No slip grips so clothes stay in place.

Check It Out Here!

3. Storage Ideas For RV Closets -Hanging Hamper

One of the big ways to organize your motorhome or travel trailer bedroom is to get all clothes off the floor and into a hamper.  In my fifth wheel, I have space to store a collapsible hamper in my closet, which has worked well for over four years! 

For those of you who don’t have the space in your closet.  This hanging hamper is awesome and it gets everything off the floor. Plus it fits into a tight space.  When it’s laundry time, remove it from the hooks and take it with you.

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Hanging Clothes Hamper

  • Oxford Fabric Washable
  • Extra large capacity to collect all of your family’s clothes.
  • Back side zipper at the bottom for easier and quicker unloading.

Check It Out HERE!

4. RV Shoe Storage Ideas

When we moved into our RV, I had already purged 95% of my shoe collection (boy was that hard to do)!  Yet I still brought a pair of sneakers, casual shoes, flip flops, plus Frank’s AND the kids shoes.  That’s a lot of shoes!!! 

You want to have your shoes right? But it’s hard to figure out how to store shoes in an RV. 

I needed somewhere to fit them all, originally we had them in these plastic bins from Ikea.  We kept them outside, underneath the rig.  That worked fine but some of my shoes I didn’t want to be outside so I purchased this for underneath the bed in the RV bedroom

For those of you with little space, again these hanging organizers will work perfectly for you, and it gets more stuff off the floor! You can also use command hooks in many places around the RV bedroom walls, or in closets. 

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RV Shoe Storage Ideas

  • Stores a good amount of shoes, up to 12 pairs.
  • Fits perfectly under the bed or in the closet and looks good too!
  • Firm sides and durable handles.

Check It Out HERE!

5. Jewelry Organizer

One of the ladies favorite RV organization products. If you love jewelry and plan to bring it in the RV with you, this is the perfect storage system for you.  It hands from a door, or a hook, or hang it in the camper closet with your clothes. 

It comes with 80 pockets so you’ll have plenty of room for all your jewelry needs. 

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Hanging Jewelry Organizer

  • Comes with 80 Pockets (40 on each side).
  • Transparent PVC window, easily view and protect items.
  • Can hang on closet pole, door, or wall.
  • Multiple styles to choose from. 

Check It Out Here!

6. Under RV Beds Storage Ideas

A full time rving wardrobe will require clothes for all seasons, which will not all fit into the closet. If you need a place to store extra blankets, sleeping bags, or winter clothing, shoes etc, under the RV beds is the perfect storage area.  However we still want to keep it organized under there.

These vacuum space saver bags work really well for RV clothes storage, as do these see-through totes. Both are great RV storage space-saving ideas.  These work brilliantly for small spaces! 

Buying the see-through plastic bins helps me to see what is stored in the box at all times.   

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Flat Storage Bins

  • Flat design makes it perfect for under-bed storage. 
  • Super rv storage ideas for clothes!
  • Exterior dimensions with Lid at widest point: 40i

Check Latest Prices

7. Camper Clothes Storage Ideas – Organize Your Drawers

Organizing underwear and socks in such a tiny space can be frustrating, but help is here!  I found these awesome drawer separators on Amazon and they work beautifully to keep everything in order.

They are one of the best RV space saving items,  we use them to organize socks and underwear for the kids. 

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Foldable Drawer/ Closet Organizer

  • Good for organizing your ties, socks, underwear, bra and makeup tools.
  • Made with non-woven, mold-proof fabric.
  • These 4 bins can be folded flat to save space when not in use.

Check It Out Here!

8. RV Closet Ideas- Genius Accessory Hook

I am convinced this accessory hook was made for people in RVs, it’s such a clever way to store bras, belts, and scarves without taking up much room.  Heck you could ever store a couple of handbags on here.

This is one of our favorite items to use in the bedroom closets.  Also good for any extra wall space you may have. 

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Closet Accessory Organizer

  • Hanging  RV hooks are perfect for holding scarves, belts, ties, jackets, handbags, etc. 
  • Hook fits over standard closet rods
  • Loop hook measures 0.7″ x 5.8″ x 11.6″, perfect for your closet.

Check Latest Price

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9. RV Organization Accessories – Men’s Dresser Organizer

If your husband is anything like mine, he ends up tossing coins on the dresser, his keys (even though we have a key holder in the front of the RV), and his electronics.

