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twin beds in a camper

13 Small Travel Trailers with Twin Beds (Perfect for Families With Kids)

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Get Twin Beds In Your Travel Trailer

Todays modern RV builders tend to lean towards luxury buyers who want bigger beds. However not all buyers want a large, space hogging sleeping space. Luckily, there are still a good few small travel trailers with twin beds that give the RV enthusiast a lightweight easy to tow option with plenty of living room and sleeping space.

Twin Beds For More Floorspace

There are many reasons to consider going with twin beds in your travel trailer. They are great for kids, singles, or just so you don’t wake your significant other when you get up in the middle of the night. They make great hunting campers as well. Twin beds also take up less floor space affording you more wiggle room. Most small travel trailers with twin beds offer lightweight, maneuverable options that won’t blow your budget.

Because they offer more light weight options you can enjoy travel trailer camping without having to invest in a large tow vehicle. This can also save you down the road in fuel costs. More importantly, for some of us at least, it also means less of a carbon footprint. Helping to take care of the environment while enjoying nature.

There is a lot of hype these days about full sized travel trailers that offer all of the amenities of home including full to king sized beds. This is great for some but what about those of us who don’t want that.

It seems to be harder and harder to find an RV that features twin beds in lightweight easy to tow designs. So, we’ve found a few that might be just what you are looking for. Many even have the option to convert into a queen size bed for maximum versatility. 

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Truck hauling small travel trailer
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Bigfoot

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it is lacking in features. This model comes with two twin beds in the rear. The dinette also folds down for added sleeping arrangements.

The kitchen comes complete with stovetop, oven, microwave and fridge. LED lighting throughout, living area skylight, and plenty of windows make it bright and cheery. There is plenty of storage with overhead cabinets, under bed compartments, and under seat storage in the dinette.

Floor plan of a travel trailer with beds
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Bigfoot

This unit also comes pre-wired for solar panels in case you want to take your trailer to the next level. Solar panels also come in handy when you are boondocking or just trying to get off the grid. An electric awning and outside LED lighting invites you to sit out next to the campfire.

Bigfoot travel trailers offer the best in all season camping due to their high-density insulation and thermal pane windows. Heated and enclosed water tanks are perfect for winter camping.

Dual propane tanks with auto change over keeps the heat going worry free. At a little over 25’ in length, this is one of the longer trailers of its class. Giving you more floorspace while keeping towability.

Photo Credit Courtesy @ Casita Trailers

This travel trailer comes with plenty of storage space including large compartments under the beds. The deluxe model comes with a toilet, shower and wardrobe closet.

However, if more sleeping space is your goal, stick to the standard model that sleeps 4 with two twin beds and a double bunk. Three large picture windows make the space feel more open and offer cross ventilation no matter which model you go with.

Photo Credit Courtesy @ Casita Trailers

At around 2,500 lbs of dry weight, this compact trailer is ideal for people with smaller tow vehicles. The single axel and size make it perfect for maneuverability. Because it is short you can also camp at some national parks that have size limitations.

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Travel trailer sitting on grass
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Winnebago

Don’t let the name fool you. The Winnebago Micro Minnie comes with big features. Let’s start in the front bedroom where the two twin beds can be converted into a king size bed with ease. Or use the divider curtain to create two sleeping areas. A must if you have kids.

Travel trailer small floorplan
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Winnebago

The slide out dinette converts into additional sleeping space. With the slide out there is plenty of room to walk around the kitchen that includes a pantry and double door fridge. The full-size rear bathroom makes this Minnie seem massive. The exterior has extra storage, a power awning with LED lighting, and patio speakers.

At about 7’ wide, this Micro Minnie is easy to tow. It’s perfect for the newbie to travel trailer life as it is easy to see around and takes corners with ease.  However, with just over 4,000 lbs dry weight you will need a heftier tow vehicle once you add all your camping gear.

travel trailer with white background
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Jayco

The 8’ wide Jayco Jay Feather has a tent bed at both ends of the camper. They feature water-repellent DuraTek vinyl with zipper screened in windows. Fold them up for less length when you are going down the road. Then open them up for more floor space when you get to where you are going.

