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Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your RV

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Genius Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your RV!

 If it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, you want to make sure your RV is ready for the season. There are a lot of different ways to decorate an RV for the holidays. But it can be hard to find ideas and inspiration when you’re living in such a tiny space. 

We all know that Christmas is one of the most magical times of year, but decorating an RV to feel festive with limited storage is always challenging.

A cute vintage rv in green and red with plaid green trees

The Roving Foleys has got you covered! This post will give you everything from decorations to crafts so that your holiday season will be filled with joy and cheer no matter where life takes you this year. Whether you have five minutes or five hours we’ve got lots of simple solutions for making your rolling home look like Santa’s workshop without breaking the bank or taking up too much room on board.

So follow along with us to turn your RV into a cozy Christmas haven that is uniquely yours. 

RV Christmas Decorations And Tree Ideas

The nice thing about living in an RV at the holidays, is that it doesn’t take too much to really spruce things up for the season. Just a few items that can be ordered from Amazon and you are off to the races. 

There are lots of different ways to dress up your tree in the RV without taking up too much room. Everyone knows that the tree is the centerpiece of a decorated home, so making it work in (a much tinier) RV can seem like a real challenge.

The key to creating a traditional Christmas feel while also maximizing storage and freeing up floor space is all about ‘how’ you decorate.

Here are a few decoration ideas that we’ve come across that might help get you started.

thin christmas tree in an rv
Our Skinny Tree

RV Christmas Tree Ideas

  • Tiny Trees- A small table top Christmas tree can brighten up any small space. If you don’t have the proper table space, try hanging a small tabletop tree from the ceiling. It’s easier than it sounds and you will have a beautiful holiday decoration to enjoy all season.
  • Skinny Trees- When you have a bit of floor space in a corner or at the end of a counter or piece of furniture, a skinny tree may be the right thing. We got one each year and with a bottom diameter of only about 15 inches, they fit nicely at the end of our kitchen island.
  • Solo Cup Tree- If you are really on a budget, and going for a fun feel, try a solo cup tree. Just stack and hot glue your cups into a tree shape, and then decorate with beads, tinsel, etc. Decorated right this can make a festive and fun centerpiece for any table.

Ryan and Megan, Physical Therapists from Joint Movement (love the name), did a beautiful job of decorating their RV for Christmas.

See how they used a very small table top tree along with some stockings and festive bits to dress up the drivers console of their RV. 

RV Christmas Tree Ideas

This Tabletop Tree With Ornaments will fit in any space and is budget friendly, plus it’s super cute.

There are also plenty of options for Skinny Christmas Trees for small places, and you can complete your decorating easily with these Petite Treasures Miniature Ornaments, ideal for a small tree.

Camper Van Christmas Ornaments

RV themed Christmas tree ornaments add a whimsical quality to your tree. From Airstreams, to fifth wheels, to Cousin Eddies coach, you can find some ornaments to match your style. 

  • Whether decorating your tree at home or in your RV, camping themed ornaments are a must have. The lights on this Cape Shore Camper Ornament are functional and it even includes a small tree on the hitch.
  • If you’re looking for something downright hysterical to help spread holiday cheer, check out Cousin Eddie’s RV Christmas Decoration. This fun figurine lights up and is sure to be a topic of conversation.
  • Our family gets a new traditional ornament every year, and this Personalized RV Family Ornament would be perfect to add to our collection. It’s customizable and will be a super cute addition to your RV tree.
  • This White Vintage Birdhouse Decoration would be a great addition to your outdoor home décor or your RV. It’s adorable and completely functional for your bird friends.

Make Your Own Ornaments

One of the easiest ways to dress up a Christmas tree is also one that doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Making your own ornaments with items you most likely already have on board can make a small tree feel full and also let your creativity shine.
  • Pine Cones- gathering pine cones around your campsite can be fun for the kids. Using them to make ornaments is fun for the whole family.
  • Snowflakes- a Christmas classic, paper snowflakes can spruce up any tree and keep the holiday budget in check. They don’t require any storage as you can make new ones next year!
  • PlusPlus- Our kids love to use Plus-Plus building blocks to make ornaments. They are small, and can be made into a huge variety of items- your kids imagination is the limit.
child hands making a pine cone ornament

Indoor Christmas Decorations

Inside the RV, there are so many creative ways to decorate for the holidays. Using traditional, or not-so-traditional items, you can add a festive holiday cheer to any RV space- no matter how big or small.