Immediately the dresser looks untidy until I clean it up!  I bought this organizer for him, it fits nicely on the dresser and can be put in a drawer on RV travel day.  Works like a charm.

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Nightstand Organizer/ Charging Station

  • Neatly organize all your accessories, valuables and electronic devices
  • Stylish night stand organizer for men will enable you to save your precious time and valuable effort.
  • Discreet yet elegant and sophisticated

Check Latest Price

10. Space Saving Ideas For RV Living- Bedside Storage

If you have a bedside table in your RV, you’re one of the lucky ones.  Most don’t have one, so we have found a brilliant alternative. 

Check out this bedside caddy where you can store your phone, tv remote, a book or anything you need close by at night time.  You now have easy access to these items, and they are stored neatly out of the way. Make this part of your RV bedding ideas. 

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Bedside Caddy

  • Add simple RV bedside storage for items you need to reach for while in bed. 
  • Suitable for various places like bedside, kids bunk beds, sofa, couch, desk.
  • Easy access to the items you need the most!

Check It Out Here!

11. Organize Your Closet With Drawers

If you lack drawer space, just add some in the closet area. Some extra cubes and drawers will turn that space into an organizational bonanza. 

These plastic cubes are inexpensive, easy to install, and modular to fit into just about any space. You can stack or build them into different configurations and get as many drawers as you wish to fit them. They also come in several finishes.  

6 Cube Closet Organizer

  • 6 cubes closet cabinet provides you varieties of shapes or configurations.
  • PP plastic panels with metal frame and ABS connectors.
  • Perfect for storing clothing, shoes, bags, toys, books, etc.

Check Latest Price

12. Use A Clothes Rod To Hang Wet Clothes In The Shower

Most RV bedrooms are really small, and lack enough hooks for towels etc when you are staying somewhere that has a pool, lake or ocean. So why not use the shower?

A short towel bar hung across the top of the shower stall will allow you ample space to hang up any wet clothes while they dry, and keep your carpets and floors dry. 

Curtain Rod In The Shower

  • Curtain rods can be quickly and easily installed without drilling holes.
  • Made of high-quality metal and support up to 30lbs without sliding.
  • Curtain rods can also be used in different places besides the bathroom.

Check Latest Price

13. Use Lighting To Create Ambiance

Your RV bedroom should be an oasis for relaxation and intimacy. So why not set the right atmosphere with some beautiful light fixtures? 

The right lighting will transform the normally plain bedroom into a relaxing place to let the world fall away. Try some LED lights, or just the right lamps to set the mood for…ya know!

RV Bedroom Ambiance Lighting

  • Light Sconces give your home variety of styles.
  • Provide a nice soft light that creates a nice ambience for quiet evenings.
  • Accessories and installation instructions included.

Check Latest Price

14. Get Blackout Curtains For A Deep Sleep

When you spend any amount of time in nature you will realize that the sun comes up…EARLY! A good set of blackout curtains for the bedroom will be one of your favorite purchases. 

This curtain is easy to install and will keep out almost all of that early morning sunlight. Have a nice lie-on. You deserve it. 

RV Blackout Curtain

  • Each Blackout Curtain Panel measures 42 inches wide x 30 inches long.
  • 2 Panels Per Pack-Perfect drapery option for anyone seeking to block daylight
  • Blackout fabric is woven with three-layer construction.

Check Latest Price

15. Use Rugs and Throw Pillows

rv pillows and rugs decor by thedekkertrekkers
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Most RVs are not exactly inspired when it comes to design. They tend to be a bit neutral and bland.

Another thing you can do to convert your plain home on wheels into a personal oasis is to put decorative blankets, rugs and throw pillows in. Set the mood for your relaxation den with some patterns and color. 

A rug on the floor or hanging as an accent wall is also a great way to add personality to your room, or cover some boring vinyl plank flooring. 

RV Throw Pillow Covers

  • 100% Cotton Blend Linen Fabric, Breathable and Durable.
  • 4 Pack Throw Pillow Covers for One Pack
  • Hidden Zipper Closure, Pattern is Only on the Front Side.

Check Latest Price

16. Command Hooks

When you live in an RV, command hooks are an absolute MUST! You will find a hundred uses for them everywhere- especially in your bedroom. 

From hanging wall decor, to adding hooks to the closet and walls, command hooks are the RVers friend and make for simple DIY projects. 

Command Hooks

  • Say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls.
  • Hang hats, bags, dog leashes, scarves, and accessories where you want.
  • Reorganize when inspiration strikes; These wall hooks leave no sticky adhesive.