Floor plan for travel trailer with twin beds
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Jayco

The kitchen area has ample storage and a large fridge. The corner bathroom comes complete with shower and vanity. With the addition of a dinette and sofa that convert into beds, there is plenty of room for 6 -7 people to sleep comfortably at the end of the day.

Brown colored travel trailer with 2 beds
Photo Credit Courtesty @ Jayco

At 7’ wide, 18’ long and under 3,000 lbs dry weight, the Jayco Jay Flight is easy to handle even for the novice. It features twin bunk beds with under bed storage and a privacy curtain. Both bunks have their own window for extra light during the day.

twin bed trailer floorplan
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Jayco

The rear bathroom has a shower/tub combination. The real hardwood cabinet doors add a touch of class to the kitchen with it’s large pantry. The dinette folds down to become an extra bed to accommodate up to 4 people. 

The interior ceiling height is 6’ 6” which is about average for travel trailers. This is great for most people. However, since the main bedroom is a bunkhouse, this might prove problematic for taller campers.

trailer with awning out
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Forest River

If you are looking for small and light weight, then this E-Pro could be a perfect fit. It weighs in at just under 2500 lbs and is only 7’ 6” wide making it easy for most tow vehicles. The dinning area converts into two twin beds or one king bed.

Single bed travel trailer
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Forest River

There are plenty of cabinets and under bed storage. Two outside panels offer additional storage. Even with its compact 15’ of space, there is room for a bathroom with shower and efficiency kitchen. This small travel trailer is ideal for 1-2 people who are looking for agility without compromising on headroom.

Lightweight travel trailer with 2 beds
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Forest River

What’s not to love about this small travel trailer. it has 2 twin beds but also comes with an insert to connect the 2 into a large king for those of you who want compact a compact trailer but also want to be able to sprawl out while you sleep.

There is ample storage throughout including a linen closet in the full size bathroom as well as a pantry, wardrobe and overhead storage over the beds. The exterior offers more storage for your camping equipment.

Floor plans for travel trailer with twin beds
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Forest River

A 17’ awning invites you to hang out by the picnic table and enjoy the great outdoors. It has a full indoor kitchen and the dinette folds down to create even more sleeping space in case the other two beds weren’t enough.

All of this in a 24′ x 8′ package that is light enough to be towed by most SUV’s and vans. 

travel trailer 2 bed option
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Keystone

When it comes to small travel trailers with twin beds, the bunkhouse models usually have the most floorspace and this Keystone is no exception. At 23’ long there is more than enough room for up to six people. The back bunk has a double bed on the bottom with storage.

travel trailers with twin beds floorplans
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Keystone

There is a wardrobe with drawers within easy access of the beds and the full bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom, it comes with a full-size tub/shower combination. The kitchen has a range with oven and plenty of storage for your kitchen utensils. The dinette and couch turn into additional sleeping space which maximizes the versatility of the living space. 

It’s slightly bigger than some of the other models we have mentioned and has a double axel. Fully loaded with all of your stuff it can weigh in at almost 6,000 lbs. This makes it a little less nimble than some travel trailers. But what you lose in maneuverability you gain in space.

airstream in the parking lot
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Airstream

As the name implies, there are two twin beds at the front of the trailer. Wrap around front windows offer plenty of light and ventilation. LED lights offer ample lighting after hours. The bedroom area also boasts a closet with room for hanging clothes and your hiking boots. The split bathroom has separate shower and latrine areas.

floor plan for an airstream with twin beds
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Airstream

There is a full kitchen with stove, oven, fridge, microwave and sink. The dinette and lounge area also feature large window and seating for four. Turn the table into a bed for additional sleeping space.

The Airstream sleeps 4-6 people depending on your model. And of course the Airstream name is synonymous with high quality finishes. 

airstream with awning and twin beds
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Airstream

The International is set up very similar to the Flying Cloud. The main difference is the Serenity comes with an optional rear hatch and front bunk. If you do go with the front bunk, keep in mind you will lose overhead storage in the bedroom.

airstream twin bed
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Airstream

At 28’ exterior length and 6’ 8” wide, these two Airstreams are the largest travel trailers on our list. You will need a little extra power from your tow vehicle as these weigh in at almost 5900 lbs dry weight.

