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Full-Time RV Living with Kids: How You Can Make It Possible, Too!

Thinking about living in an RV with kids? We made the jump almost 4 years ago and we’re here to tell you, it CAN be done. Having a family is something most of us dream of our whole lives, but once it happens we can find ourselves living in a bit of a rut – chained to all of the things we have been taught are the responsibilities of adulting and parenthood.

We struggled for years with infertility and after 6 1/2 years, we finally adopted our son and 13 months later our daughter. We tried the suburban life for a while but it just didn’t suit us. We had itchy feet and knew we wanted to travel like we did pre-kids.

But the drudgery of home and job kept us in one place outside those few precious weeks a year when we were ‘given’ the time to get out.

It just wasn’t enough for us – we knew we needed to live a different life.  So in 2015 we sold everything, bought our RV and became a full time RV family. 

One of our biggest questions was this: “We love our kids A LOT but do we love them enough to live in 400 square feet 24/7?”

RV Living With Kids – The Reality

I think the thought of traveling with kids or toddlers is what puts a lot of families off of taking on the RV lifestyle. Homeschool, security, socialization- so many things to worry about with the kiddos. 

And I get it, believe me. Leaving the comfort zone of home, neighborhood, friends, and family to travel full time can be scary. But the rewards can be fantastic and so worth it.

Most normal people considering this kind of life would rent an RV and try it out on some trips first right?  Well thankfully we’re not most people and we don’t do things as ‘normal’ people do, much to the dismay of my mom!  Sorry mom!

We bought our RV without ever staying a night in one, EVER! We were THAT committed – this was the life we wanted and everything was going to be absolutely peachy…right…?

Right! This RV lifestyle is fun and exciting, no two days are the same and we love watching our kids discover unique things every day. It’s not all peaches and cream, all the time, but on the whole, we love this life.

We want that for YOU too!

So we are here to answer any questions you might have about becoming a full time RV family and hopefully help you to see this RV lifestyle as a little less intimidating than you might now!

What’s It Really Like as a Family Of 4 Living Full Time in a Fifth Wheel?

People ask if we are living the RV dream and the answer is always “Yes.”

Is it stressful?  Sometimes yes!

Full time RVing is amazing, exciting, breathtaking, exhausting, stressful, worrisome AND awesome! Yep all of that. Stick with me though.

I will tell you that the positives far outweigh the negatives!

mom with her arm around her son in his bright green tshirt
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I get to hang out with this guy as much as I want!

Here Are Our Best Full Time RV Living Tips With Kids

Things To Consider When Buying An RV To Travel With Kids?

  1. How much do you love your kids?  lol (just kidding, we all love our kids)
  2. What ages are your kids and how much privacy does everyone need?  Teenagers obviously will need more privacy than younger kids.
  3. Are you okay living in such close quarters?  Seriously, these quarters are close!  Are you going to be okay with that?
  4. Do you need a bedroom for all your kids or are you okay with setting up a makeshift bed every night?  Converting the dinette, etc? If so, there are many more options in Class C and Class A rigs. We definitely did NOT want to convert beds daily so a travel trailer or bunkhouse fifth wheel was a certainty for us.
  5. Do you have a closet for clothes and toys or are you okay fitting them in Tupperware – I am the type where I need things to be in order.
  6. Be honest with yourselves, because full time means NOT temporary, so what may seem like a small annoyance will grow over time. We wanted doors, closets, and beds for everyone, as well as separate living space for the kiddos to play. So that is what we shopped for and a fifth wheel bunkhouse was our answer. THEN we talked ourselves into buying a smaller travel trailer because it was a really good deal, and ended up having to trade it in only a few weeks later.  Don’t make that mistake – best to really know what you need and buy it the first time, or it’s $$ down the drain!

Do You Plan To Homeschool Your Kids?

Do you plan on homeschooling your kids while you travel or will they be unschooled?  I had never considered in a million years homeschooling my kids.  I mean NEVER!!!  My former neighbor homeschooled her 3 kids and loved it.  I was in awe but no thanks – not for me!

Once we made the decision to explore travel trailer living , I knew I was going to have to re-consider homeschool.   I had some awesome conversations with my neighbor as to how exactly this was going to work for me.  

Having homeschooled for over three years now, I have been through some not so good programs and some very good ones. It takes some time to find your pace but you will. 

Look for downloadable printable resources that will help you with materials for teaching. For instance we found The Hollydog Blog which has tons of FREE preschool type printables you can use!

A boy sitting outside on a chair with a small table in front drawing a picture of the landscape
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This was in South Dakota where Conor decided one morning to bring his chair and table outside and draw a picture of the landscape!


What is great about this life is the NATURAL education your kids will get. Our kids have been to Yellowstone National Park twice, the Mighty 5 Utah National Parks, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon just to name a few.

They have met George Washington in person, learned how to make rope, and experienced a solar eclipse from the totality. They’ve hidden food for one of the biggest grizzly bears I’ve ever seen at a bear sanctuary, fished crabs, shrimp, mussels and clams. 