Holidays are all about tradition, but that doesn’t mean you have to have the same old decorations every year. We started a tradition of creating new decorations every year. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of our favorite RV Christmas decoration ideas for this year that will give your space the holiday spirit without taking up too much room.


Christmas Garlands are a quintessential holiday decorating item and are tailor made for RV’s. Using a couple of small garlands, you can decorate to add a festive feeling to any wall or corner. 

If you feel fancy, try adding mini lights as well for an extra kick. Garlands are a favorite RV Christmas decoration because they are so versatile. 

Hang around windows, or run along the top and down the sides of of the slide outs. Outdoors you can wrap trees, run along the awning, or along the roof line of your RV. Instant holiday cheer!

Kyle and Tiffany from Ramble and Revive do a beautiful job of decorating in a tiny space.

Notice how they used lit garlands to frame out the windows and cupboards in this spectacular red Christmas scene. Just makes you want to jump right through the screen doesn’t it? 

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are going to be your best friend. Put them anywhere and everywhere! Around windows, draped over slide-outs, or just dangled from the ceiling, twinkle lights make it feel like Christmas.

The twinkling lights in this home on wheels by ShelbyAdrift add a whimsical look to the main living space. We love the stocking hung on the front of the bench seat and the small Christmas tree in the corner—just lovely.


Add A "Fireplace"

Whether or not you have a fireplace in your RV, you can create the same feel with a small wall mounted unit, or just stream a lovely fire on your TV. Plug in a small space heater to complete the illusion.

Christmas Serving Tray

Use a small serving tray to create a yuletide decoration. Add some pine cones, candles, or pine boughs. Looks great sitting on a table, or on the sofa. Be creative and try some different items to match your motif.

Abigail from Our Blue Abode keeps it simple. 

See how the simple serving tray provides a central focus to this beautifully decorated rig. 

We can’t imagine anything more wonderful than relaxing on the couch in this cozy RV, sipping our tea and taking in all the wonderful décor. The majestic pine trees out the window are a beautiful bonus.

Christmas Serving Tray

Did someone say fresh baked cookies? My children love homemade cookies, and this Galvanized Metal Rectangular Serving Tray would be a perfect way to serve them during family movie night in your RV. It’s also lightweight and will fit nicely in your RV cabinets

Tea Towels

Christmas themed tea towels hung in the kitchen will add a splash of holiday color. They are available in so many different patterns and color pallets that you can get nearly anything you wish.

Happy Camper Tea Towels

No one wants to spend money and waste storage space on things that aren’t practical, but these tea towels are cute and functional, and will provide a festive look to your camping kitchen. No better way to get in the holiday spirit than drying dishes in your RV with a Christmas towel!

Cupboard Bows

Putting a bow and ribbon vertically on your cabinet doors immediately brightens the room. You can buy sets to install or just get some wide ribbon and bows and create your own. These ribbons make a great place to display your holiday cards as well. Just paper clip them on.

Cabinet Bows

  • Give your kitchen a classic holiday look.
  • Compatible with different cabinet styles. They easily adjust to fit cabinets from to 28″H to 40″H.
  • Very easy to install and looks so charming for the Christmas season. 

Camping Pajamas

While you are dressing up the RV, don’t forget to dress up the family. Camping themed pajamas make for a festive look while you are lounging around the rig. Get matching sets for the whole tribe.

Camping Pajamas

Is there such a thing as “too many pajamas?” I don’t think so. Camping is for relaxing and lounging around, and these cute RV Knit Pajamas are a must-have.  You can also delight (or torture) your family with matching pajamas—you’ll be the envy of the campground

Decorate The Dog

Don’t forget Fido while you are at it. Holiday doggie PJ’s and sweaters are all the rage. If you do a bit of work, you can even find a set to match the family! Excellent for holiday pictures!

