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RV Storage ideas for the RV kitchen and island
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13 Brilliant RV Storage Ideas that Help Keep Your Camper Tidy!

Most RV owners will agree that the most frustrating part of RVing is the lack of RV storage and trying to find more RV Storage Ideas.

RV storage space is always at a premium. No matter how big your rig is, you will always need more RV organization space for more RV stuff. (que George Carlin…) 

Finding RV living storage space is no small feat.  We are lucky that we live in a fairly large 38 ft 5th wheel, but I still find myself always looking for more space as we travel around and collect more things. Storage ideas in campers and smaller travel trailers can be super important.  

13 RV Organization Ideas that Help Make RV Living Simpler

Today I’m going to share 10 genius RV storage solutions that have made our lives a little more comfortable living full-time in an RV. They go far beyond the old hanging paper towel holder and include ideas such as hanging baskets, innovative holders for garbage bags, utilization of vertical space, and ways to use hanging storage to create extra space. 


RV Kitchen Storage Ideas

RV kitchens are notorious for their lack of storage space. It is tough enough to get in all of your pots and pans, dishes and food- but then where do you put the cleaning supplies? It is enough to make you crazy! 

Keeping your camper organized starts in the kitchen.  Finding easy storage ideas, and innovative products is key, puls you want to eliminate any wasted space, such as the inside of a cabinet door, or under the RV cupboards. These sure fire products will help to organize the smallest of RV kitchens. 

1) Stackable Pots and Pans That Take Up Less Space

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One of the bulkiest things to fit in an RV kitchen is your pots and pans.  Of course you need them to cook, but it’s hard trying to find a spot so they aren’t taking up the majority of space in your kitchen.  

Stackable pots and pans is the answer.  These pots and pans nestle together so they take up much less space.  

2) Stackable Bowls For The RV Kitchen

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I use mixing bowls almost daily whether I’m doing some baking, or mixing up some eggs.  We found bowls at Sams Club that stack and have lids. They came in a stack of 4 and they all had a purpose.  I actually used the large one to store dog food.

I LOVE my bowls and they have survived over four years now……..except for one……..which Frank dropped on the cement, so you can’t really blame the bowl!

I store them under the sink, so I am not using any counter space, and it’s easy enough to grab them when they’re needed.

I found this set on Amazon, it also includes some measuring cups that stack on top of the bowls.  This set is perfect for RVers or campers!

3) Stackable Measuring Cups

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These measuring cups stack together neatly and fit in my utensil drawer taking up little space.  They are perfect for space saving storage in an RV kitchen.

I use these measuring cups almost every day and have since buying them two years ago.  

4) Over The Door Organizer

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This was an awesome buy and works so well as an RV storage organizer.  I desperately needed to find something to store snacks and granola bars.
I jumped online and found this over the door hanging organizer from Amazon about 2 years ago. For the price I didn’t expect much, but I bought it to give it a try anyway.
Two years later, this is one of my favorite RV storage ideas for the kitchen.  I use it to hold all of our snack foods. Granola bars, popcorn, chips, etc. It holds a ton of storage and works great when I come home from one of my Sams Club bulk shopping days.
The material is a heavy canvas and all of the seams are piped for extra strength. The pockets have interior side pockets that hold a custom fit piece of cardboard so they stay in shape and don’t sag down too much. So we can load it up to full capacity.
We put ours over the door in our living room for easy access.  On travel day, we throw it on a kids bed and take it down when we get there.
This over the door organizer would work well in the kids room for extra storage, or as a space saving solution in your RV bathroom.  I love that it’s so versatile.
We have had ours for over two years now and no issues at all.  For the price and to last that long, this is a must-have to increase your RV storage!

5) Keep Your Cereal Organized with These Containers

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My kids love cereal and it’s perfect for those days when we are trying to get out the door and explore.  However rv kitchen cabinet storage is limited and finding somewhere to store the cereal was not so easy. ALL  rv food storage ideas are a real blessing in the kitchen!

I started out using Oxo containers but they didn’t keep the cereal fresh, finally I came across these containers on Amazon and they fit perfectly in my upper kitchen cabinets – all 3 of them.  I’ve had them for 3 years now and they keep the cereal nice and fresh.

6) Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Countertop Banana Holder

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Under Cabinet Banana Hanger

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Finding storage space in your RV for fruits and vegetables can be difficult.  If you have an island in your kitchen, this type of fruit storage might work well for you. 

If you don’t have a lot of space, this might work better for you, because it can be hung under the cabinet in your RV.  It folds up when you are not using it. It is one of those great storage ideas for small campers where counter space is really limited. 