Even when they are not in school, they are learning so much every day because of the cool places that we are visiting.  You CANNOT learn this from sitting in a classroom!

A boy and a girl with a park ranger surrounded by trees in the National Park area
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Conor and Aine getting yet another park ranger badge.

Full Time RV Living With Kids – Our Schedule

Not everyone has a daily schedule and that works great for them.  We have a daily schedule that changes from time to time and that’s fine.  I find that the kids do better if they know what’s happening every day.  My son flourishes with a schedule and does the opposite without one.

This is something you will figure out for your own kids as you move into this RV lifestyle. The thing to remember is that you can be as flexible as you like.

We start school at 9 am every day for the most part.  There are days when we wake up and it’s rainy outside so we decide to stay in our pajamas all day, finish school early and jump into bed with a good movie.  There are days when we are up at 4 in the morning to drive to Yellowstone to see a pack of wolves and a grizzly bear up close.

We tend to visit places when everyone else is home so we get to see the Smokey Mountains, or Yosemite, or Glacier National Park while other kids are at school. This way they tend to get quality time with the Park Rangers and we can take our time exploring.

On a ‘regular school day,’ we finish school around lunch time and head out for the day.  Sometimes this means we have an event planned, but sometimes it means hanging outside in the campground having fun.  The kids finish their day up by watching something fun on their tablets and staring out the window at the stars.

If we have a whole day out planned, we get up and go.  We do a lot of field trips to zoos, aquariums, national parks and try to hike as much as we can.

All of these family outings have tightened our family bond so much and I’m so grateful to this journey for doing that.

What Privacy Do You Have Living In a Camper With Kids?

You won’t have any and this doesn’t change, so get used to it lol!

Too harsh???. 

Let’s face it, you’re simply not going to have MUCH privacy when you travel ….in a small space….with kids. But with a little creativity, you will get some.

Locked doors are good, but sound travels. So you have to be creative planning your alone time.  When the kids are younger, it’s easier – you put a movie on and you won’t hear from them again for several hours.  When they are older, it gets a little tougher.  Just tell them the rocking was a sudden wind storm!

How Does Date Night Work When You RV With Kids?

Yes, absolutely we do and we need it.  After being with the kids all day, it’s nice to be able to sit quietly with your spouse and catch up.

My kids are in bed usually by 8 pm at night.  On Friday and Saturday night they are usually tucked up in their beds watching a movie with a big bowl of popcorn.  This now allows us to relax with a glass of wine and a movie.  If it’s nice outside, we’ll grill a steak and hang outdoors.

For the most part, this is uninterrupted time. It is not very often that we go OUT on our own as babysitters are tough to come by when you RV camp,  but we don’t miss it THAT much. I wrote a blog post with lots of date ideas for fellow campers to try out.

Just one of the trade-offs to be aware of.

Kids In An RV – Do They Get On Each Others Nerves?

All siblings fight.  That’s a fact.  However when you are a family living on the road in a tiny home, you can’t separate by walking to the other end of the house!

Living in a travel trailer with kids means your kids will squabble A LOT!!  They are kids, they’re supposed to do that.  We have been in RV campgrounds where there hasn’t been one kid, so yours are stuck playing together….ALL THE TIME!

That’s tough on kids, but it does mean that squabbles don’t last very long because at the end of the day, they really need each other as playmates!

A girl in a pink tshirt and a boy in a blue tshirt holding hands together
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See, they really do like each other…..sometimes!

Surviving Life As A Full Time RV Family!

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Survive RV Living With Kids

  1. Join the Facebook Group Full-Time Families, they have lots of families in there and they organize family get-togethers several times per year.  This is so great because both you and your kids get to hang out with other families who understand how you feel.  The kids get to run around with other kids and have that social interaction they need.
  2. If you are staying anywhere for a long period of time during Christmas or the summer try and get them signed up for a local camp or fun group- separately so they can take a break from each other and make other friends on their own. A lot of places have homeschool groups as well that you can join.
  3. Spend one on one time with each kid.  Let mom take one and dad take the other one and go have some fun.  My kids bicker and fight a lot but once they are separated even for a while, they are so happy to see the other, it’s so sweet to see.
  4. If there is a kid at your RV park, open that door and get them outside immediately and let them play with someone new.  I have been known to end school early if I see some kids outside.  We loved this state park in Idaho, close to Yellowstone because there were kids playing outside all the time (of course it was the summer)
  5. Check with the local library in whatever area you are in. There is almost always some kind of programs that your kids can participate in. They get to make new friends and try out different things..

RV Road Trip Tips With Kids

Long travel days can be stressful for everyone concerned.  Long periods of containment with little to do are not great for the kiddos and NOBODY wants to hear “Are we there yet” for hours at a time.

These are some things I do that I think help to ensure family travel days are successful.

