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The True Cost of RV Rental [Amazing Tips to Know Before Renting an RV]

How Much Does it Cost To Rent An RV?

RVing is becoming more and more popular, of course people want to know how much does it cost to rent an RV these days. Of course we get it, we’ve been fulltiming since 2015 with our 2 kids and can’t recommend the RV lifestyle enough

People who thought we were crazy to do it, are now starting to understand why we did it and the benefits that come along with this lifestyle.

Of course, not everybody is ready to drop everything and take to the road full time.  That’s why rent before you buy is such a good idea.  We jumped in with both feet and luckily that worked out for us, but that’s not the same for everyone!

Let’s just say we are huge proponents of ‘try before you buy’.

Most people want to try things out for a while to see if this lifestyle is a good fit, and they do not really relish the idea of spending thousands of dollars on an RV unless they know they will love it.  

Of course, the first question people ask is “How much does it cost to rent an RV?” 

Try Before You Buy

Traditionally it has been very expensive to rent an RV. Rental companies like Cruise America can be quite costly and the quality of the RV can be a bit suspect.

But lately more people are turning to services like Outdoorsy, which acts like an Air bnb service for RV’s. Owners who are not currently using their rigs, can put them up for rent, in turn so those looking to rent an RV can locate them and rent directly from an owner.

This has made the availability of RV rentals explode while also driving the cost or renting down for the consumer. This also works well for RV owners who may be thinking of changing sizes. Certain sizes of RV’s are difficult to find in some areas by traditional means. But almost anything is available through private owners.

RV Rental Costs Vary Widely

Hoe much does it cost to rent an RV will vary widely depending on the type of rig you need, distance driving (if you are driving) and whatever extras you may need. RV rental prices in different areas of the country may be quite different as well.

Luxury RV rental prices will also be quite a bit higher than more modest models, for obvious reasons.  But with the sheer numbers of different models available these days, you will always find something that fits your needs. 

In order to give you an idea of the costs for renting an RV, we consulted our friends at Outdoorsy and came up with a good idea of what you should expect. Obviously geography, time of year, and specifics of rig and owner will determine the exact cost for you.

Lets look at the average daily RV rental prices for the different sizes of RV’s that are available.

outside the rv tips
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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Class A RV (2021)

Class A RV’s are the largest and typically best-appointed driving RV’s. They come in diesel or gas and range anywhere from about 29-45 feet long and will vary greatly in both age and amenities. They will typically sleep 6-8 people depending on the rig.  

These types of RV’s are also equipped with a shower and bathroom, flat screen tv’s, lots of room for storage and plenty of space to hang out inside.  Class A’s tend to be a little more expensive than other rigs and gas is more expensive for this size of rig.

  • Class A RV Rental Cost:   $175-$275/night (10+ years or older); $350-$450/night (newer)

See CLASS A RV Rentals In My Area

How much would it cost to rent a campervan and drive through the mountains
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RV Rental Prices For a Class B RV (2021)

Class B RV’s are the smallest drivable RV’s. They are basically a van chassis that are fit out as RV’s. They can include the old conversion vans from the 70’s and 80’s – all the way to today’s purpose built Mercedes chassis beauties.  

They are typically made for 2 people although we have seen more than that on the road.

This type of RV is fantastic for getting into just about any camping location – especially National Parks and some of the more remote boondocking locations.  

I can’t tell you how many times we have seen people pull their vans over to the side of the road to enjoy lunch with a view.  That is my fantasy, but something you cannot do with a 5th wheel!  

These small vans may be small but they are equipped with everything you need, you can check them out here.

  • Class B RV Rental Cost:   $100-$200/night (10+ years or older); $200-$350/night (newer)

See CLASS B RV Rentals In My Area

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Class C RV (2021)

Class C RV’s are the medium size. They range in size from anything larger than a van, to about 38 feet. Traditional class C RV’s have either a pickup truck or van chassis, with a larger living space box mounted.

Class C rigs will typically have a bunk or storage space reaching out over the top of the cab.

Todays “Super C” RV’s are even larger and have a larger cube truck chassis and more living space. They can sleep up to around 8 people depending on the size and fit-out.

If you don’t want to rent one of the large Class A’s, this should work perfectly for you and family.  There is plenty of space for the kids to fit and this size rig fits most anywhere you want to go.  

PRO TIP:  If you haven’t driven anything like an RV before, this is definitely an easier rig to get behind the wheel of.

  • Class C RV Rental Cost:   $150-$200/night (10+ years or older); $225-$400/night (newer)

See CLASS C RV Rentals In My Area

How much would it cost to rent a fifth wheel nd
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What Is The Cost of Renting a Fifth Wheel 2021

Fifth Wheels are probably the most versatile of RV’s. They are the largest of towed RV’s at well over 40 feet, but can be as small as about 25 feet.

A 5th wheel  is an RV that comes up over the bed of a pickup truck and attaches to a special hitch which is mounted through the bed of the truck directly over the axels.

This towing design allows the rig to be much heavier than a travel trailer which hitches to a ball hitch on the rear.

