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grilled corn on the cob near open fire
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How To Roast The Best Campfire Corn on The Cob

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to cook the best campfire corn on the cob.  Corn on the cob is a simple and delicious way to enjoy fresh summer corn without the need for a stove or oven.

Not only is it incredibly easy to make, but it is also incredibly flavorful due to the smokiness that comes from being cooked over an open flame. Plus, it’s just plain fun! There’s something special about gathering around a fire with family or friends, roasting corn to perfection, smothering on the butter, and then seasoning to taste. 

So whether you’re planning a camping trip or looking for a fun outdoor cooking activity on a summer day, to cook corn on the cob is to ensure a hit!

How Do You Cook Corn On The Cob On A Fire Pit?

The recipe for grilled corn on the cob is super simple! First, buy corn. Mix garlic, chives, salt, and black pepper in a small bowl. Rub butter over the corn cob.

It is recommended that you tightly roll each piece of corn in heavy-duty tin foil. It should be stored in a cooler until it is time to use it. Make a campfire and allow it to burn until it reaches the campfire coals.

In the foil, cook corn for 15 minutes, turning it occasionally until it is tender. Before carefully unwrapping the wrapped corn, allow the foil package to cool slightly.

Do You Have To Pre-Soak Corn Before Grilling?

According to certain cooking methods, soaking your corn directly before grilling isn’t always necessary. Nevertheless, if you intend to grill corn in its husk, soaking it is a good idea in order to prevent the husks from burning.

A large pot should be filled with cold water. Add 1/2 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of sugar (regular sugar, not corn sugar) and mix well. Allow corn cobs to soak in the pot for no more than 8 hours but no less than 30 minutes.

The grill grate should be lightly oiled after it has been preheated for high heat. Cook as directed, and eat immediately with dinner.

Do You Need To Boil Corn Before Charring?

Grilling corn that has been boiled gives it a smoky flavor and ensures that it has been cooked thoroughly. In addition to shortening the grilling time, the corn kernels are prevented from drying out by using this method. If you want your corn on the cob to taste sweeter and to brown on the grill, you can even add sugar to the cooking water.

For more smoke, don’t be afraid of pepper!

campfire corn on the cob
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5 Easy Steps For Cooking Corn On A Campfire

Try this easy recipe for grilling sweet corn in the husks this summer, and you’ll be eating it all summer long!

Cooking corn on a charcoal grill or campfire is as simple as following these five steps for the perfect side dish.

Remove Silk.

Start by removing the husk silk. This is tedious but worth it. Carefully peel back the husk to strip away all the corn silk particles. To enjoy the perfect bite of husked corn, don’t forget to strip away every one of those pesky threads! The extra husk and silk can be composted.

Soak In Water.

In order to prepare the corn cobs for soaking, fold back the outer husk around the cobs and saturate them in cold water for about 30 minutes. Before the husk dries out and ignites, you want the corn to steam inside them. The amount of corn that needs to be soaked and the number of ears to be fed will determine the size of the bucket needed for the soaking process.

short corn on the cob on a stick
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It is recommended to use a small bucket, large pan, or standard stockpot for small batches. Make sure you have enough water to cover corn cobs and husks completely in whatever container you decide to use. A dutch oven works well for this recipe also.

Grill On Medium.

To get it just right, preheat your grill over medium heat, and be sure to drain any excess water before adding ears. Then, push hot embers under the rack for an extra bit of warmth – but not too many white hot campfire coals or you’ll end up with burnt corn instead of succulent morsels of sweet corn ready to devour.

Keep watch as they roast until their dark brown spots of charring on the corn nibblets signal that perfection is within reach! Then eat immediately with dinner!

How Long To Cook Corn On Campfires?

corn on the cob on open coals
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To ensure a perfect campfire-cooked corn experience, use tongs to flip the cobs every 5 minutes. Keep checking their tenderness while they cook – it should take around half an hour to fully cook but varies depending on your open flames, campfire size, and the coals! To be safe, the recommended cooking time for this campfire corn on the cob recipe is 30 minutes max.

Pull Back Husks

Taking care while handling hot, freshly-cooked corn is essential! Whether you’re around a campfire or in the kitchen, equip yourself with one of these materials: rubber gloves made from silicone, neoprene or leather- they’ll provide protection against burns. A good pair of tongs is also essential.