7) Garbage Can Organization

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We have a pull out drawer for garbage, so it’s really handy and tucked out of the way. If you don’t, you can use this over the cabinet holder. These lightweight metal containers are stylish and use limited RV space efficiently. They save you floor space and can go inside cabinet doors tucked out of the way.

Try one inside of your bathroom cabinet. Then just drop in a plastic bag and you are good to go. 

RV Bedroom Storage Ideas

8) Drawer Separators To Help Organize Clothes

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There are 2 RV storage drawers in the kids’ room under the bench seat. They are fairly large which is nice, but as it goes with kiddos, what goes in folded many times comes out a MESS! 

It drives me batty!  

So we really needed an RV storage compartment organizer set that would fit into the drawers. Again I went online looking for something that would help me to organize the kids clothes better.  

These drawer separators have been a godsend!!!

They come in various sizes and we were able to get them set up in the drawers so that they are perfect for socks and underwear- leaving plenty of room for shorts and pajamas.

They have made a HUGE difference and even the kids like making sure each thing is in its own bin.

Just kidding, they still hate putting away clothes but now at least they know where they go!

9) Space Saving Laundry Hamper

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The hamper is also always a tough item to store. We started out with a collapsible mesh hamper but with 4 of us, it filled too quickly and just didn’t hold up to the weight of all those clothes! 

So we switched to this foldable canvas sided hamper. The walls are semi-rigid and it folds flat for storage. It holds all of our clothes between loads and has held up really well.  The handles make it easy to carry it to the laundry.

In fact, when we bought it over a year ago, we were sent 2 by accident. We contacted the seller who told us to keep the second one for free. However the first one has held up so well, that extra one is still in its package.

This was another awesome buy!

10) Bedside Caddy For Extra Storage

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This was one of the best RV storage ideas we came across. Both bunk beds were up high so you have to climb down to get anything. I hated the fact that the kids didn’t have easy access to their books when they were in bed, so I took it upon myself to find some type of pocket organizers that would work. 

This bedside caddy is awesome.  It hangs easily off of the guard rails on the kids’ bed, it could also be velcro’ed to the deck of the bed.  It has lots of compartment so they can keep their stuff close by. 

My daughter loves to keep her books in here, as well as a notebook and pencil and her tablet.  My son keeps his books and his toy bullets in there for safe keeping. 

We’ve had them for over two years now and they still work well.

11) Space Saver Bags as an Organization Hack

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When traveling full-time, you will need to be able to store off-season clothing when it is…you know…off season. Space saving rv ideas for storing off season clothes are especially helpful. Typically there is a large storage space under the master bed and that is what we use for our RV clothes storage. 

Space Saver Bags are what makes this possible. We can sort our clothes by person and by season and vacuum-seal them in these bags. This maximizes use of the space and we easily get all of our stuff in there.

Extra pillows, blankets, towels, linens can also be squeezed flat for storage to save space all over the rig. Efficient and…well… fun as heck!

12) Hooks Can Help To Increase Your RV Storage Space

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Bathroom towels are always an issue if you are more than 2 people. RV bathrooms are notoriously small so there is very little space.  With two kids we can sometimes have lots of towels in the bathroom at any one time, between beach and regular towels.

What we did was to use 3M Command Hooks along the inside of the RV shower which makes great use of the shower walls. This gives a hook for the wet towels to dry. We just take them all out for showers. They also eliminate the need for a towel rack. 

A couple more on the narrow wall outside the shower and a set of screw-in hooks on the back of the bathroom door. Hooks and RV shelves are a great way to utilize all of the vertical wall space inside your rig. 

Now we can easily fit up to 8 hanging towels in the bathroom at one time.  Command hooks are the bomb!

13 Thin Non-Slip Hangers For Your RV Bedroom

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These thin non-slip hangers are super popular with our readers because they save so much space in your rv bedroom closet!   You can fit WAAY more clothes, making these a must have storage solution for RV closets.  

They are non slip so the clothes will actually stay on the hanger instead of ending up on the floor – another win!

I hope these RV organization tips help you with figuring out how to live in a space whether it be in a travel trailer, or a tiny home itself.   

Some other RV storage ideas would be to use a magnetic spice rack for your fridge or something similar that would work for your small space.  We are lucky enough to have a pull out kitchen cabinet that fits all our spices.  Find thin cutting boards that are easily stored, or a hanging organizer for your  knives.  

Living in such a small space challenges, but that’s why we enjoy this lifestyle right?  Have some fun figuring out ways to enhance your RV storage space and organize your RV. They will surely help on your next RV trip. 

Do you have any favorite Camper Storage Ideas that you want to share?

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  1. I cut several slots in counter top behind cooktop. They hold the sharp knives so they are not in a drawer where you could get cut.

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