Renting a fifth wheel is typically done locally as not as many 5th wheel owners will allow you to tow their RV on the highway (driving one of these suckers is not for the faint of heart!)and there is a lot to know about trucks and rv weights. 

The normal operation here is for the owner to deliver the rig to the RV park of your choice and park it in the site you have rented. Because they are towed, 5th wheels can have more than one bedroom, and can sleep up to 10 people.

Our 5th wheel for example has a bunkroom that can sleep 4 comfortably (more if the kids bunk together), and it has a door so the kids essentially have their own room. 

Typically a 5th wheel kitchen is going to be much larger than the other RV’s because of the slides.  Our 5th wheel has a residential fridge, an island with storage and a large pantry storage area. 

Again it all comes down to what kind of needs your particular party might have. 

  • Fifth Wheel RV Rental Cost:   $60-$150/night (10+ years or older); $150-$300/night (newer)

See FIFTH WHEEL RV Rentals In My Area

How much would it cost to rent an RV travel trailer through Arizona in the dessertand SUV located in the dessert
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What Is The Cost of Renting a Travel Trailer 2021

Travel trailers run about the widest size range of any RV’s. They can be as small as a “teardrop” trailer which has room for one human and maybe a dog up to around 40 feet long. The largest ones can sleep up to 10 people.

Trailers come with a smaller kitchen, fridge, bathroom and anything else you might need for your vacation.  Some will have bunk beds, again it depends on what your needs are.

  • Travel Trailer RV Rental Cost:  $50-$125/night (10+ years or older); $125-$200/night (newer)

See TRAVEL TRAILER RV Rentals In My Area

Other Costs To Be Aware Of

When you are looking at how much it costs to rent an RV,  there are many other costs that you should take into account as you plan and budget for your RV rental vacation. 

Campground Fees:

Campground fees are a big part of your RV trip and can range widely from place to place, and park to park. 

Depending on what type of rig you are renting, you can expect nightly rates anywhere from $25 per night in a state or county park with limited amenities, to well over $100 per night for premium beach front sites.

We cannot recommend boondocking enough, we’ve boondocked outside Zion National Park, as well as Arches National Park.  The whole experience was EPIC!

Make sure you research your options well so that you get into the park you want and book well in advance.  Places like Yellowstone and Yosemite campgrounds book early so get your plans laid out and start booking.  This is one of our favorite places to camp near Yellowstone.

Set-Up Fees

For those of you choosing to have your rental RV delivered to your site, there may be a set-up fee involved. This ranges from $150-$200, it is a one-time fee, but so worth it for those of you not wanting to do it yourself.  Be sure you discuss all fees with the owner prior to renting. 

Cleaning Fee

Many owners will charge a cleaning fee. Some do not. This usually runs $50-$100.  It will depend on the condition the rig is returned in, so keep it as clean as possible.  Remember you are renting from an owner, so be respectful.

Fuel and MiIeage

If you are driving or towing an RV, get ready for some fuel costs. Those big diesel’s do not get the greatest mileage. Also make sure you understand your contract in terms of fuel refills at drop off. You do not want a surprise gas fee at the end. 


As is the way with so many things, you will pay taxes on your RV rental.  This will depend on the state you are renting in, obviously certain states have a higher tax than others.

Insurance and Security Deposit

You must include your security deposit (usually $500) when budgeting for RV rental prices.  Outdoorsy do a really good job with their insurance by offering renters up to a $1 million in insurance plus roadside assistance.  NEED AFF LINK

How Much Does Does It Cost To Rent A Camper for A Week?

Let’s look at a good estimate of what our costs would be to rent an RV for a week.  Please remember this doesn’t include other expenses such as groceries, dining out, attractions, tolls, campground fees etc.  This is just to give you a general idea of how much it costs to rent an RV for a week.

Class A

Class B

Class C

5th Wheel

Travel Trailer

$2,450 + Tax

$1,400 + Tax

$1,575 + Tax

$1,050 + Tax

$ 875 + Tax

Should I Rent An RV For Vacation?

This is the big question people ask all the time.  I’m guessing you know what our answer is going to be, right?   We have camped all over the USA in the past four years, so we can’t recommend it highly enough.  Our kids have Junior Ranger badges from so many National Parks.  Traveling in an RV has been amazing for our family. We have watched a pack of wolves play together in Yellowstone, hiked the Hoodoos at Bryce  Canyon, watched the prairie dogs at Custer State Park, and hiked all of the Arches National Park. 

Should I rent an RV or go stay in an hotel, let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons.


  • Everything that you you you can bring on vacation with you.  You want to bring some extra jackets in case it gets cold, bring them with you. An RV holds WAY more than a suitcase. 
  • The size of fridge in an RV – you can actually fit a bottle of wine and milk in an RV fridge, in a hotel room this is not possible lol. 
  • You don’t have to rely on a restaurant to feed you, have your favorite foods with you at all times.
  • Plan your food ahead of time
  • You can bring your puppy with you. No doggy hotel to worry about. Many RV owners allow dogs. Some may charge a cleaning fee so make sure you check first. 
  • Everything you need is right there.  If you are an early riser, you don’t need to wait for breakfast to be served.  If you get back late, you can make dinner then.  You’re not bound to any time frame!