Check out this rig from Argosy Odyssey. The colorful, modern decorations in this RV are just too cute not to share. Someone who travels with a goat can’t help but have fun Christmas decorations in their tiny home. Both of their critters sure look like they enjoy the whimsy. And the doggy sweater is too cute! 

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Camping Themed Christmas Decor

Using specific camping themed ornaments and home decor, you can make your home on wheels look like a winter wonderland. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use some imagination.

Camping Themed Throw Pillows

Camping themed Christmas throw pillows will add cheer to your sofa. Since you don’t want to be storing large puffy pillows all year, try these holiday themed pillow covers. They are beautiful, strong AND take up very little space in storage.

Lindsay from Lind Says bring the cozy vibes in her camper, check this out.

She uses simple pillows and stockings to create a warm holiday feeling in this small camper. Sometimes just a few decorations can go a long way! 

Camping Themed Throw Pillows

Another cute-but-functional addition to your RV Christmas decorations are these Christmas Throw Pillow Covers. They’ll cover throw pillows you already have in your RV and will take up minimal storage space when the holidays are over.

Camping Themed Throw Blanket

Nothing like a cozy blanket over the back of the sofa. You can vacuum seal these after the holidays to store until next year. At less than $20 you can even donate and pick up new ones next year.

Danielle from Slo Gathered Home knows how to decorate, go check out her instagram page now. 

 This classically decorated tiny house on wheels is light, open, and beautiful. We love the way they’ve utilized the mini-tree and stockings- and the handwritten white throw completes a classic look. 


Camping Themed Throw Blanket

Our kids can’t have enough blankets when it’s cold outside, and I can’t blame them. There’s nothing better than curling up under a cozy blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, and a Holiday Printed Christmas Throw Blanket is perfect to add a little Christmas cheer to your holiday campfire.

I lay these around the couch area to add a little extra Christmas cheer to the interior.

Outdoor RV Christmas Decorations

Just because you are moving around is no excuse to let down holiday standards. You can still decorate the exterior of your rig. It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to pick up some small decorations and get them set around the RV.

Put A Tree Outdoors

Pick up or decorate an existing tree on your site with lights, pine cones, beads, or dollar store garlands to add a bright holiday focus to your outdoor living space.

Hang A Wreath

A small wreath on your door, or a vary large one on the front of your RV lets the neighbors know you are in the holiday spirit! You can buy a wreath, or make your own. We made a lovely wreath with the kids by picking up a bare bones wreath at Michaels and adding some ribbons and cute ornaments from Walmart. We spent less than $10 and got a really beautiful wreath.

Plant A Christmas Flag

Pick up a Christmas flag and plant it in your garden. It will add some holiday cheer to living outdoors. Plus, it will fold up into a very small package for storage.

Christmas Flag

One of my favorite things to do on camping trips is to wander around the campground looking at all the different flags RV’ers have chosen for their outdoor decoration. This Briarwood Lane Merry Christmas Flag is small, but sure to add that perfect touch of holiday cheer to your campsite. It will look perfect with your new outdoor lights and door hanging.

Decorate The Windows

Window clings are a great way to make a big holiday splash without much effort is to put Christmas window clings in your windows. They can add a great deal of color and take up nearly no space in storage.

Put Up MORE Lights

Cant say enough about twinkle lights. You can hang them off of just about any surface, decorate a tree, or lay them around the edges of your campsite. They always add color and a happy holiday glow.

Christmas Lights

No Christmas display would be complete without lights, and these Twinkle Star LED String Lights are great for indoor and outdoor decorating and come in a variety of color options.

Use A Christmas Light Projector

For maximum ban for size, try a holiday light projector. They can throw lights, snowflakes or holiday scenes on the side of your rig, or just point it up into the trees. There are so many to choose from these days and they are pretty small to store.