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What you lose in agility you gain in luxury. They sport the classic Airstream rounded aluminum body design that creates a full 6’ 7.5” of headroom in the center. Both have an exterior shower and the enclosed insulated ducted climate control perfect for all weather camping.

small travel trailer
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Thor

Even though the KZ Escape does not come with twin beds, we are including it in this list for its innovative use of space. This is a true light weight trailer at 3500 lbs dry.

It has the ultimate off road features including heavy duty off road tires with more clearance than your standard RV and back up camera so you can get into those tough spots with ease.

You can power the whole trailer with up to 300 watts of solar panels. 100 watts mounted to the top with an additional 200 watt expansion to really help you get off grid.

Floorplan for travel trailer
Photo Credit Courtesy @ KZ-RV

The back hatch flips up for easy loading of your coolers, fishing poles and kayak. Don’t worry about those bikes as this model comes with a bike rack on the front.

The hatch also doubles as a second awning for sitting out and enjoying nature. The mosquito net lets you keep the hatch open even at night for added fresh air. Exterior/interior speakers allow you to enjoy your music no matter where you sit. 

The park stairs fold down and lock into place for more stability and are easier to climb than normal RV steps. Which is great if you have bad knees. Tons of windows for natural light and additional sleeping space with the table conversion make this the perfect off grid travel trailer for the whole family.

Black and white travel trailer
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Forest River

The Ultra-Lite lives up to its name weighing in at only 2300 lbs dry. At only 7’5” wide and 17’ 5” long it is easy to tow with most vehicles. It sleeps up to four people with the twin bunks in the rear and the front dinette that converts into a full sized bed.

RV camper floor plan
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Forest River

There is plenty of storage including a kitchen pantry, under seat storage at the dinette, and an exterior storage compartment by the front hitch. Additional storage can be found under the bunk bed.

The full size bathroom has as tub/shower combination and a skylight for ample lighting and ventilation.

Even though this travel trailer is compact, there is plenty of floorspace to maneuver around the kitchen. Or take your dining outside and sit under the 10’ awning. LED lights inside and out keep the party going after the sun goes down.

travel trailer with twin beds
Photo Credit Courtesy @ Forest River

This Coachmen is slightly longer than the Clipper but keeps that 7’ 5” width that makes the Ultra-Lite easy to tow. The extra length makes room for a full size bed upfront with additional overhead storage on top of having the available bunks.

This means you do not have to fold the table down to head to bed after the kids are tucked in. The pass through storage compartment is also a little larger than that of the Clipper.

As you would expect with a larger model, it has a 12’ awning. But what you wouldn’t expect is that the added features only add an additional 650 lbs to the dry weight.  

Both models come with the fold out park stairs that I like. These are more stable than traditional RV stairs making them safer.

A Few Final Thoughts

When deciding what model to go with, keep in mind how you are going to use the space. Bunkhouses are great as long as you have someone light enough who is willing to climb up there. Of course, I have also seen where a person turned their top bunk into storage for their photography equipment business.

If you spend most of your time outdoors and don’t mind being a little close in the evening when getting ready for bed, then going for a model with less floorspace might be right for you. Especially if you are having to watch your dry weight or want to reduce your gas usage.

Where you are going to use it is also important. Most of these models are small enough to get into most campgrounds.

However, some are better than others at getting off the beaten path or off grid. Keep in mind the weather where you are going too. Insulated holding tanks are almost a must if you are going to be doing any cold weather camping. Air conditioning and good airflow are a must if you plan to chase the sun.

Once you are all packed but before you hit the road, take the time to run by your local scales. You can find them with a simple map search usually.

This way you can make sure you are not exceeding your gross weight which can be easy to do with the amount of storage these small trailers offer. They can also check to make sure your weight is distributed evenly which will help with sway and tongue weight.

Small Travel Trailers With Twin Beds

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