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RV Journal: A Genius Way to Keep Track of Important Campground Details

Ultimate RV Journal

As an avid RVer, I know that its important to keep track of all the details of every campground I stay at.  That’s why I started keeping an rv journal specifically for rv trips.

It’s hard to keep track of where you’ve been and what you’ve seen when you’re constantly on the move.   

That’s why I created the best camping journal out there (IMO) to allow you to keep track of everything from the campsite name and address to the dates you stayed there and even what sites you liked best, as well as things you didn’t like.

Personally, I like to keep track of every essential detail from each camping trip.  Details like what time we left our home and arrived at the campground, how much we spent on gas, what the weather was like, where we ate along the way.

It may seem like overkill, but for me, it’s been really helpful in keeping track where we’ve been and what we liked (or didn’t like) about each spot.


That way, you can avoid making the same mistakes twice.  And if you have a particularly great camping trip, you can always look back and remember all the details that made it so special.

That way you’ll always have a refence point when you’re trying to remember which campground was which.  

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You can write down the things you loved about a campsite, as well as the things you didn’t like.   

Sometimes we will see a site that we would have preferred to stay at because it was further away from the noisy pool area, or the view was stunning!

This is how you keep track of these details now

Keeping a log of this information has come in handy on more than one occasion!

RV Camping Journal

I love keeping an rv travel journal because it helps me keep memories fresh in my mind and makes it super easy to look back and reminisce about our adventures.

At the start of each camping trip, I had the kids their own rv journal so they can write down their thoughts about our camping adventures.  I put these away each year and it’s fun to look back and read what they wrote years prior.

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Use a Camping Journal to Remember Important Details

Not sure what to include in your campground rv logbook

Start by recording the basics:  Where you went, the dates you went there, and how long you stayed.

Then, add in more specific details like what attractions you visited and enjoyed, what hikes you took, and any other memorable activities.

Be sure to include photos.  They’ll help bring your rv camping journal to life.

Our journal includes a section for each day of the trip, with space to record our mileage, the weather, where we camped, what time we started our trip, where we stopped along the way.  And anything else that we feel might be of interest to us on our next journey.  

I’m biased but this really is a great camping journal, because it allows you to keep detailed forms of campsite information that you can perhaps share with friends, who are looking to take a similar trip.

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Here are some examples of the things you can include in your rv travel journal to make sure you don’t forget important details.

  • The name and location of the campground
  • Whether or not there was good cell signal.
  • If there were full hookups, or just water and electric.
  • If there was a pool for the kids to play in
  • Was the campground pet-friendly?
  • What activities were close by?  What were your favorites?
  • What grocery stores were nearby?
  • If there was a shade or fire ring at the campsite.

Why Keep RV Logs and RV Journals?

There’s something about being out on the open road that calls to me.  And, of course, part of the fun is planning out all the details of the trip.

But one detail that is often overlooked is keeping a record of the trip.  That’s where an RV journal comes in.

One of the things I love most about RVing is exploring new places, but I don’t always remember what we did or if we enjoyed it or not.   This makes it harder when planning your next trip.

If you’re an RVer, you know that sometimes finding things to do nearby can be a challenge.  That’s why I love my logbook so I can keep track of important details and record information from our camping adventures.  I write down any nearby activities that we enjoyed or didn’t enjoy, so I always have something to fall back on.  This has been really helpful for me.

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In this great camping journal, you’ll find prompts for recording memories, taking photos, and jotting down useful tips along the way. Things like what did you like about the trip, and what would you change.  What was a great activity the whole family enjoyed and you would want to do again? 

Having the ultimate RV logbook helps to capture important memories from the open road. Look back at past trips to remember great hikes, the location of top-notch fly fishing, or that time you had a visit from a bear! It is the best camping journal we have found. 

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Keeping a rv logbook is essential for rv owners to track important campground details, that they will otherwise forget.  Imagine being able to look back on these amazing memories with your children.  How fun!

By keeping a journal, you’ll be able to quickly and easily reference all the important details about each campground, which will make planning your next RV adventure a breeze!

You can purchase yours by hitting the button below. Give it a try on your next rv trip!


Our Campground log book is a digital download, so you can print and use it as many times as you want.  Not only will it help you remember where you went and what you did, but also any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way.  

It really is a fun way to document your travels and make some lasting memories.

Start recording those memories before they fade away!

The Ultimate RV Logbook

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