Fun RV Accessories that you can use in your RV parked by the sea

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16 Fun RV Accessories You NEED In Your Life!

As well as buying the essential RV accessories that you need, you may want to look at having some fun RV accessories in your life too.  After all we all go RV camping because we want to have some fun!  

Bringing some fun card games with you can help to keep the kids entertained, a hammock will give dad that much needed afternoon nap and a wine aerator will ensure the perfect end to a perfect day for mom!

And yes I know for those of us who travel full-time in an RV it’s hard to give up storage space for ‘fun’ RV accessories but some of these fun accessories are tiny and can fit anywhere!

These are our favorite fun RV accessories, they help to ensure we have a really fun time when we RV camp and hopefully they will do the same for you.

Our List Of Recommended Fun RV Accessories

1. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

When you go camping whether you have kids or not, you know s’mores will be on the menu.  We like these marshmallow roasting sticks because they are a little longer which helps to keep the kids further from the fire – always a good thing!  No scorched eyebrows here please.

They fit nicely in a pouch and can be stored anywhere, we keep ours in the outdoor kitchen when we are using them and under the bed when we are not.

2. Hammock

If you want to relax while camping, bring a hammock with you.  You may not always have an RV camping site that will fit one, but a lot of the time you will.  When we boondocked near Yellowstone, the kids fought over our one hammock, so we ended up buying another and they actually sat in their hammocks reading for almost 1 hour.  Parents know this happens almost ….NEVER.

FYI -This was NOT a once off, it has happened many times since then and we are still a little shocked (but are loving the quiet time.)This fun rv accessory will give hours of enjoyment WHEN you can use it. 

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3. Inflatable Camping Pillow

One of our favorite things to do is watch a movie outdoors with the kids.  We set the kids up on our outdoor camping rugs and inflate two of our camping pillows and the chillaxing begins.  These pillows also work great when you are hanging out in the hammock.

If you are a tent camper, they work great for camping in tents too.  Just as an fyi, these pillows are part of our Roving Foleys product line. 

4. Outdoor Camping Lights

One of my favorite things to do is to snoop at the different outdoor camping lights and fun RV accessories that other people have.  It’s so pretty at night to wander around the campground and look at what outdoor lights.  Is that weird?

I see a lot of RVers with rope lights that lay on the ground and light their entire campsite.  It’s so beautiful, it also helps you to find your way if your RV doesn’t have a lot of lights.  We have outdoor lights on our awning so we don’t use any extra lights.  I just love these cute RV string lights, I may have to break down and get a set this year.

5. Inflatable Kayak

We do not have one of these but I want one!  We have tried kayaking a couple of times and we really like it, the kids LOVED it.  Other RVers we met when we were camping in Yellowstone highly recommended their inflatable kayak.  We tried it out on the lake and were super impressed at how comfortable and safe you felt with a blow up.

UPDATE 2019:  We FINALLY bought two of these on Amazon Prime Day and LOVE them.  They take a few minutes to blow up and down but they come in a zippered bag making them easy to store under the rig.  We usually keep them blown up at our site so we can just pick them up and go.   

It’s a really fun way to spend an afternoon and a great way to see the sights.

6. Fire Starter

When you’re camping, pulling out a lighter to start a fire isn’t really camping!  Using a real fire starter to start a fire makes you look very Bear Gryllish, plus the kids will love watching dad start a real fire.  Go ahead and be the campground Grizzly Adams and show the kids how it’s done.

7. Camping Mug

This is an awesome gift for RV owners, honestly who doesn’t want a camping mug to drink their morning coffee or tea out of.  I’m betting that every single RV owner has an RV mug in their cupboard. It is one of the must-have fun RV accessories.  Tell us about yours in the comments section below. 

8. Wine bottle and Glass Holder Sticks

We are wine drinkers and we use these wine glasses because they will never break!  Having said that I absolutely adore this 5 piece set of stakes to hold your wine bottle and glasses. These would be perfect for the beach, tailgating parties, or when you have guests over. 