  1. If you are acting with positivity and enthusiasm about travel day, so will everyone else.
  2. Make sure hubby sleeps well the night before a long travel day – no-one likes a snarly driver
  3. Pack healthy and fun snacks and change them up so they don’t know what to expect.  The element of surprise, right.
  4. Download extra movies, who knows what might happen.  We ended up having truck troubles in California once and what should have taken us 4 hours, took 10!
  5. Bring their favorite books, not the ones you want them to read!  You want quiet time right?
  6. Open a pack of candy when you can feel everyone starting to meltdown, this always calms everyone down.
  7. Make sure to plan some stops along the way so everyone can get out and run around
  8. Read our 15 Road Trip Travel Hacks That work well for us

How Do You Work On The Road With Kids?

Well, it’s not easy however we have figured out a few ways to make it work.  Frank and I run an Amazon FBA business that we started before deciding to RV across America with kids.  Now wee have our RV travel blog.

Over three years of being on the road, we have figured out that we need to split work duties up.  We didn’t make this huge change in our lifestyle to spend all day working.

Tips For Working On The Road With Kids

  • I get up at 5 am every morning and work until the kids get up.  I usually manage 2 hours before they are up.
  • If we are near a town, one of us will head to Starbucks or the local library and work for the day.
  • We have also gone as a family to the local library and gotten work done there while the kids explore books.
  • I homeschool the kids but if I am running behind on work, I will hide myself in the bedroom while Frank takes care of the kids.
  • We work when the kids have a movie on, or at night if we are out all day.

I can’t tell you that we have loved every minute of being on the road with the kids because I would be lying.  However,  I am so thankful that we jumped in with both feet and took this incredible journey together.  I will never forget watching my 6-year-old daughter taking notes of the things she saw at Yellowstone, or looking back at old photos of my kids discovering live sand dollars when we were at St Simons Island, GA.

This is what it’s all about, we are actively participating in life and having a blast while doing so.

RVing with kids is so much fun because you get to see the country through their eyes, they are so excited at the littlest things such as a caterpillar crossing the road (will he make it in time?), catching crabs in Oregon and eating them for dinner, and learning about Blackbeard in Okracoke.

I love the rainy days when we stay indoors and play games all day long.  Watching the kids play in snow for the first time was a blast, making Christmas cookies and snuggling in bed on Christmas Eve is something I will always treasure.

If you are thinking about getting into full-time RV living, but the thought of doing it with your kids scares the hell out of you, rent an RV for the weekend or week and give it 100%.

Or better yet, just shag it all and jump right in like we did 4 years ago. 

Do you still have questions about the full-time RV lifestyle, leave a comment below and we’ll answer them for you.

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Grainne Foley

Grainne Foley grew up in Ireland and spent summers caravanning around Europe with her family. Now, as a wife and mother of 2, she spent 5 years traveling the USA as a full time RVing family. She is passionate about travel, and helping others who are considering the RV lifestyle. She has created dozens of helpful RVing checklists which are available throughout the website, and has curated hundreds of simple, flavorful meals for families on the go.

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9 thoughts on “Full-Time RV Living with Kids: How You Can Make It Possible, Too!”

  1. I am pregnant and due in April and have a almost two year old. My hudlsband and I are tired of not having to financial freedom to adventure and of taking all of our time taking care of a house that is more than we need. He doesn’t have a traveling job as of now so we were hoping to get a piece of land and camper than take trips 4 or 5 times a year. Does this sound crazy?

    1. It’s not crazy at all. In fact we currently have a neighbor with a brand new baby. She is doing fine. There are challenges to be sure, but overall things seem good. Every situation is different. If you are not currently RV’ing, I would strongly suggest taking a few weekend trips this fall to try things out with just the 2YO and see you how like it. Check out Outdoorsy for rentals in your area. That way you can try out different types of RV’s as well to see what works. Good luck!

  2. The Roving Foleys

    Hey Alicia,

    It’s nice to ‘meet’ another crazy one who just jumped in and went for it, glad it worked out for you too :).

    I hope you are able to work things out with your employer so you have a better schedule to get out and do more stuff, I love visiting places while the other kids are in school 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this article!! We’re a family of 3. Hubby and I were together for 20 years prior to the arrival of our son. We’ve been itching for a different life, something more fulfilling. I think this is the way to go for us. I look forward to following your journey and making it happen for us, too!!!

  4. We have 3 boys. By the end of September they will be 2, 3 & a half, and 9. We have been drowning, in more than one way, living in an overpriced 2 bedroom apartment. We already feel cramped, but I am hoping having the freedom to roam will help. Currently shopping, selling as much as we can. We are not planning to make this forever. Maybe for the next year? There is a local stable job for my spouse. I work in childcare, and could potentially offer babysitting to neighboring campers, where ever we stay. With resume and references, do you think other RV living folks would be interested in a sitter like that?

    Thank you so much for writing this, it has been so helpful in making me feel less like this whole idea is nuts. lol

    1. The Roving Foleys

      Don’t worry Rozlynn, you are not nuts! We also figured a year in the beginning but left it open ended. 5 years later… I think babysitting/ child care is a great idea. We would have loved the find that kind of service. I would recommend building a simple web page with testimonials/ credentials that people can look at to help them feel more at ease if they do not know you.

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