Check Latest Price

17. Zippered Sheets To Make Life Easier

One of the most frustrating aspects of the RV life is…making the beds. RV mattresses tend to be pushed into corners and walled in. SO getting fitted sheets on and off can be a real pain. 

With these zippered sheets, there is a base that goes on and stays on, then the top panel is attached with a zipper. Easy to take off for laundering. These are genius and all the rage with RV owners. 

Zippered RV Sheets

  • Placing or changing fitted sheets on & off the mattress will never be a struggle again.
  • Zip-On Sheets can be easily zipped on & off the fitted base.
  • Extremely easy to maintain, change, wash, fold & store.

Check Latest Price

18. Use A Space Heater In Cold Weather

Heating your RV in colder weather can be quite expensive since you pay for propane on your own. It is not part of your hookups at the campground. So rather than running heat all day and night, keep a small space heater in your rig to use at night.  

This small ceramic unit is compact, but puts out plenty of heat to keep you comfortable in your RV bedroom. 

Ceramic Space Heater

  •  With large carry handle, lightweight and small body.
  • Automatic overheat protection, tip-over shut down when tilted and 24H unattended auto off.
  • ECO mode will enable your room a optimal temperature and save extra energy.

Check Latest Price

19. Get A Good Mattress

RV manufacturers are not known for their mattress choices. They are usually pretty cheap and are not conducive to a good night’s sleep. But finding a replacement isn’t always easy. RV mattresses tend to have their own sizing and it does not always match up to home mattresses. 

Enter the Lucid RV mattress. They make mattresses in all of the common RV sizes, and their quality is really great. A new mattress will help ensure you sleep great after a long day at camp and enjoy your home on wheels to the fullest. 

RV Mattress

  • 10 inch medium plush profile providing universal comfort for side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • Gel infused memory foam regulates body temperature.
  • Fits well with most short queen bed frames, campers, or RVs

Check Latest Price

20. A Small Fan Does Wonders In Hot Weather

Running the A/C 24/7 in the summer is not a great idea. RV A/C units are small and not really designed to run non stop. 

A small fan in the bedroom will help to keep you col in the hot weather and reduce the time your A/C needs to run.  

Small Fan

  • Air circulating fan for improving air flow in small rooms.
  • 3 speed settings with controls on the back for power off, low, medium, and high.
  • 90 degree variable tilt head for easily changing the direction of the air flow.

Check Latest Price

Here are some more ideas for clever RV organizational products that can help you keep your RV bedroom organized.  This genius RV storage idea is great for keeping all those sun hats out of your closet.

If you have room in your RV, this is a great way to store blankets that you need close by (if you have the space), plus it makes your room more cozy.  This is another great way to store sunglasses, lip balm and other small stuff you need on hand.

When it comes to rv bedroom ideas, you have to be creative and think outside the box! Here is some more inspiration: 

Young woman waking up in camper bedroom
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If you love reading books, think about investing in a kindle and save on the space.  Command hooks are your new best friend, always keep some in the RV.

Clothes are the main factor in cluttering up your RV bedroom, I recommend only keeping out the clothes you are currently wearing and storing the others underneath your bed in vacuum packed storage bags.



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Pack of thin but powerful hangers   


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Hanging organizer


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Hanging laundry bag 


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Under Bed Shoe Storage


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  Jewelry Organizer


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  Flat Storage Bins


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  Underwear Drawer Organizers


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  Hanging RV Hooks


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  Declutter Your Nightstand With This Organizer


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  Super Handy Bedside Caddy


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 Vacuum Storage Bags

 Transforming your RV bedroom can be easy and inexpensive without taking on total RV renovations. I hope these RV storage and design ideas will help to ease the clutter in your RV bedroom and transform your master bedroom into a cozy space.

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Grainne Foley

Grainne Foley grew up in Ireland and spent summers caravanning around Europe with her family. Now, as a wife and mother of 2, she spent 5 years traveling the USA as a full time RVing family. She is passionate about travel, and helping others who are considering the RV lifestyle. She has created dozens of helpful RVing checklists which are available throughout the website, and has curated hundreds of simple, flavorful meals for families on the go.

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25 thoughts on “20 RV Bedroom Necessities You’ll Wish You Already Had”

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Find a logical spot to put some hooks- maybe on the door. Just lie the hanger flat for travel and hang it up when parked. We do the same- lie it on a bed for travel. There are some cool ideas out there for hanging bins off the underside of the extensions as well.

