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A home sign with a heart in the middle to hang on your wall
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Easy RV Decorating Ideas: 35 Ways to Spruce Up Your RV

Pinterest has become my go-to place for everything nowadays.  I especially love scrawling through and oohing and aahing over the creative RV decorating ideas (I think every RV owner does this.) I’m in complete and utter awe because I don’t have a CREATIVE BONE in my body.

Ask Frank and he’ll tell you that he is much more creative than I am, but together we won’t be called anytime soon for a HGTV show.  I have a friend who has that gene and I love visiting her home because it’s so beautiful and inviting. She understands color schemes and knows how to put them together.


I always tell her if we decided to settle down in a house again, she has to decorate it for me. 

So if you’re like me and decorating is not one of your skill sets, these decorating ideas will help to make your RV a little more homey.

Are you ready?

I am going to show you ways that you can easily spruce up your RV with these easy renovation ideas, that will not only fit into your budget, but you will also have fun with the whole experience.

Thankfully in an RV, there is so little room that you don’t need very much to make it warm and cozy, a few pillows here and there, some of those beautiful hanging signs and voila, someone like me (and you) can spruce up their RV decor in no time and with little effort.

Now enjoy our RV decorating tips. 

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Ways to Make Your RV Decor Feel More Cozy

1. Use A Theme

Many RVers like to decorate using a theme. A theme adds a consistency throughout the RV and gives you a solid palette to work with. Take this simple monochrome theme from Our Van Quest. The basic black and white is elegant and simple, and leaves you with a lovely background to move in any direction as time passes by. 

black and white rv interior
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image @ ourvanquest

Check out this Patriotic Theme by Madison Avenue Baby. The cushions, window decals and rug give it a comfy picnic feel. 

red white and blue rv theme
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Check out this Earthy Bohemian Theme by RVInspiration. The macramé door curtain and plant hangers along with the fluffy sofa and vintage mirror make quite a statement. I love the use of macramé’ as an RV decorating idea. Totally retro and cool.

earthy bohemian theme rv decor
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2. Add Color To Your RV Decor

Color can really make a place come to life. RV manufacturers tend to use fairly simple earthy tones inside, so some bright color can really brighten up your interior. Check out how these bright splashes in this image by The Virtual Campground brighten up the standard, dark RV interior. 

colorful rv accents by thevirtualcampground
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3. Use Wall Coverings

There are a ton of wall coverings these days that can completely change the look and feel of your RV. From pegboard, maps, flower-wall, hanging wallpaper, souvenirs or MixTiles. The choices are endless depending on your own designs. Look at how the brick wall paper really brings home this gorgeous farmhouse design by Our Life On Lake Time.

farmhouse kitchen design by ourlifeonlaketime
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4. Mixtiles

Mixtiles are a way to have your favorite images put on a lightweight foam backer ready to hang. We have made quite a few of these with our family photos from the road. They are super lightweight and have a peel and stick strip to mount easily on RV walls. I am a BIG FAN. 

mixtiles photos
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5. Try Some Shelving

Shelves are not only a great way to add storage space, but they can also add detail to your RV decor. Like these butcher block shelves by Must Love Camping. They match the countertops adding to the theme, provide a great spot for both kitchen storage, AND some nice decorations. 

Just remember with open shelving, things will need to be stowed for travel days. So we have included a couple of options with bars to hold things in place. Stylish and practical!

rv decorating ideas for the kitchen
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6. Repaint

Putting a new coat of paint in an RV can really make a difference. Brighten up that old dated decor with simple paint. Always use a primer first!  take this example from a few years ago by Heath and Alyssa. What an incredible job making a HUGE difference. 

rv paint job by heathandalyssa
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Dress Up Your RV Bathroom

RV bathrooms tend to be small and cramped. There is not a lot of room for decor. Luckily there are a few good RV decorating hacks for the bathroom that will help make your tiny space more appealing. Wall art, a decorative shower curtain and a few knic knacks can make all the difference.

7. Add Some Fun Wall Word Art

Adding a bit of word art to your bathroom adds some whimsy to the place where you do your business. Make it fun! 

rv bathroom with wall art by barefootdetour
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8. Decorative Towels

Adding a bit of word art to your bathroom adds some whimsy to the place where you do your business. Make it fun! 

RV Decorating Ideas For The Bedroom

9. Simple Headboard Renovation

There are endless RV bedroom decorating ideas out there. Just use your imagination. For instance, you can really change things up in your bedroom by adding a new headboard. Use wallpaper, fabric, or a tapestry to completely change the feel or theme of your room. Then match with RV bedding set and throw pillows. 

Adding a headboard can really make a small space feel larger, and will make a big difference in how the room feels. 

walpaper headboard by ladahome
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