Wall, Door and Window Decorations

Putting decorations on the walls, doors and windows is a great way to add some cheer without breaking your back. You can buy Christmas Window Clings, or make your own with contact paper. Tree wall decals are also available online. Popular items include Santa’s village on the side of the RV, snowman window decorations and more. Many of these can be stored away inside a zip-lock baggie with little or no trouble.

Man and woman kissing outside their Christmas decorated rv

More Great Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your RV

Felt Letter Board Messages

Use a letter board to make cute messages of the season. We love using these to let visitors know what we are up to. Rotate messages to keep a fresh seasonal greeting at all times.

Felt Letter Board

This Felt Letter Board is a fun way to spread holiday cheer, and can easily be changed throughout the seasons. Easy to hang, it includes plenty of letters and characters so you can let your imagination run wild.

  • “Cocoa and Marshmallows: $.25”
  • “Tis the Season to Sparkle.”
  • “Christmas Magic is in the air.”

Holiday Scented Candles

Candles are always a great way to drum in the holidays. The scents can always take you back to Christmases of long ago. Pretty candles add a bit of class to your RV decorating.

Holiday Scented Candles

Smells have a wonderful way of bringing back memories of childhood holiday traditions. The scents of cinnamon, apple cider, or pine transport me to days spent sitting by the fire with family and friends, enjoying delicious food and good conversation.

You can have that same feeling in your RV with a scented candle. Whichever scent you choose, always remember to exercise safety precautions when burning in such a small space.

Holiday Mugs

Make sure that you have a few festive mugs to serve hot chocolate in. It will make it feel that much more holiday-ey. Great for some adulty bevvies as well. Irish coffeeby the fire anyone?

Holiday Mugs

Did someone say coffee? Or hot cocoa? Apple cider, anyone? These adorable Christmas Theme Ceramic Mugs are sure to bring a smile to your face while enjoying your favorite beverage on a cold morning. A great, fun addition to your holiday RV décor.

Holiday Wine Glasses

Of course you need the holiday wine glasses. They add a bit of charm to any setting and make every sip just a little bit better. 

Christmas Wine Glasses

We love using our cute Christmas wine glasses, there is just something festive about them. 

Holiday Door Mat

Don’t forget to dress up the travel trailer entryway with a holiday door mat. Let your guests know that they are welcome any time.

Holiday Door Mat

Wiping your feet on this adorable Candy Cane Snowman Mat is sure to bring a smile to your face when you return to your RV after a long, cold day exploring. It has a non-skid backing to protect those clumsy kiddos, and is easily cleaned, so no stress!

Here Are A few More Design Examples

My favorite thing about the holidays are the traditions, and we love creating family memories in our 5th wheel. It’s always fun to meet new people who like to travel for the holidays and to see and get ideas for new decorations for our traveling tiny home.

Katie and Eric from Mountain Modern Life do an awesome job decorating their rv for Christmas.

The incredible decorations in this RV remind us of a cozy mountain lodge. It must be so relaxing to enjoy downtime from the road by candlelight. Simple use of the items described above give this RV a really warm holiday feel. Garlands, white lights, a few thro blankets, and a serving tray centerpiece all compliment the simple tabletop tree. 

Even the pup seems content.


Paul and Aubrey from fancy in a fifth wheel – I want that fireplace and the rug too – super cute.

Seeing this kiddo snuggled up watching a movie in this beautiful fifth wheel warms my heart. We are getting so excited about celebrating the upcoming holiday season.

RV Inspiration showcases this minimalist look by the Roeddings

They show that a simple garland, some lights and a skinny tree can be all you need to transform your RV space into a holiday charmer. 


an plaid rv with a white background

Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your RV

Celebrating the holidays in your tiny home can be just as magical, even if you’re not staying in one place. Some simple decorations, a meal plan, and good entertainment can go a long way to giving you those warm, fuzzy feelings we all cherish and look forward to each year.

Have fun with it, and make sure to take pictures to capture memories of your handiwork! 

Roll on Christmas, we’re ready!

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