  • No Maid service. You have to make your own bed.

Sorry but that’s the only con we can think of!  Big deal, this only takes 5 minutes! Or just don’t make the bed, it’s YOUR bed after all. 

family having fun outside rented rv
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How To Rent an RV?

Renting an RV is pretty simple these days.  All you need to do is enter the information you want in an RV (Class A or a travel trailer), include the location, features you are looking for, find your location, specify exactly what you want in an RV – residential refrigerator, outdoor kitchen, bunk beds, sleeping room for 8 and anything else you can think of.  

The nice part about renting through Outdoorsy is that you are able to communicate directly with the RV owner.

1) Plan Your Trip Well In Advance

As you can imagine July and August are big months for families enjoying their much deserved vacation.  We highly recommend that you book your recreational vehicle and your campsite well in advance to ensure your first choice.  There is nothing worse than missing out because you booked too late!

2) Figure Out Your Budget

Figuring out your budget is an essential part of trip planning.  Remember to include not only the cost of your RV rental but other costs such as attractions and  dining out.   Are you planning to drive across the country, then gas needs to be a major consideration when you are renting an RV.  As we mentioned earlier Class A’s cost a lot to drive!

Remember to check with the RV owner as to any extra fees you may be looking at.  You don’t want a hefty bill at the end of your vacation. You want to know exactly how much it will cost you to rent an RV – no hidden fees!

Renting an RV off-season is a great way to reduce the cost of your RV rental!


Just Use Code: ROVINGFOLEYS50 At Checkout!

3) Use a Reputable Company

We recommend Outdoorsy because they have a A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and are recommended by so many RVers.  I love that all the RV’s are owned by RVers.  RVers put so much love and care into their rigs, we see it on the road all the time. 

If you are interested in listing your RV for rent, you can do so here.

4) How Big Is Your Group?

You need to know how many people are in your group before renting your RV.  If you have kids coming along, make sure you have enough places for them to sleep.  It’s important that you have enough space in your rental RV, so people aren’t on top of one another!

5) Where Do You Plan To Travel?

Is the National Parks on your to-do list? Or are you looking to stay in one place without moving?  If you’re plan is to visit several National Parks on your trip, we would recommend you consider a Class B or C as they fit nicely in National Parks, our 5th wheel – not so much!  

If you are new to driving an RV, these are so much easier to drive than a Class A or a 5th wheel or even a travel trailer.  You don’t want to be stressed out on your camping trip.

RV Rental Tips: Questions To Ask Before Renting

That is one of the things we love the most about renting from Outdoorsy, you have the opportunity to speak with the RV owner.

Don’t be afraid to ask the RV owner any questions you might have.  

  • Ask about how many miles to the gallon will you get with the rig?  
  • Does the rig come with pillows, sheets, dishes, outdoor chairs etc?
  • Can they offer any tips when you are driving or parking the rig?  
  • Ask them about local attractions you should see.

Keep asking questions until you feel more comfortable with your RV rental, the more comfortable you are, the better your camping trip will be. 

Remember, the owner of the rig you are looking at will be more than glad to help you in any way they can.  We tend to be friendly that way, plus we want everyone to love RV camping as much as we do.

Here are some RV kitchen accessories you might want to bring with you, as well as some tools you might need, but again check with the RV owner as to what they are providing first!

We hope you have an awesome trip and maybe we’ll see you along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Rent An RV For A Month?

Sure you can. AND RV rental prices tend to be much lower per day when you rent by the month. With a direct rent service like Outdoorsy, you can negotiate with the owner to get the best prices.

Is renting an RV cheaper than a hotel?

It certainly can be- especially if you have a family and need to rent multiple hotel rooms. With an RV there is also the site rental to consider, but potential saving on food can easily offset this fee so it is best to set up a comparison budget with all associated costs to compare for your specific needs. 

Do I need a special license to drive an RV?

Most states do not have a special licence required to drive most RV,s. It depends on the total weight of your rig. Consult a state by state guide to check the states you plan to drive through. 

Is renting an RV a good idea?

For many people it can be a great idea. For larger familys there can be great savings over multiple hotel rooms, vehicles, etc. Also having your own kitchen can save tons on food. PLUS you dont spend so much time waiting for tables etc. 

It can also be a wonderful idea if you are considering a purchase and wish to try before you buy. Using a direct rental service like Outdoorsy will allow you to find specific types of rv’s to try out. 

Tell us have you ever rented an RV?  If so, share your favorite RV travel destination?

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Frank Foley

Frank is the Head Hubby, Daddy, and Fix-It Guy of the Roving Foleys clan. He ia an avid traveler and has spent over 5 years traveling full time with his family. he loves helping others learn about the RV life. He has also traveled in Europe, Asia, and Australia with his wife Grainne.

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