They may not be practical but they certainly are a fun RV accessory.  Don’t forget to bring a wine aerator, this will change the way you drink wine FOREVER (seriously) and mom will be a very happy camper!

9. RV State Sticker Travel Map

If you are an RVer and I’m guessing you are because you’re reading this, you need to buy one of these RV travel maps for your RV.  Our kids are so excited to add a new sticker anytime we visit a new state.  Plus it’s a great conversation starter with other campers.  A friend of ours purchased it for us as a Christmas gift before we left, what a great idea right?

10. Dutch Oven

On our travels, we see a lot of RVers cooking indoors on a beautiful day, I found that I was doing the same thing! So we bought our dutch oven to make ourselves cook outdoors more and it’s worked!.  I was always the one stuck indoors cooking while everyone else was outside enjoying the fresh air.

Now I get to be outdoors with everyone else, plus everyone wants to be part of the cooking process because it’s so much fun cooking outdoors (especially when you make dutch oven apple crumble).

You started RVing to enjoy nature and be outdoors so why get stuck indoors cooking?

11. Decorative Camping Cushions Covers

Aren’t these beautiful?  I am IN LOVE with these decorative camping cushion covers, they brighten up the RV and visitors rave about them any time they visit.  I’m not terribly adept when it comes to decorating so these pillows have helped to change the decor without much effort!  I love that I can wash them when needed and the price is just right.

Here are some other ways to decorate your RV if you’re creatively challenged like I am!

12. Cutlery Caddy

I must admit that I thought buying a cutlery caddy was a ridiculous purchase at the time because it was so big, however it fits perfectly in the outdoor kitchen!  It saves me so much time and energy not having to go in and out getting silverware and napkins.  I am SO glad I decided to go for it.  

13. Portable Espresso Machine

As tea drinkers all we need is a kettle or something to boil water in – easy peasy.  We have friends who are avid coffee drinkers and would never think about starting their day without a cup of coffee!  They are not full time RVers like us, but they do travel to meet us on occasion.  They swear by this espresso machine, I was shocked by how lightweight and compact it is.  It smelt like really good coffee too.

14. Outdoor Popcorn Set

This would make an awesome fun RV gift for any RVers you know.  We love watching movies with the kids and as everyone knows, movies and popcorn go hand in hand.  The kids love when the popcorn starts popping.  It makes your camping experience a little more special and fun for the kids.

15. Fun Camping Games For Families

It’s so much fun to go camping but kids still need to be kept busy.  We always bring along our bocce ball set and our ring toss game.  I like both of these games because the kids can play by themselves, plus they are fun for the adults too.

Kids never seem to get tired of playing the same game, but we adults do!.  Santa brought us Monopoly Deal and Phase 10 card games at Christmas and we are still playing them daily (Mainly at my suggestion so that should tell you something).  These card games are so much fun for the whole family, you will have a blast with these two games, Uno is another fun game to play.  You can take a look at our favorite family board games recommended by fellow RVers.

16. Funny Movies to Watch on Rainy Days

Just For The Adults

This is one of those movies where you are going to be laughing out loud through the entire movie!  This Vacation movie is a must-have for your trip.  Christina Appelgate is hilariously funny in everything she does and this is no exception.  You will be falling on the floor laughing with this one.  This is just for you though, it’s not for the kiddos!

With The Kiddos

Peter Rabbit is one of our favorite movies to watch.  James Corden (from Carpool Karaoke and The Late Late show) plays the part of Peter Rabbit and he’s brilliant.  It’s a clean, but hilariously funny movie.  We’ve seen it at least 4 times (the parents), so that tells you something!.  

So that’s it folks!  We hope this list of fun RV accessories can help you find what you are looking for.  We’ll keep updating this as we find more fun RV must-haves as we continue to travel full-time

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