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10 Ways To Find More Storage Space In An RV

RV storage space is always at a premium. No matter how big your rig is, you will always need more RV organization space for more RV stuff- just like in that old George Carlin schtick.

Finding storage space in an RV in no small feat.  We are lucky that we live in a fairly large 38ft fifth wheel, but I still find myself always looking for more space as we travel around and collect more things.   Let me share 10 genius hacks that have made our lives a little more comfortable living full-time in an RV.

Here are 10 of our favorite RV storage ideas that have helped us out along the way.


Stackable Bowls

We use mixing bowls a lot in our RV, we found stackable bowls that I can put under the sink and they work great.  I believe we found ours at Sams Club, I did find something similar at Kohls, you can check them out here.

I found this stackable set on Amazon, it also includes some measuring cups that can be stacked also.  This set is perfect for RVers or campers!

Joseph Joseph 40087 Nest 9 Nesting Bowls Set with Mixing Bowls Measuring Cups Sieve Colander, 9-Piece, Multicolored

List Price: $50.00 USD
New From: $34.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $34.99 USD In Stock
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Over The Door Organizer

We got this over the door hanging organizer from Amazon about 2 years ago. We use it to hold all of our snack foods. Granola bars, crackers, fruit chews, etc. It holds a ton of yummy and nutritious snacks and is easy for the kiddos to access so we do not have to get up every time they want a munch.

The material is a heavy canvas and all of the seams are piped for extra strength. The pockets have interior side pockets that hold a custom fit piece of cardboard so they stay in shape and don’t sag down too much. So we can load it up to full capacity.  We put ours over the door in our living room for easy access.  On travel day, we throw it on a kids bed and take it down when we get there.

Food is not the only thing this organizer can organize. You can use it in the kids’ room for clothes. I know someone who uses it for her socks and underwear and other personal items.  I know of at least 5 moms that use this in their nursery because it can hold all of your diaper changing necessities. In the craft area, you could hold yarn, sewing stuff, just about anything. I love that it’s so versatile.  We have had ours for over two years now and no issues at all.  For the price and to last that long, this is a must-have!

Delta Children 4 Pocket Over The Door Hanging Organizer, Beige

List Price: $7.88 USD
New From: $10.09 USD In Stock
Used from: $10.09 USD In Stock
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I keep each child’s stuff separate in a clear Sterilite box with a lid on it so nothing can fall out and we pull it all down at once when we need it. The boxes are about 8 inches deep and large enough to put notepads and workbooks into. So each kids work fits nicely inside.

Sterilite 1753 15 Qt. ClearView Plum Latch

List Price: $17.49 USD
New From: $17.49 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock
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Stackable Measuring Cups

I use these measuring cups almost every day and have been since I bought them almost two years ago.  They stack neatly together and fit in my utensil drawer taking up little space.  We cook a lot at home and I love having everything closeby and having the measurements I need.

Bellemain Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Set, 6 Piece

List Price: $55.95 USD
New From: $24.95 USD In Stock
Used from: $18.95 USD In Stock
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Bathroom towels are always an issue if you are more than 2 people. RV bathrooms are notoriously small so there is very little space.

What we did was to use 3M Hooks along the wall inside the shower. This gives a hook for each person towel to dry. We just take them all out for showers. A couple more on the narrow wall outside the shower and a set of screw-in hooks on the back of the door.

Command by 3M Large Multi-Function Hooks, Multi-Surface Hanging Solution, Easy On, Easy Off, 7 Hooks, (GP003-7NA)

List Price: $9.99 USD
New From: $9.31 USD In Stock
Used from: $9.31 USD In Stock
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Laundry Hamper

The hamper is also always a tough item to store. We started out with a collapsible mesh hamper but with 4 of us, it filled too quickly and just didn’t hold up to the weight of all those clothes. So we switched to this foldable canvas sided hamper. The walls are semi-rigid and it folds flat for storage. It holds all of our clothes between loads and has held up really well. In fact, when we bought it over a year ago, we were sent 2 by accident. We contacted the seller who told us to keep the second one free. However the first one has held up so well, that extra is still in its package. This was an awesome buy!

AmazonBasics Foldable Laundry Hamper

List Price: $16.89 USD
New From: $16.89 USD In Stock
Used from: $16.89 USD In Stock
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Drawer Separators

There are 2 drawers in the kids’ room under the bench seat. They are fairly large which is nice, but as it goes with kiddos, what goes in folded many times comes out a MESS! These drawer separators have been a godsend. They come in various sizes and we were able to get them set up in the drawers so that they are perfect for socks and underwear- leaving plenty of room for shorts and pajamas. They have made a HUGE difference and even the kids like making sure each thing is in its own bin.


Space Saver Bags

When traveling full time, you will need to be able to store off-season clothing when it is…you know…off season. Typically there is a large storage space under the master bed and that is what we use to store these clothes. Space Saver Bags are what makes this possible. We can sort our clothes by person and season and vacuum-seal them in these bags. this maximizes use of the space and we easily get all of our stuff in there. Extra pillows, blankets, towels, linens can also be squeezed flat for storage to save space all over the rig. Efficient and…well… fun as heck!


Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Not a lot of space but need somewhere for fruit, this can work well but it does take up countertop space, if you don’t have any, this under the counter hanger should work for you. It saves a lot of space and keeps your fruits right at hand for a quick snack or smoothie.

SimpleHouseware Fruit Basket Bowl with Banana Tree Hanger, Chrome Finish

List Price: $15.87 USD
New From: $15.87 USD In Stock
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Bedside Caddy For The Kids Bedroom

This was one of the best accessories we bought for the kids’ bedroom.   I hated the fact that the kids didn’t have easy access to their books when they were in bed, so I took it upon myself to find something that would work.  This bedside caddy is awesome.  It hangs easily off of the guard rails on the kids’ bed, it could also be velcroed to the deck of the bed.  It has lots of compartment so they can keep their stuff closeby.  My daughter loves to keep her books it, as well as a notebook and pencil and her tablet.  My son keeps his books and his toy bullets in there for safe keeping.  We’ve had them for over two years now and they still work well.


Garbage Can

We have a pull out drawer for garbage, so it’s really handy and tucked out of the way. If you don’t, you can use this over the cabinet holder. It will save you floor space and can go INSIDE a cabinet door if shelves allow. Even on the outside it will save floor space and keeps the garbage off the floor for sweeping or mopping.   Plus it looks so cute.


These are some of our favorite RV storage ideas. What are some of yours?

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10 Must-Have Storage Solutions for RV Living





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