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You can use these tools to carefully pull back the husks so you can prepare your hot corn cob for eating! You can also thinly slice the husk with a small knife to start the process.

Giving The Corn Some “Char”

Charring corn on the cob is a simple but delicious way to prepare and enjoy this vegetable. Start by removing any of the husk and silk strands from the cob and then preheat your grill or broiler. Once heated, place the cobs over direct medium heat and rotate them frequently for even charring.

If you want more flavor, brush butter or oil onto the cobs before charring. Let it cook until the kernels turn tender and browned; be sure not to overcook them as they can become bitter.

Serve your charred corn on the cob warm with a sprinkle of salt for extra flavor. With charcoal grilling, careful cooking, and a bit of seasoning, you can easily make an amazing side dish to your meal!

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Slather With Butter

Butter should not be applied to the entire ear of corn at room temperature. If your butter is hard and cold, you can easily coat corn with an even layer. Butter melts quickly when it is rubbed over hot corn.

It also creates an evenly buttered cob without leaving a lot of mess. Here is a great recipe for basil butter to add some more flavor!

Alternative: Foil Wraps

Discovering hacks for camping recipes is an exciting way to make a delicious meal. Making heavy duty foil wraps for a corn on the cob recipe is a surprisingly easy and convenient way to enjoy this unique type of cooking. All you need is tin foil, butter, seasonings like garlic salt and black pepper, and some good corn on the cob.

Simply place each cob in individual pieces of foil, add butter and seasonings to your liking and tightly roll them up. Once ready, set the ears on top of hot coals or directly into the heat, careful not to let the wraps touch. Let them cook for about 15-25 minutes depending on how hot your fire is!

When finished, unwrap and enjoy – no mess required!

Alternatives To Campfire Cooking

Instead of going traditional with your campfire-cooked corn on the cob, why not consider one of the many portable grilling and fire pit options to cook food? From charcoal to gas or wood-burning propane pits – take your outdoor cooking experience up a notch!

Grill Your Campfire Corn On The Cob

Grill up a delicious campfire-style meal with ease – try grilling your corn right on the go, thanks to a handy portable grill!

grilled corn on the cob near open fire
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On Coals

Take your summer cookouts to the next level with a perfectly-grilled ear of corn! With some white hot campfire coals and an iron grill grate, you can create a delicious ear of corn on the cob for everyone. Or, use a dutch oven over coals for the same result!

Options For Seasoning Your Corn

With so many options to choose from, you can turn simple corn into an exciting exploration in flavor. Spice it up with a combination of herbs like chives and cilantro for a refreshingly zesty bite; embrace the smoky sweetness that comes from honey and cayenne pepper or smoked paprika; experience robust flavors by playing around with Cajun seasoning or Old Bay Seasoning; satisfy your cheesy garlic craving with garlicky Parmesan butter.

corn cobs with mayo and cheese
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Why not give mayonnaise, cotija cheese (thinly slice), and chili powder a try for something out-of-the-ordinary?

How To Make Corn On The Cob While Camping Without Fire

Though a camping trip around the fire is usually ideal, there are times when fire restrictions or other limitations might put a damper on your fun. When faced with such a situation, you can still create an enjoyable meal; all you need is a reliable source of heat. Whether it be from a portable camp stove or from an RV stove powered by propane, having access to boiling solutions can open up the website of possibilities for your culinary needs.

With corn on the cob at the top of the list, you’ll be able to enjoy every bit of your camping adventure without sacrificing some of the best parts about being outdoors. You can cook corn on the cob by just boiling hot water when you don’t have a campfire.

Using Leftovers

Adding a sprinkle of leftover corn to salads is a delicious go to way to kick up the flavor (along with maybe even crumbled bacon?). The smoky notes that it adds can bolster otherwise mundane food and create a memorable dinner.

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How To Remove Corn Kernels From The Cob

Removing the outer husk from corn is a simple task. Now to remove kernals! Start by placing a small bowl upside-down in the bottom of a large bowl.

Then, place the ears of corn on top of the bowl so that its bottom rests on the flat part. Use a sharp paring knife to carefully begin slicing from the top downward to remove the kernels from the cob.

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