  1. The Roving Foleys

    We appreciate you Alexandra and all of our friends “across the pond!” Hopefully the content is helpful (if not the links lol). Hoping to do a UK/EU visit soon! Grainne is missing her home town (Dublin)

  2. I have a ton of questions….. we (my husband & I) oh and must not forget my puppy Remington will be leaving California and start our travel/adventure. We are selling the business and venturing out. Still trying to decide what sort of RV to buy….or even where is the first place we need to visit. I am sooooo in awe of you and your family…. I truly am a bit scared of the new life that we face…. But life is short.
    Monica – George and Remington
    Visalia, California

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Hey Monica,

      Don’t fear- you will love it. You are correct, life is short.
      Here is a good article we wrote filled with tips and things to think about. https://therovingfoleys.com/rv-tips/
      Choosing an RV is tough, but fun. My advice is always to shop, shop, shop. Talk to a lot of people, see a lot of rigs. Eventually, the right one will speak to you and you will know.
      Best of luck! Feel free to reach out with questions.

    2. Hi Monica, seen and read your post, how are things going.. with start if your new adventure. I and hubby are in the same decision and It is very scary . Let me know how its going and any advise you may have or just to chat about things.


      Rialto ca

    3. Not sure if you have already purchased a rig, but I suggest that maybe renting something first might be a good idea. RV Share is a good resource

      1. My advice is to start small. We went from pop up to travel trailer to fifth wheel as we got more comfortable. I must admit our fifth wheel was a joy. I found it easier to hook up and tow. However, the journey to getting one was important. ( I could have skipped the pop up. I needed AC. )

  3. I’m constantly looking for clever ideas to help with making the bed! Because our mattress is wall to wall, like shown in your post, I cannot seem to ever get the top sheets secured and they pop off every single night. It’s a battle I’m sick of fighting! Any recommendations?

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Hey Tina,

      That doesn’t sound like fun! Have you tried zip sheets, where they basically hug the size of the mattress and don’t move again?

      We did not use them but I know of lots of people who rave about zip sheets, they might work for you.


    2. Beddy’s bedding is the way to go. A little pricey but definitely worth it in the long run with the tight spaces in an RV. Super easy and convenient.

    3. We had a pull behind camper and after getting tired, I started sliding the mattress off and putting the fitted sheet on the top half and sliding the mattress back up. Finished making the bed, whoala!!!
      Now we have a 32 footer RV and haven’t taken our first trip. With this one, the mattress isn’t wall to wall so I anticipate it being a lot easier. I am so nervous! Much different than a pull behind and it’s so big and long to me!!

    4. I don’t have a camper yet, working on it. I do have a hack for your sheets. I have a king bed that the sheets slide off of too I used some elastic and sewed it diagonal on the corners no more sliding off the bed. As for the flat sheets when making the bed I tuck the flat into the elastic on the sides keeps it tide. My hubby is a truck driver and that’s how I make up his bed there too. Good luck.

  4. Another great way to hang clothes in RVs is with childrens hangers because they are not so wide. I just “fold/hang” our shirts. It makes them easier to acess then in drawers and reduces fold lines.

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Awesome idea Peggy, we use thin hangers which allow you to hang more clothes in your closet, ours are non slip too which keeps the clothes from falling off – another pet peeve of mine lol.

  5. I have a hack I use in the RV as well as home. I hook soda tabs over my hangers and hang another shirt vertically down. Our RV closet is next to the bed with attached nightstands that make it difficult to reach anything placed in the bottom. By using soda tabs I can hang three shirts vertically allowing us to hang much more in tiny closets.

    1. Also another way to store lingerie, socks, ties, etc., the plastic jewelry holder hanging bags are awesome. I used them to store my socks and tights in at the storage unit.

  6. Hi, I do not have bedside tables at all (walk to wall mattress)and I’m looking for ideas so I can put a cup, book, glasses etc. for each side of the bed. Any ideas ?

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Hi Cathy,

      Did you see the bedside caddy? That might work for glasses and a water bottle and book. Could you maybe use a tray and then set it by your bed when you’re done?

      Let me know if they work.


  7. Amazon multi purpose hangers are great like pants hangers, hang at least 3 pair, or more. Tank top hangers good for bras too. Lived in rv’s more of my life than not. And only recently had the aha moment for the multiple uses these hangers have. Also the ultra thin hangers are great!

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